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Interactive Biology Website

Post by Wesapiens » Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:22 am

Hi Everyone,

My name is Cristina Ruiz, and I am a biologist and senior clinical embriologist. I just came across your page and I think you might like to know about this new website that me and some other science professors have just released: is a portal defined as an "Open Knowledge Community" which contains a vast amount of study materials, mainly of Histology, among other areas of Life Sciences. The access to the content is totally FREE.

Students can use the material in their learning process and Teachers can use it for building their own classes, and even create and upload their own materials (and monetize with it).
All the study material included in has been developed using the latest technologies to make sure they provide with the best interactive learning experience.

You can see a sample of the material you can find in the portal here: ... que++150um

It is a virtual microscope simulation of a slide of a Neocortex Golgi´s Technique and as you can see the quality is pretty amazing and adds an interactive factor that can not be found in books and pdf´s :)

You are more than welcome to go check it out and to use in the way that better suits your needs.
We would love to count with any of you as authors of new material, articles and classes.

I hope you find it of interest!

Best Regards

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