The missing link

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The missing link

Post by polential » Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:13 pm

The missing link i guess is the part where religion and science could meet together. The hard diversity of these two matters finally is approaching to a mutual understanding That the basic formation of life occurred because of the 3 most basic gravity associations such as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. We are here because of a higher force holding us - the gravity holding the earth around the Sun, another higher force yet different rotating the earth such is the Moon, and the gravity g holding the objects on ground. The latest gravity is known to exist in all of our problems yet we choose to neglect the importance of the other two major gravities. The Sun is what we are revolving around. The Sun is holding us in place and on time with the Moon. The two planets watching us are responsible of acting certain gravities upon us that opposites the gravity g that we measure in our scales. The point is that we have two forces acting on us, one pulling us down and another pulling us up. That is the force that have risen us up all these years from the bushes to the highest skyscrapers or mountains. This is no joke telling that logic - cognition and emotions - feelings are the two most motivating powers behind our actions. Logic and Sense. That brought evolution to our bodies, intelligence and religion. God's religion states a higher force communicating with us. Each place on earth had its own communication with the higher force until we managed and circulated communication and managed to rise our selves to the privilege observation on the height of satellites. Now we can observe anything much more differently that the way we used to observe. This level climbing has been our mean for intelligence feeding after we managed to create a subtle way for our emotions. Yet we are still attached with them. Instinct and cognition are the two end roots of our connection with the two gravities. I say two gravities because we are two vessels conforming the complete human body. The head vessel and the body vessel each have their own center of mass. Each center of mass is being attracted by another mass. Since humanity existed because of the two different formation of our species - the male and the female - i conclude that since both males and females are connected with one common sense the gravity g that connects us with the center of the earth and two different Logic mass connected with the two up lifting masses. One has to be the Sun and the other has to be the Moon. The moon creates the period in our lives and mostly on females lives. The Sun is the provider of the scale on which mostly - from the ancient to the nearest - innovations were brought by males. Summing up i believe that the Sun is connected with males brain and Moon is connected with females brain. Our main body is commonly connected with the center of the Earth.
Having the above as facts it sums to me that this the way we managed to evolute our selves from being animals. And the best way to proof this is by making a simple observation: The animals are parallel with the ground. That means that the head and the stomach - c.m- are in positions that logic frequency can not differentiate from the sense frequency and since 4 legs are providing extra connections with the ground thus higher g force acting on them not letting them separate the two motions. The human on the other hand has managed to stand up on a right angle vertical on the ground. This position provided the ability to separate the two frequencies and let the brain observe the capabilities of the body and the limits of its visual giving intelligence to the action. Religion meets science through evolution as we managed to reach higher conceptual levels of understanding the Truth. That Sun is our God and its time for all of us to realize the strength of the antigravity acting on us. And the way that gravity pulled us up from the ground and given the fact that the down hill gravity pulling us down we managed to separate good from evil. Actually we created good from all the evil that happened to us as tragedies to understand reality. Observing and understanding the balance of these two we can certainly be on another level of understanding. And we certainly accept the Truth that we are here because the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth coexist together at such perfect distance that life occurred. Its a race with time and me observation is that if we don't manage to use all the brains, knowledge and tools we created for a balance way of living we end up loosing the game. After all, life is a game. And we ought to play with its rules. Also life has been a mystery, a problem yet to be solved. Well i guess acknowledging some facts that millions of years and people sacrificed the lives for us to hold them on an electronic Devine can lead us solving this matter, finding the missing link between science and religion. Consider life as something much more simpler to get away from all the complexity that lead us on manipulation. After all most people's god is money. And that my friend for me is the Antichrist. Christ provided us the understanding of the cross: two dimension axis meeting together providing the X and Y. Soul in greek is Ψυχή. Psihi, Psi (Y) and hi (X). Females chromosomes are XX and males are XY. one X the common gravity g, the X gravity of the Moon having parallel rotation with the earth, and the Y gravity that is holding the earth at a distance in space. Both males and females meet together to bring life. The two dimensions cross giving Soul and Life.

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Re: The missing link

Post by wbla3335 » Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:11 am

neuroleptic /neu·ro·lep·tic/ (-lep´tik) originally, referring to the effects on cognition and behavior of the first antipsychotic agents: a state of apathy, lack of initiative, and limited range of emotion, and in psychotic patients, reduction in confusion and agitation and normalization of psychomotor activity. It is still used for agents (e.g., droperidol) producing such effects as part of anesthesia or analgesia, but is outdated as a synonym for antipsychotic agents because newer agents do not necessarily have such effects.

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Post by canalon » Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:54 am


Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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