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Post by Avicii5 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:30 pm

i have some questions if you can help me..thanks

Why we do two reaction of PCR in each one of the samples of dna?

what is the objective of the reaction of PCR in which we put water instead of dna samples?

explain why the fragments of DNA separates according with his sizes when subjected to electrophoresis in gel

how we visualize the dna after the electrophoresis in gel of agarose?

what is the use of TAE solution and what results can we expect?

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Post by chrisPbacon » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:45 pm

Wow better show you can somewhat answer these because you will not get any support by asking for answers. Especially to multiple questions within one thread.
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Re: questions

Post by JackBean » Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:36 am

Avicii5 wrote:Why we do two reaction of PCR in each one of the samples of dna?

this is probably experiment-dependent, so we cannot tell, unless you tell us, what were you doing.

As for the rest, just study a little about PCR and you will get the answers mostly.

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