inventing basic lab protocols

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inventing basic lab protocols

Post by JackBean » Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:40 pm

Hi everybody,

I need to invent (or to inovate, what's new modern word, used often nowadays in Czech:) some new lab protocols for our basic labs for biochemists. Rigth now, they are doing:
1) Introduction (safety in lab)
2) Basics in biochem lab (weigthing, pipetting, buffers etc)
3) Extraction of proteins, precipitations, centrifugation, dialysis and ultrafiltration
4) Extraktion, filtration, sublimation (coffein extraction from tea)
5) Spectrofotometric (determination of Ni2+, protein by Bradford's, leaf pigments, DNA conc.)
6) Destilation (clove's volatile oil isolation)
7) Work with gases and glass (determination of CaCO3 in egg shell)
8) Drying and lyophilisation (determination of H2O amount in CuSO4 etc)
9) Crystalization, decantation (isolation of citric acid, crystalization of impure CuSO4)
10) Chromatografy (carotenoinds on silikagel, gel permeation chromatography)
11) Microscopy
12) Isolation of plasmid DNA from bacteria and agarose electrophoresis

Do you have any idea (like what you did) in the basic labs?

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