Full diagram of the medulla oblingata

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Full diagram of the medulla oblingata

Post by rocklore » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:48 pm


I'm creating an organizational chart for neuron flow and layout around the body but mainly for the spine and brain so I can see how bodily signals are handled by the parts of the brain that do different things however when I look at diagrams/images with labels on the net they either don't have parts that other diagrams do or only show a section of it, Im starting with the brain stem and the three main parts of it (pons, medulla oblongata and mesencephalon)

With having only a diagram of section of the chosen part of the brainstem it makes it hard to see where the rest of those sections join up

Here is what I have seen in two diagrams: Image Image

In the first image there is shared labels such as 'ligula' but there are labels on the first diagram that the second one doesn't have and vice versa.

I also expect this will be the same issue with other parts of the brain I search diagrams to so how could I find a complete diagram of either the medulla oblongata or the brainstem?

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