Brain evolution last 40,000 years

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Brain evolution last 40,000 years

Post by greatteamwork » Wed May 11, 2011 10:39 pm

Have our brains evolved much since we started becoming civilizated? If a child from 40,000 BCE was teleported to 2011 and raised by 2011 parents would their experience be the same as other children born in 2011? How about if we teleported a child from ancient Rome?

Can anyone point me to reading material on human brain evolution over the last 40,000 years?

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Post by BDDVM » Wed May 18, 2011 12:58 am

Likely very little change. We ran up against an upper limit for brain developement when it wouldn't fit out of a female pelvis that still enabled efficient locomotion. Childbirth remains one of the most dangerous things you can do. Only in the last several dacades has this limit been lifted and then only for the rich. Not enough time to shift the genepool noticably.
This area is rife with highly speculative theories. A grain of salt is highly recommended.

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Re: Brain evolution last 40,000 years

Post by vk4vfx » Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:22 pm

I think there would only be a slight change in the size of a brain case but the brain the same would be very similar in its way of thought processes and involuntary commands, like the basics drive to reproduce, survival etc.

Things only started happening (for the better some say) when we as a species branched off from Chimpanzees, in my opinion mankind has evolved to quickly mentally but physically we cannot keep up you onlyy have to look at modern society to see the evidence there.

I hate to sound negative but i think we as a species are pretty much doomed i would say in another 1000 years or so we will cease to exist as a species and it will be the species itself (as in us) that will be responsible for that destruction, that's if Mother earth can ride out another 1000 yrs of abuse dished out by mankind, that i highly doubt.

Modern man fails to live as a social unit, mankind has made life far to complex and our bodies and minds simply cannot keep up the evidence is everywhere you look, we have moved away from very tight social units that were the key to our survival as early Hominids, in this day and age it is no longer required.

My theory is if you were to "teleport" as you say an individual from 40.000 yrs back in time to the present day that individual simply wouldn't cope I don't think it would adapt to well, but if you were to pluck one from the present day and drop him/ her back 40.000 yrs I think modern man being highly adaptable would do ok as the hardwired drive for survival would soon kick in very quickly in its new environment.

It's interesting to think like how you are thinking "greatteamwork" I do it all the time its good fun, but here's one for ya this is something i think about quite regularly actually.

.......... How do you think Modern man would go if the entire world suddenly had a complete social and economic collapse? it is now a dog eat dog sort of environment and those that have accumulated massive wealth means absolutely nothing at all, individuals of High social status were nobodies, of course the outcome of the survival of the individual would be up to the individual's genetic background this would be a very important factor.

The girly armed pigeon chested weakling with the big bank account would be doomed, the fat sweaty parasites of the world like Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer would die within 10 to 15 minutes as it would be totally useless and incapable of catching and killing its prey as a means of survival, of course the elderly, the sick, and the weak would die off very quickly, Australian Politicians would be completely doomed because they would no longer get their weekly pay rises as money now is good for nothing but kindling for a campfire.

Murder is now no longer against the law, there is chaos everywhere you turn, how do you think you as an individual would go? what race would rain supreme? the Caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid? what body types would have the advantage? ectomorphic, mesomorphic, endomorphic etc as all these genetic attributes have to be taken into consideration of course.

I really don't want to sound like some sort of nutcase member of a doomsday cult or anything but lets be realistic the above mentioned could easily happen probably not in our lifetime but it can and has happened in the past whats to say it couldn't happen again?

So ........... how do you honestly think you would go? I know with my level of fitness, survival skills i have accumulated over my lifetime and my mesomorphic build i should do ok, what about you?

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Post by vk4vfx » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:11 pm

Usually i do not entertain the feeding of the Trolls but I really cannot help myself when it comes to misinformed creationist peanuts like yourself.

What a completely and utterly ridiculous statement "the earth is only 6000 years of age" a statement like that only strengthens my belief you are indeed a troll with the IQ of a house brick and probably the personality to match.

"if you spent as much time being smart as you do being a moron" this makes me a smart moron right? oxymoron.

I think deep down you are embarrassed that creationists (like yourself) have been proven completely wrong with modern Science although we are never going to hear them words "i was wrong" come from an individual such as yourself are we?

If you took the time to read and keep up to speed there is a little commonly used process used to date organic material called carbon dating it is not 100% accurate but does however give a ballpark figure when it comes to roughly dating an object and i can assure you some items have been carbon dated well beyond 6000 yrs trust me.

I am probably going to be banned by what i will address in this post and that is that taboo subject of religion, if that is the case then so be it feel free to ban me as this forum is only 1 of at least 30 odd forums i am joined up with covering a broad spectrum of interests and if i am to be banned for speaking my mind and MY beliefs then go ahead.

Now ..... darwinsmom you are obviously an American by the way you spell Mum as in Mom, you are male and around (going by your post) between 22-30 yo i worked that out by your abbreviations and mannerisms , you work for minimum wage flippin burgers as you Americans put it, if you are older then this then i am afraid you have real problems and i suggest you address them directly and seek some sort of counseling.

Bring me the evidence darwinsmom where Science proves the earth is only 6000 yo and i do not accept pseudoscience or any "christian" associated guff, i want the facts, cold hard Scientific facts that are only produced by modern Science.

Just a thought .... maybe you have picked this thread being a Christian and you are actually on the brink of becoming a turncoat against your own religion and you are infact in here to actually learn the "facts" about evolution? you have awoken to the fact that their actually IS NOT a higher form of life that created this wonderful world we live in but a series of complex processes.

Also darwinsmom lets not forget DNA another embarrassing blow to creationism you cant honestly sit there and tell me that when a forensic investigator retrieves DNA evidence from the scene of a homicide and that DNA is processed and he or she is in the DNA database they are then cross referenced and they nail an individual out of literally tens of millions of people that DNA is a flawed Scientific process? just a lucky Guess eh?

What about the dating and very obvious structural characteristics of early hominid skulls its obvious to even the laymen that the similarity between skulls recovered by Anthropologists that those skulls are obviously from our early ancestors depending on how far back you wish to go in evolution surly even a sub-intellect like you can see that?

I will touch very quickly on Molecular Biology now wasen't that a cruel blow to Christianity the invention of the SEM (scanning electron microscope) i guess all them wonderful organisms seen on the monitor are all a figment of ones imagination right? anyway im not going to go right into it as i see it as unproductive with a person like yourself you know what i am getting at.

Now ...... religion, how about you bring ME Christian evidence that god actually exists? and i don't mean a picture of him burnt into a piece of toast on Ebay because i simply won't accept it :-)

I would say you were spoon fed a steady diet of religion right throughout your childhood so you really cant help it, people such as yourself i actually feel sorry for as you were robbed of the privilege of being able to think for yourself, you really need to get out more and start thinking outside the box.

Do a bit of research and have a look at the Ancient Egyptians book of the dead and bear in mind that this civilization is roughly 4000 yrs old, anyway have a look at the "book of the dead" this was all put down by the Egyptian scribes it's an interesting read although the Egyptians worshiped many many deities i still see them as the most intelligent civilization man has ever seen.

Getting back to the "book of the dead" have a good look at it and see if you can notice the similarity between some of the texts in there and compare that with the ten commandments then look at the time frame of when the "book of the dead" was scribed then look at when the Bible was written who copied who?

I think there is about 12 books by memory plagiarism is all it is and in some cases it is nearly copied word for word not that I am saying everything in the bible is a pack of lies only the writing is, the pictures are real :-)

Getting back to evolution again just briefly as I have a lot to do tonight, we all know (well the educated public do) that evolution is a long and winded process but even someone like you darwinsmommy can see examples of evolution if you are observant enough even the most simplest of things as in the aging process that's a real simple process you yourself can witness that my friend is evolution.

Having said that do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Charles Darwin “The origin of the species” also one of his other books “The voyage of the Beagle 1839” Charles Darwin really was a brilliant man that paved the way really to what we know as modern Biology today the subject you obviously know zip about.

I suggest darwinsmommy you remove yourself from the fiction section and get with the cold hard undeniable facts and that is I hate to tell you there is no God he was invented by someone who is afraid of the dark.

I must add before I go that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to those that actually are believers as that is your choice just the same as it is my choice to believe in the wonderful world of Science, and you darwinsmommy DO NOT come back until you have redeemed yourself ya peanut :-)

God bless.

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Re: Brain evolution last 40,000 years

Post by Genotype » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:18 am

darwinsmom wrote:well since science proves that the earth is only 6000 years of age

What a load of crock.


the original post was deleted, since there was no real information

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