"Compendium of all muscle data" text resouce?

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"Compendium of all muscle data" text resouce?

Post by aj415 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:33 pm

Not just looking for the typical insertion point, etc. data found in any medical anatomy text

Resources, textbooks etc. which include stats for as much of the following as possible for each individual skeletal muscle in the human anatomy:

-LOO definition

-Type of Shape (i.e., fusiform, pennate, bipennate, multipennate,
convergent, parrellel etc)
-Typical Angle(s) of pennation (if applicable)
Motor Unit
- Innervation location in spinal cord
- Typical # of motor neuron innervations
- Typical # of proprioceptors in muscle
Muscle Composition/Size/Function
-Typical # of fibers
-Typical Length or ratio of muscle
-Typical Length of fibers
-Typical fuel system reliance (determined off of biomechanical placement
and architecture..CPr, oxidative, etc.)
-Biomechanical function (structure of corresponding bone/tendon anchors and
corresponding movement manipulation)

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