Phospholipid Bilayer-- Please help!

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Phospholipid Bilayer-- Please help!

Post by MsScatterbrain » Thu Sep 08, 2005 12:25 am

Can anyone describe for me how the form of the phospholipid bilayer helps support and protect the cell?

(other than the fact that the hydrophobic tails and hydrophillic heads maintain a stable structure)

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Post by victor » Thu Sep 08, 2005 11:03 am

Um, what I know about lipid bilayer is formed by 2 layers of phospolipds and its function is as a selective-permeable cell membrane and contains some specific cell receptors which are used to bond some macromolecule.
But unfortunately, because of these specific receptors, some viruses can also make a bonding with those receptors..
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