What's the diff between spindle fibers & mitotic spindle?

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What's the diff between spindle fibers & mitotic spindle?

Post by Nivea » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:35 pm

Are spindle fibers, mitotic spindle, AND microtubules the same thing? Also what is the difference between centrosome, centromere, centrioles and kinetochores? :?

I learned back in middle school that the centromere is where the spindle fibers attach during Mitosis, however now all these other terms have come up and I find them all very confusing.

They all sound interchangeable to me, would someone please explain their differences?
I searched online but most of the sites are all ambiguous in their definitions so I find all this very hard to understand. :(

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! :D

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