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Post by sdekivit » Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:21 am

I must say that answer A could be formulated a bit better. 'Modifications' is in this cause not the appropriate word in my opinion and the same is true for 'structures'

However, lets put A en D besides each other:

A: 'modifications' of previously existing structures to new selection procedures


D: changing an individual's physiology

Both A en D speak of so called 'modifications'. What structures are meant is a bit vague, because it can be parts of bones or structures inside a cell. This yields anatomical, physiological and possibly functional changes of an organism.

But the crucifix here is that A also says something about the reproduction of that organism. In other words the answer of A:

Due too modification in specific structures in an adult organism, it undergoes anatomical, physiological and possibly functional changes that leads to a new selection possible in the next generations.

--> the exact definition of adaptation.

Therefore, i must agree with answer A. Sorry.

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