Conjugation Mapping Basics

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Conjugation Mapping Basics

Post by cytochromeP » Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:53 am

My question is regarding bacterial conjugation between Hfr and F -ve. The transfer of DNA from Hfr begins at oriT. The gene closest to oriT on the donor chromosome enters the recepient cell, followed by successive genes on the donor chromosome. The frequency of a particular gene entering the recepient is a function of its distance from oriT. Moreover, this frequency is found to decrease "exponentially" with a gene's distance from oriT. Why is this decrease exponential (and not linear, say)?
In fact the expected frequency can be calculated using Poisson distribution to a good agreement with the actual experimental value. What feature of this system makes it so amenable to a Poisson treatment? (What is Poissonous about bacterial conjugation :) ?)
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