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Genetics question

Post by ashanair70 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:47 pm

Can some one help me with this question?

In the fox, there are 9 coat colors: red, standard silver, Alaskan silver, double-black, smoky red, cross-red, blended-cross, substandard silver, and sub-Alaskan silver. A red fox was crossed with a double-black fox and their offspring were then crossed with each other. The F2 phenotypes were - 10 red : 18 smoky red : 20 cross-red : 39 blended-cross : 9 standard silver : 19 substandard silver : 12 Alaskan silver : 22 sub-Alaskan silver : 8 double-black. How many genes are involved in this cross?
A. 18 genes
B. 4 pairs of genes
C. 9 genes
D. 9 pairs of genes
E. 4 genes

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