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Take Home test Help

Post by aldy147 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:15 am

hello, i need help on my take home oceanography test because i just dont understand anything, all of the following questions are truth or false, so plz help me out here guys, i rly need to pass this test to pass the class.

since their initial formation, the ocean basins have stayed relatively unchanged.

hydrogen bonds are weak associations between polar molecules such as water

density increases with increasing temperatures.

abyssal plains are found on the deep ocean floor at depths of up to 5000 meter.

most major animal phyla evolved some 500 million years ago

the southern hemisphere is composed of over 2/3 landmasses

carbon dioxide is limited in the ocean

two important limited nutrients in the ocean are nitrogen and phosphorus

the oxygen minimum zone often corresponds with the thermocline

the himalaya mountains are a result of seafloor spreading

an atmospheric ozone layer made of oxygen protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation

pressure in the ocean increases about 1 atmosphere for every 10 m increase in depth

in general the photic zone extends to about 100m

gyres represent the largest circulation patterns in the ocean

surface waves can potentially carry water thousands of miles across the ocean

the mantle is situated between the earths crust and the outer core

an important evolutionary stage was the ultimate accumulation of oxygen from the photosynthesizerss about 2.5 billion years ago

excess precipitation occurs at tropical latitudes as well as at polar latitudes

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Post by canalon » Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:54 pm


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