Zoology for the Artist


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Zoology for the Artist

Post by crtbycdr » Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:41 pm

Hello All!

I just wanted to drop a quick post in hopes that some of you could help me, I know that time is precious, so I will be blunt.

I am an artist looking to expand my knowledge of zoology.

As an artist, one of our fundamental skills we are taught is to reference nature. I believe the more you know about of how mother nature works, and the more knowledge you have on her creatures,
The better your design decisions will be when developing new creatures. All this being said, I am wanting to expand my knowledge of zoology. I am toying around with the idea of developing a personal study. Let’s call it “Zoology for the Artist”. I am thinking that I would like to dedicate about one year’s time. I think that best plan is to break things down into 1 month long studies. For example, a month on fish, a month on insects, and month on reptiles, ECT. A large portion of the study will be trial and error, as I learn what will be applicable to me as an artist and designer, and what is more academic.

Anyways, I am hoping that I could get some suggestions, in my plan of study, any recommended books, or websites that cover the topics would be great!

Thanks in Advance!

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Post by Julie5 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:41 pm

I have a feeling I've read somewhere that the beautiful still life paintings done by Dutch artists in the 17th Century actually took months and months to complete, because they bouquets contain flowers that did not all bloom at the same time. So the artist would start the picture by painting those flowers currently in bloom, then put the picture aside, wait till the next lot of flowers bloomed, then add them to the vase, and paint them, and then wait again, and so on.

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Post by rattusnorvegicus » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:21 pm

i take a second year animal structure subject and the labs consist of some dissections, study of specimens and drawing what we see. i have some background in art (self taught) and found this really interesting.

i find the equilibrium of nature relaxing. knowing that every yin has its yang; balance, puts my soul to ease. spiritually, i guess this could influence your work too, depending on whether you are an intuitive artist.

what sort of art do you make?

there are so many organisms with so many different lifestyles, behaviours and morphologies, so interesting.. you probably want to start putting some feelers out for information on evolution. this theory places everything in context. any structural/behavioural component of an animal has a function and a role in its survival. useful for coming up with creatures, i think. i guess if you ever see something interesting, look it up, draw it, find out the reason for why it looks the way it does. nature is all around you all you have to do is look and she will teach you!

on a more practical note, i'm trying to source some zoology/biological drawings compiled in a book for easy access. i haven't had the time as yet, to go out looking, so i'd be interested if anyone has any suggestions as well?

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animals and art

Post by pielover1234 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:51 am

hey im new too :!:
so you areinterested in animals right :shock:
im taking classes :twisted:
maybe i can be of assistance :mrgreen:
see my favorite artist is van gogh :arrow:
it has always interested me in how somebody could be so insane
i love starry night
,but really i never understood the whole i'll cut off my ear lobe for your love kinga thing
you know what i mean. :?:

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