Is this information correct? Regarding Mitosis and Meiosis

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Is this information correct? Regarding Mitosis and Meiosis

Post by BrandonScherrer » Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:54 pm

It would be great if someone could verify that my research presents correct information.

This talks about the comparison and contrasts between mitosis and meiosis.

''The process of mitosis occurs when cells are produced for growth and repair. Meiosis occurs when cells are produced for sexual reproduction.

Prior the process of meiosis and mitosis DNA replication occurs. In both processes the nuclear membrane breaks down as the DNA organised into what is known as chromosomes. In meiosis the chromosome synapse, this results in the mixing of genetic information between the chromosome pairs. The paired chromosome then line up at the equator of the cell and subsequently separate with each chromosome travelling either end of the cell.

In mitosis one duplication of chromosomes occur and one nuclear division. In meiosis one duplication occurs but with two nuclear division. In mitosis two diploid cells are produced. In meiosis 4 haploid cells are produced. In Mitosis homologous chromosome do not pair. In meiosis homologous chromosome pair off.''

Please verify that information is correct before I study it and confidently shout out wrong answers in class :/

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