How does this bacteria look like on these agars?

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How does this bacteria look like on these agars?

Post by SweetSarah » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:28 am

How should Streptococcus pneumoniae supposed to look like on PEA (phenylethyl alcohol agar) and I want to know how the colonies should appear like on blood agar. (example- are they round, small, pinpoint, irregular, etc??)
**I already know that it's alpha hemolytic. so has greenish halo around the colonies when grown on blood agar. I get that. So please don't repeat that. But what I want to know is how they should look like on these other mediums/ agars.

**The reason I ask is because I want to make sure if what I'm doing for my unknown looks accurate. I've been trying to find it online and searching for examples to look at but cant find much anything. Nothing found on PEA at all. So please if anyone can give me a site or explain how it should look like (the colony appearnce and morphology on the plates listed) I'd be very appreciate this. I am not asking you to do the work for me please understand. I just want to check if I'm on the right track. Could you let me know. this is what I have for my mediums used:

:arrow: For PEA, I had tiny, pinpoint whiteish-translucent, circular/convex, smooth colonies. (is this accurate?)

:arrow: My blood agar came out with green alpha hemolysis but very dull and kinda brownish looking. though I went ahead with it being alpha

This is for my organism Strep. pneumo. I really wish there were some pics or descriptions I can read and look at so I can make sure I got it right. The teacher I have doesn't really help much unfortunately, I cant ask if this right or wrong. I really would like to make sure if this would be good to write, if not what? thanks in advance!

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