Birth and Lamarckism

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Birth and Lamarckism

Post by ian2013 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:37 am

Hello All,

First time poster here and hopefully will not get flamed too much for putting Lamarckism in the evolution section of the forum.

This past August I was at the SDB 69th annual meeting and heard a very interesting lecture where the speaker described how during birth a large number of bacteria are passed from mother to offspring. These bacteria are what helps to populate your body and digest your food.

After the lecture I was thinking about how this could be thought of as a form of Lamarckism, if you can call your bacterial flora a trait. I think you most certainly can!

So, I propose that if a female acquires a bacteria from her surroundings, that is beneficial, than the bacteria can become an acquired trait and if the female gives birth the trait can be passed on to the offspring. Hence a form of Lamarckism.

I wanted to post here to see what people think of this idea.
Also here is a link about the bacteria being passed on ... -delivery/

Hopefully I explained the idea well enough.

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Post by canalon » Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:56 pm

Hello and welcome.

IM(not so)HO Lamarckism I doubt this is Lamarckism, as the bacterial population of anyone is likely to change over time and to be hugely influenced by many other environmental factor. The same way i would not call count the country, the wealth of the family or many other ''inheritable'' environmental traits as Lamarckism. Although they sure will influence the babies fitness.

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