fruit to acid schme

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fruit to acid schme

Post by truf777 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:28 am

i am researching about what fruit can makes more electricity :)
the way i do is :
1. i soak the rotten fruit for one week
2. after one week i collect the water that i use for soak the fruit
3.i use volta element to make an electricity from that water :) that water contain an acid :)

so here come the problems :( since i do not know what acid is that (it can be a mix of 2 or more acid )
so i need to know ANY possible way to turn glucose , fructose and sucrose to an acid :)
yes i know about glicolysis, but still need more info about any possible respiration scheme

like :
2 C2H3OCOOH + 2 NADH2————> 2 C2H5OCOOH(lactic acid) + 2 NAD
or 2 piruvat acid --> aerob condition and with help of acetic acid bacteria ---> 2 ch3cooh (acetic acid)+ h2o + 116 kkal

so i need much more scheme
thanks :) i'm only a third grade junior high schooler and this is a senior high school lesson :( so need much help from you guys

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Post by JackBean » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:36 am

just one question - describe your device to MAKE an electricity from that water. Then we can talk a little bit more ;)

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