Need help looking for further reading

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Need help looking for further reading

Post by Yuuki » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:35 am

I'm a high school student, and I need help on looking for further reading for my biology class.

My biology teacher teaches us many things that are not in our textbooks. Although it's great that he teaches in depth, I'd like to learn from alternate explanations, not just his. But since he doesn't use textbooks, and doesn't follow curriculum, I have a hard time looking for the topics he discussed. Also, I'm a Japanese student, so I may be using the wrong words when looking.

The topics are:
1) Humans have developed their immune, nervous, and internal secretion system. These three have developed together because they are closely positioned in the pharyngeal arch.
2) The human immune system was developed, because they began walking on two-legs, therefore enabling air to go through the Waldeyer's tonsillar ring.

Thank you :)

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