Synaptic issues

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Synaptic issues

Post by rotatingjedi » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:01 pm

I am not a biologist and was trying to get my head around some neuroscience if someone can help. I'm looking primarily at serotonin production and was wondering if someone could confirm what I read.

Is serotonin released each time we eat?? If so, is this as a method to make us happy about eating...therefore urging us to continuing to do so? Do those with lower appetites have a diminished production of serotonin?

Also, do all neurons in the brain have the potential to produce 5-HT or is it only those that connect in the cerebral cortex(being the conscious part of the brain)... are certain neural pathways specific to only one type of neurotransmitter or do they all have the potential to release the many neurotransmitters we produce?

You may be able to tell, there's a lot of confusion here...

Someone please shine a light...I fear my serotonin levels have plummeted since the opening of this post alone.


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