Indentifying an Unknown

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Indentifying an Unknown

Post by tkdgirl » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:22 pm

Hi! I have a gram-negative, rod shaped, facultative anaerobe. The following are the tests I ran and whether or not they had positive (+) or negative (-) results. Thank you.
Gelatin Agar: -
Dextrose/Glucose: +
Lactose: +
Mannitol: +
Sucrose: +
MR: +
VP: +
Catalase: +
Oxidase: +
Nitrate: +
Starch: -
Casein Hydrolysis: -
Lipase: +
Indole: -
Urease: -
Hydrogen Sulfide: - (but gas was produced)
Citrate: +
Phenylalanine: -
Litmus: +
Lysine: +

Those are all of the results. I'm pretty positive it is an enterobacter. I just can't decide which species it is. I think E. intermedius.. but I'm not positive. Help? :)

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