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Post by in_the_uk » Sun Apr 02, 2006 11:49 pm

Hi Lynne, yes he still does have the crate.

I only started my regime this morning. I have only been exposed to the possible source for 2 weeks and already I have fibres coming out of my hands.

There are a few things that are puzzling about the regime. I have been advised that an anti candida diet is a good route to take, and white vinegar certainly had a dramatic effect on my friend's mill and lifted his spirits. I had seem white vinegar as a part of a regime for unidentified skin parasites. But vinegar contains yeast and should be avoided in an anti candida diet. Is it the yeast that is so effective or is it the ph value?

I have rubbed vinegar onto my skin, out of curiosity to see if it caused fibres to emerge, but it didn't, unlike harsher things like neat dettol (which shouldn't be rubbed onto the skin). I have thought of puttin vinegar in my bath water and have suggested it to my friend. don't know if he did. He was so pleased with the effect of the vaporised vinegar on his mill. But also he has always said that if he goes into a steam room all sorts of things come out of his skin. The mill got both steam and vinegar.

I've just sent an email to the BBC to ask them how I go about getting them to do a story for their science/ nature web page.

Best wishes,


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Post by Linn » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:11 am

Hi Helen,
I hope you guard that crate with your life!!
For study by the CDC in the future.
It should be packaged as a bio-hazard.

not to worry the type of fermentation that takes place
with vinegar is a different type than candida.
Candida is a natural organism that we all have in our
body but is kept in balance with the bodies natural
beneficial bacteria. unless it is upset by things such
as antibiotics, weakened immune system, Ph extremes etc..

Probably one of the worst things to do is eat sugary
My naturopathic book is on loan at present but when I
get it back I can send more info for you if you would like?

You may already know this, but,
There are herbs that help the body get re-balanced
from candida overgrowth. If you have an herbarium
near you perhaps you can ask for help?

ANy way,
I am sincerely wishing you the best in
fighting this frightening disease.

PS: it has been my experience that this organism/s
whatever thewy are made weak and even die from vinegar,
the reason you must keep up the regimen for months and
months is because you need to keep killing it at all stages
and any reinfestations from eggs that hatch.
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these".

~ George washington Carver

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Post by in_the_uk » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:51 am

Lynne, yes the crate does need keeping although it was blasted with steam and vinegar the other night. apparently all sorts of things came shooting off it. The thing is though, that in order for someone to study it requires that the symptoms are real. The Environmental Health have been and not found anything. I have written to the local Health Protection Unit so I'll probably get a reply tomorrow morning.

The Candida approach is purely for the morgellons. Ordinarily I don't have any problems that would require me to follow a candida diet. However, for me it is possible that my gastric functions may not be as good as it should be because I suffer from migraines and so take a lot of ibuprofen which I think is quite harsh on the stomach. I always take it with food. I have read that the disease is derived from a mould, but then in other places I read that the fibres are a cellulose. I have been told that it works so I will put it into my life. I don't think that I need more information that you have offered from your naturopathic book thank you. The reason is because I suspect the detail will be too fine for me at this moment in time. I am really just putting up every defense that I can, without necassarily understanding why it works.

My friend has said that the fibres morph from one thing to another, which supports what you are saying about having to maintain any regime for a length of time that will ensure the eradication of a complete life cycle. For me I saw fibres come out of my hands (the end of last week) and spent maybe 3 or 4 hours prrovoking as many as I though were in there out. Since then dispite my constant checking I have been able to provoke very few out. They are still there and more worryingly is the fibre and projectile that came out of my leg, which suggests to me that they must have either moved around my body. They could be sited where they, or something entered my body. So, I don't have a raging baseline, but I don't want this thing in my life.

Best wishes,


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Post by Linn » Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:13 am

If you would not mind,
I am sorry if I missed it already,
but can you
describe the size and shape and color of the fibers?
I would like to compare.

What I had:
tiny eye lash size mostly black, sometimes red
or florescent green, rarely blue.

Black apple seed shape things in lesions.

also the same as above with tapered ends emerging.
(hatched stage?)

Any thing sound familiar?


PS: hello to ukguy ( I am waiting for a new e-mail from
you its your turn) :lol:
Hi dear London, befour, bartz, cillia, and every one :)
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these".

~ George washington Carver

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vinegar - apple cider vs. white

Post by FiberSymptoms » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:46 am

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Post by Cilla » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:36 pm

Hi UK Guy and Helen,

Of course my reply was not directed to Helen in any accusatory sense whatsoever, and of course she has not accused anyone on the site of anything. Welcome to the site, Helen.

Do both of you wish concerted specialist medical help, organised and delivered, predominantly within the UK? Naturally, you do. I want this for you as well, which is why I have been liaising with a specialist medical practitioner.

It is hard for any individual, particularly once they are an established consultant, to go out on a limb about this disease. We are asking a lot. They would have to cross into different specialties, (where they have not worked for many long years), and say to their colleagues that they know better than they do about a disease process that is affecting, e.g. a patient's eyes, ears, skin, bladder, (or whatever).

With great personal charm and skill, this could be done, but we are asking such an already busy professional to take this on purely out of altruism, using his own time and resources.

Let me assure you right away that money does not feature whatsoever, in any shape or form, in this person's motivation. So, please do not even mention it, (maybe you would not have even thought of it, but I decided I would say this, in case your thoughts did go along such lines).

The last question he has asked me to pose is the name and specialty of the physician in Bolton. My hope is tat he will contact this colleague.

Either you will feel that you should send these requested details to me by personal message, or you won't. I will not disclose your action or inaction in this respect on the site, so please just act as you see fit.

I can assure you that I am a professional person, and am furthermore from a medical family. Do you think that I would claim this, were it not so? After all, the moderators know my real name, e-mail address, and have access to the relevant, including the medical, professional registers. I know that they will not disclose these on site, but they would know if I was telling the truth.

I am acting purely in your best interests, because I think that you must feel very uncomfortable because of the ravages of this disease.

With love and best wishes.

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Post by Cilla » Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:17 pm

Hi again,

If you look at the wording of my post re false accusations and insults you will see that I said you should not allow the site to be used for such activities, (not if you want an expert to go out on a limb for you, that is).

If you stay silent when this happens, this is, rightly or wrongly, perceived as acquiescence.

If any of you then commend the person on their clarity, and no-one contradicts the asserted 'right to be nasty', this is, rightly or wrongly, perceived as something much stronger.

These are not my perceptions, but those of the medical practitioner, and there is absolutely nothing that I can do about them. I am only being honest here, and reporting to you what he has said.

This is your health, and your lives, and, in some cases, your family and children's health and lives, that is at stake. Therefore, or so it seems to me, you have to box clever, particularly if you are informed that a doctor is at least listening, (purely out of altruism, remember).

Or, do you think that there is a whole host of specialist consultants hanging on your every word, and, because this condition is so interesting and obscure, you can allow anyone to say anything without rebutting it, and still they will go out on the altruistic limb? When they are not even fully convinced (yet) that you even have a disease at all?
Maybe there is, and perhaps they will, but I would not count on it.

Threats of physical violence, accompanied by a smiley or not, in the context of all of the other false accusations and insults, along with the full admission of the person that they are being 'nasty', also tend to militate against this doctor's possible iinvolvement. Once again, these are his thoughts, not mine, and there is absolutely nothing that I can do about them.

All I can do is report truthfully what he has said to you, and report truthfully to him what you have all said on this site.

This is not bickering, London. I am telling it like it is. Do you all want me to tell you truthfully what the doctor says, or should I not bother, and just let him silently go?

It may be that you all have access to your own doctors, and have received the Schwartz protocol, so you can then indulge in letting off steam, not needing any more in the way of intervention.

However, for those in perhaps a less felicitous position, it would perhaps befit you better to consider what this professional has most assuredly stated as being his position.

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Post by standby » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:02 pm


Wise words. As a long time sufferer, observer and advocate for the cause I commend you for your observations and realistic perspective. For someone who happens apon the discussions about this condition it is all to easy to understand why one would choose to just walk away. Thank you for your sincere contributions here and elsewhere.

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Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:09 pm


I am wondering How, Who, What, When???
I am wondering if you have any recommendations as to proceeding withyour suggestion. Is it possible to succeed in your opinion?

Class Action anyone????



Post by ukguy » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:38 pm

Hi Cilla

Please accept my apologies.

Ok, moving on....

I have spoken with Helen today and I think she will contact you.

I would be very interested indeed in hearing more Cilla.
I'm unable to respond fully right now but will do later today!

Many thanks for the time and effort you have devoted to
the people here Cilla.

Speak to you soon.


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Post by Cilla » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:10 pm

Hi Uk Guy,

You have nothing to apologise for, I was merely, as I said, repeating exactly what the doctor said, re 'not going on to any web site to be treated like that'. Those were his exact words.

In our intermittent previous discussions, he has listened to my account of the clinical features reported by people with this condition.

He could just about take the helminthic and dermatophyte infection, coupled with myiasis and (at a stretch) the cellulose type/unidentifiable fibers, as possibly belonging to a previously unknown disease process.

Then I mentioned feathers growing out of some people's scalps who have this disease, (I had read about this on other sites).

'No', he said, 'that is absolutely impossible. Anyone who thinks they have this phenomenon must either be mistaken or possibly be suffering from over-valued ideation, or indeed be frankly delusional. There is absolutely no condition, recorded in the whole annals of medicine from the year dot, to the present day, where this could be found.'

Then, enter Tam tam. One of the most profound statements he made was that the establishment has not yet appreciated that we are in the 21st century, and that scientific experiments sometimes go awry, as in this case, with this stray target.

It was the inclusion of bird technology in the experiment that made the doctor revise (a little) his earlier cast iron certainty about the feathers.

However, he instructed (and that is not too strong a word) me not to ask you directly, and certainly not to indicate that it was a doctor who wished to know, whether or not any of you had ever had feathers growing out of you.

He thought that, with the power of suggestion being so strong, that some might then mistake the appearance of the fibers for feathers.

All I was allowed to ask you all to do was to keep reading and re-reading every word of Tam tam's, but any mention of feathers had to come from you, by a purely unsolicited route.

Sabrina mentioned this very recently, but she would have to describe exactly what she means by a 'feather floater' in much more detail.

What this doctor thinks now is, if feathers are growing on people, (and it is still a big 'if'), then Tam tam's is the only possible and logical explanation, so far as he can see.

He also said, based on this premise, Tam tam surely must therefore be your only hope, both for treatment and cure, (because it is going to be very hard to persuade the medical establishment of this, for all sorts of complicated reasons).

If this is so, what he cannot, and could never, understand is why a bunch of apparently intelligent individuals are tolerating their only hope being derided and insulted on a seemingly regular basis.

He said, in his experience, that is not the way the truly desperate and suffering behave, (if someone or something is potentially extinguishing their only hope).

They will face Goliath, he said, rather than meekly sit by. He also added, were he Tam tam, he would have left you to it long ago, and that Tam tam, in all honesty, is a better man than he. (He really meant this).

He did say, in your defence, that maybe you are all just very uncomfortable, as opposed to being truly desperate and suffering.

You might call it suffering, (compared to your previous good health), he conceded, 'But', he said to me, 'I'll tell you what suffering is. Patients screaming in almost intractable thalamic pain! Or, those patients, faced with a diagnosis of motor neuron disease, who are terrified out of their wits by the possible prospect of dying by asphyxiation. That's what I call suffering! If these patients found any prospect of a cure on a website, no matter how remote, they would just not tolerate any person putting it at risk. Even if they were paralysed, they would be tapping their rebuttals into their replies, using a pen and their mouths if necessary!'

He then recounted an experience where a young mother travelled many miles, (incidentally she herself did not relate these facts), going without food and sleep, carrying her sick child to be seen by him.

His secretary asked the exhausted and bedraggled young woman to take a seat, and gently told her that she could not see the doctor, (quite reasonably under the circumstances, given that she did not have an appointment, and that he was not even a paediatrician).

The mother persisted, and was told it was really not possible even to speak to the doctor, since he was taking part in an important meeting with the professor that had just started in the boardroom. (This meeting had taken months to set up).

'What do you think happened?' he said, 'I'll tell you what happened. Within five minutes that child was lying on a bed, being examined by both the professor and myself, and within fifteen he was admitted.'

Afterwards, the visibly shaken secretary brought the coffee, and, while apologising for indicating the meeting's venue, said that she just could not stop the woman rushing in, but at least the little boy was okay now.

The professor said 'I've seen this behaviour before, and I can tell you this. There is no force anywhere on earth that is stronger than the love of a mother for her sick and suffering child. Woe betide anyone who tries to get in the way of help! The mother in such circumstances will virtually annihilate them.'

So, the upshot is that he is not saying you are definitely not suffering and desperate, but he is saying that certain behaviour would not tend to indicate this.

However, even if some are 'very uncomfortable', they should still get help, of course.

It may be that, after a course of the recommended medication, the acute suffering recedes, and this may or may not be followed by periods of discomfort. He does not know.

What he does think is that some types of behaviour exhibited will definitely stop medics from sticking their necks out. Why? Because there is no shortage of work, that's why.

His advice, and he means it in the gentlest way, is, by all means be persistent, but do not be rude or gratuitously nasty. And do not allow others to take over, because, if you need help, that is stupid.

It is particularly unfair on those who have not had the appropriate treatment, (although it may be that their lab test results will be more unambiguously positive, making subsequent legal action easier for all). This is not worth it, for those people, so stop allowing overtures of interest and help being swept away, out of some misguided notion of politeness, or lack of assertiveness in limit setting. Does he think you have this new disease? He honestly has no idea.

Well, things are exactly as I said earlier. Send me, by private message, the full details of the doctor in Bolton, (no more, no less), and I'll do my best.

That is all I can promise, and that is the whole truth. Nothing more, nothing less. At the end of the day, doing our best is really all any of us can do, isn't it?

Best wishes.

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Post by in_the_uk » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:28 pm

Cilla, my friend has feathers growing out of his penis. I have not seen them but I have no reason to doubt him. I have seen feathers on my hands, down the sides of my fingers when I have dried my hands on my bath towel but I was holding the jury out until I use anther towel as my ex used to have feather pillows and it is possible that they are in the towel from the washer. That towel had nbeen in hte airing cupboard for at least 1 year. It is now in the bleach but I will get back to you if they continue. I am absolutely certain that Ed would be more than willing to produce some feathers for your doctor. I wrote down all of Ed's symptoms and handed them to his GP maybe 2 weeks ago. That document precedes this post.

Lynne asked me what my fibres looked like last night after I had gone to bed. I haven't replied yet because I was going to do that this evening. I was going to mention the feathers as above, particularly since I have seen somewhere else about feathers - it may have been the feather floaters in response to someone called Randy. I have seen little white ones and a little brown one and this morning a longer brown one appeared on the side of my bath. Mine could be from a pillow, I am used to seeing them around the house. My friend's are not.

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