Several Hair and Skin Problems

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Several Hair and Skin Problems

Post by anonymous1986 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:21 pm


I've been struggling with these symptoms for about 7 years now. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm wondering if someone could help me. I'm a 24 year old female. I'm suffering severe hair loss (along the hairline), excessive body hair and several skin problems. I have in-grown hair on legs, which cause red irritated spots, sometimes containing pus. They leave dark scars which don't go away over time. I also notice that my skin doesn't heal well in general; all acne and scratches leave dark scars which heal very slowly.

Appreciate any ideas on this,


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Re: Several Hair and Skin Problems

Post by rageraphael » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:29 pm

It sounds like you got a problem.....
I can only give tips
first stop using lotion it actually clogs the pores in your skin.causing dirt to get in them and causing infections.
For the ingrown hairs you need to grab a bar of soap get it a little wet and rub untill its thick on where wever u need it.I got more things but i got to go message me

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Post by canalon » Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:19 pm

Remember that the onlytrustworthy health advice on internet is:
"Go talk with a medical professional"
There a re many reasons for that, first is that the thing that you give us might miss something that would be relevant to establish a correct diagnosis, but way more importantly is that you don't know who is giving you his/her opinion. I might be a dog with a very keen desire to see the human race disappear, or worse I could be a homeopath recommending you expensive magic water as a cure for something that might be a real problem.
Because of that, I will tell you again to follow the bolded message above.

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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