An interesting essay I need help with

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An interesting essay I need help with

Post by kimmay818 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:04 am

You are the winner of a dream date adventure with your favorite movie star to the Amazon jungle promoting her/his newest action movie. While canoeing along with your dream date, you were shot in the leg with a curare-painted dart by a local native. Curare is a toxic plant alkaloid that binds tightly to acetylcholine receptors in skeletal muscle, blocking the binding of acetylcholine, but does not in itself activate the receptor. As you gasp for air, explain to your beloved movie star and sex idol why she/he will need to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for the next couple hours to keep you alive until its effects wear off or you can be given an antedote.
In your explanation, discuss in detail the mechanism of excitation-contraction coupling. Tell your dream date how a nerve normally excites a muscle, and be sure to include how an electrical impulse is able to travel so quickly along a nerve to a muscle. Next, explain and draw the detailed structure of a skeletal muscle fiber, including organelles, myofibrils, arrangement of myofilaments, and other proteins. And, how these structures enable a muscle cell to contract.
If your dream date refuses to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, how long do you have to live? What is the antidote for curare and how does it work?
Hurry, time is running out. You only have a few minutes before the poison sets in!

I need everything from the action potential to the end of the process

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