Making BL21 competent cells

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Making BL21 competent cells

Post by biology_06er » Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:34 am

Hi there,

I'm making competent cells for the first time and I have to use 20mM Mg2SO4 and 10mM KCl so I'm just wondering how to make these solutions. I assume I make 1M solution of each and to do so I would do the following:

To make 1M Mg2SO4 I would dissolve 144.673g of Mg2SO4 in 1000mL of water but seeing as thats too much if I wanted to 100mL I would dissolve 14.5g in 100mL of water?..Is this correct?

To make 1M of KCl I would dissolve 74.55g in 1000mLs of water but once again 1000mLs is too much so if I wanted to make 100mL i would dissolve 7.4g in 100mLs of this correct?


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