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Help with unkown

Post by bruserboy1 » Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:48 pm

Gram - rods (believed, hard to see the shape with microscope)
Opt 37C
Motility believed - not 100%
Facultative Anerobe . Ran FTM, Catalase, and Oxidase test
Gelatinase -
Carbohydrate fermentation
Glucose +
Lac - ran skim milk and lactose test
mannitol +
maltose -
sucrose -
Methyl Red +
Vouges - Proskauer Test -
Catalase +
Oxidase -
nitrate +
starch hydrolysis - no amylase
casein hydrolysis -
Lipase +
tryptophanase +
urea -
cysteine desulfurase hydrogen sulfide production.
Citrate -
phenylalanase -
litmus milk -
Lysine decarboxylase -

I think it's Shigella flexneri, but i would love a second opinion.

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