Small intestines and Intestinal crpyts -crypts of Leiberkuhn

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Small intestines and Intestinal crpyts -crypts of Leiberkuhn

Post by snezka18 » Sun May 08, 2011 4:05 pm


Just wondering, those intestinal crypts (tubular glands), I know they have secreting cells, that secrete intestinal juice, but just wondering which cells?
Are there also S cells that secrete secretin? or is this the same as enteroendocrine cells, as I know these cells secrete secretin as well...
What about I (aj) cells, dont they secrete CCK? but again I know that also enteroendocrine cells secrete CCK?

So which cells would then secrete intestinal juice in the intestinal crypts?
Also duodenal glands (Brunners glands) - they secrete mucus as well...what kind of cells do they have? do they have goblet cells there?


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Re: Small intestines and Intestinal crpyts -crypts of Leiberkuhn

Post by britney12 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:11 am

Differentiated crypt Paneth cell. Unlike other lineages, Paneth cells migrate to the crypt base. They have a long life-span of ~28 days. Paneth cells are noted for their prominent secretory appartus. Granules are readily visulaized using a variety of stains including the Phloxine-Tartrazine histochemical stain. The granules contain digestive enzymes (phospholipases, peptidases), mucins and anti-microbial factors such as lysozyme, the defensin-related cryptdins and IgA taken up from lamina propria plasma cells. As all products enter the crypt lumen, these cells provide a primary defense to microbial colonization in this sensitive regions of the small intestine. Only mammalian herbivores and omnivores have Paneth cells.

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