Membrane question

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Membrane question

Post by tomkkk » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:43 am

1. Cutaneous membrane(integument/skin)
a)The epidermis is composed of what specific tissue?

b)Whar are the protective functions of the epidermis

c)What kind of tissue forms the dermis?

2.Responsd to the following statements by choosing an answer from the key.
a.cutaneous b.mucous c.serous d.synovial

----------1)Membrane type associated with skeletal system structures

----------2)ALways formed of simple squamous epithelium

----------3)Two membrane types not found in the ventral body cavity

----------4)The only membrane type in which goblets cells are found


-----------6)Adapted for adsorption & secretion

-----------7)Has parietal & visceral layers

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