need your advice on writing an essay

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need your advice on writing an essay

Post by kajas2624 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:46 pm

Hi All
I need your advice on choosing a topic for my history of medicine essay.
I have to choose one among these 3 topics

1)What role did Aristotelianism play in Harvey's work on the movement of the heart and the circulation of the blood?

2)How did physicians and literature lay people in the 18th century explain disease and what did they think were the roles of the doctor,the individual,and the state in responding to and preventing it?

3)Explain the emergence of hospital(ie.clinical)medicine in Paris.Be sure to make clear what exactly is being explained and the different approaches taken by historians.

Which one do you think will be interesting to write on and easier to score marks?
I know it depends on the person,if you were in my position which one would you choose and your reasons please!

I am in my final year and I really have to get a 2.1.I have an average 2.2 now.I dont have much time left on me as well,got to work on my individual project as well so please advice me how I can score marks on one of this topic.


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Post by CourseworkWriter » Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:51 am

Hi there,

All 3 topics are interesting, but the most interesting essay would be on topic 1.

The influence on the study of circulatory system has not just been by Aristotel, but there have also been other influences such as Galenism, and Paracelsianism.

Aristotel's concept was primarily based on circulation and in astrology, he emphasised the role of spherical earth in a spherical universe. Harvey's concept was believed to be strongly influenced by Aristoteliansim. Harvey's theory was based on Aristotel's belief that the best type of action that would be performed by any system was a circular motion. Like he emphasised the importance of earth, Harvey emphasised the importance of heart being in the center of the circulatory system.

There is a lot more you can write on this. You may contact me through my website, which is the same as my user name, for more information.


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