Animal Behaviour MC questions


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Animal Behaviour MC questions

Post by mushroom » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:44 am

3. Which of the following statements is/are based on group selection theory? Male white‐throated sparrows sing in the springtime because: (2 marks) the answer is c and What? not d
a. This is the best way to keep the species’ population from getting too large.
b. Singing males attract mates in the spring.
c. This enables females to pick the best males, thereby improving the genetic quality of white‐throated sparrows.
d. This enables a female to pick the best male possible, thereby improving her chances of having viable offspring.
e. Females prefer males whose songs indicate that they belong to the right species to mate with.

5. What significance can we attach to the fact that the verbal ability scores of adopted children are more similar to their biological parents’ scores than to their adoptive parents’ scores? (2 marks) not b
a. It shows the importance of early experience in shaping a child’s behaviour.
b. It demonstrates that environments are really not that important in the development of a person’s verbal abilities.
c. It constitutes a scientific conclusion, namely that the correlation between verbal ability scores of biological parents and the
children that have been reared by others is about 0.35.
d. It is contrary to the following prediction: persons experiencing different environments should exhibit different behaviours.

8. The statement “An adaptation is a trait whose fitness benefits (B) exceed its costs (C)” is false because an adaptation: (2 marks) not a
a. Can have higher costs than benefits if the trait helps the species survive.
b. Not only has to have B > C but it also has to improve an individual.
c. Not only has to have B > C but the difference between B and C has to be greater than any other alternative.
d. Not only has to have B > C but it also has to be more common than any other alternative in the population.

11. A spider researcher Pia Stålhandske knew that males of Pisaura mirabilis offer their mates a nuptial gift, a prey item, such as a cricket, whose acceptance by the female is critical for male mating success. Males wrap their generally dark coloured gifts in white silk. Stålhandske wondered if the males wrapped their gifts in order to make them look like the white, silk‐covered egg sacs that mated females make and hold in their jaws to protect until the spiderlings hatch. (4 marks)
i. The last sentence in the paragraph above constitutes:
a. A causal question
b. A hypothesis
c. A prediction
d. Test evidence
ii. What theory was Stålhandske using to explore this species’ courtship behaviour?
iii. Which of the following predictions might Stålhandske have felt was likely to be correct, given her presumption that males might be making their nuptial gifts look like eggs sacs? not a
a. The time for a female to accept a nuptial gift should be less for prey covered in silk that has been experimentally coloured
brown instead of white.
b. Natural silk‐covered prey should be comparable in light reflectance to silken egg sacs.
c. Females ought to be highly prepared to grab and hold silken egg sacs that had been taken from them but then offered back
as if they were a nuptial gift.

the answer in red are what I have answered wrong. Please help me to correct my homework. Thankyou so much

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Post by daniel.kurz » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:36 am

We don't do homework for you.

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Post by JackBean » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:03 am

daniel: you have lots of comments, but you actually never say anything, do you?

mushroom: maybe try to tell us, why you think these were right answers and daniel may tell you, why is it wrong ;)

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Post by DocWillow » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:59 am

regarding question number 3. I think the answer the answer would be c since females already knew that "that song' belong to their own specie. The singing of male is more like a selection process for the female to choose...

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