Sporophyte, spermatogenesis and oogenesis?

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Sporophyte, spermatogenesis and oogenesis?

Post by jacobamark99 » Fri May 27, 2011 5:38 pm

Can someone practice work for my intro to genetics class
State how many chromosomes and chromatid are found is this correct...
Primordial germ cells- 2n =46 chromosomes and 46 chromatid..because chromosomes have not yet entered s phase?
spermatogonial stem cells- still 46 chromatid and 46 chromosomes
primary spermatocyte- s phase has occured so 46 chromosome and 92 chromatid?
primordial germ cell= 46 chromosomes 46 chromatid
oogonia- s phase has not occured?- 46 chromosomes and 46 chromatid
primary oocyte- s phase has occured so 46 chromatid and 92 chromatid?
ootid and the polar bodies are each haploid with 23 chromosome and 23 chromatid?

Lastly angiosperm - sporophyte...assuming they are 2N=46
sporangia is the chambers where gametophytes are produced
one question said number of chromosomes in the sporangium cell found on anthers - so they are referring to microsporocytes?- 46 chromosomes 92 chromatid?
magasporocyte and microsporocytes=diploid 46 and 92 chromatid
endosperm = 3N triploid so 69 chromosome 69 chromatid?
antipodal and tube cell= 23 chromosomes and 23 chromatid
flower petal and parencyma cell of the leaf- I'm assuming these are like nervous system or brain cells and are arrested in G phase so 46 chromosome and 46 chromatid?

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