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Re: southerdrawl - long post

Post by bugsonthewire » Sat Oct 29, 2005 11:58 am


Thank you for articulating my feelings about the way certain groups have claimed this condition and attahed unsubstantiated conclusions as to its nature and cause.

If I was really interested in impeding other sufferers progress, then I would make unsubstantiated comments such as these: “Collembola is not the problem here” or “Collembola don’t have biting mouthparts"(btw show ma a bacteria or fungus that do have biting mouthparts) and "they can’t breathe under the skin” or “digital imaging is a ‘no-no’ ” and “this is a co-infection of Lyme disease” or...and this one of my favorites....“They only found EVIDENCE of collembola” ---If I really wanted to impede other sufferers progress then I would not include the NPA in any media events I had arranged,"

The efficacy of that group is questionable, I can confirm your observations and assure other readers that there are more valid criticisms of their methods. I am particularly annoyed with the "Lyme connection" asserted by the group. Especially in light of the link on their website to a discussion forum on a lyme support group. Not a bad way to get your organisations registrations up. Also it should be noted that the NUSPA discussion board, got pestered out of existence in a concerted campaign of harrassment. The NUSPA boards moderator correctly asserted that associating this condition with Lyme Disease and disassociating it with the NPA Collembola study, without scientific analysis to support these positions was incorrect science.

so ask yourself “who would do these things?”

Short of grand and unlikely conspiracies I can only assume that these are the actions of people motivated by greed, ego, selfishness and arrogance.

The information you have provided on Collembola I have found invaluabe, if yyou have any other thoughts please post them.

A final point, since the close of the NUSPA discussion board I am sure there are many like myself who are grateful to find this alternative, non agenda driven forum to discuss our situation. I hope that in our enthusiasm to investigate our situation we do not takeover this forum. In the process excluding the trained and inquisitive scientists who frequent this place. The people who may be able to provide sensible input. The people who should be discussing this condition on this board, as we observe and assist with information. I suspect propogating theories based on psuedo-science, in preference to valid investigations, is a sure way to indicate to the real scientists this condition is indeed psychiatric.

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Post by Skytroll » Sat Oct 29, 2005 1:43 pm

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Post by CliffMickelson » Sat Oct 29, 2005 6:28 pm

To read Dr. Wymore's informative reply to this poster concerning Collembolla, please follow the link provided at the bottom of the excerpt.



Dr. Wymore,

I read your memo on the experiments so far conducted from the Morgellons webpage. You noted that so far no DNA sequence which defines the order collembola has been amplified by PCR. Yet, 18 out of 20 patients were
at least identified morphologically by the entomologists in the Oklahoma study to be collembola.

I was wondering my self why they did not confirm their visual findings with PCR at the time of the study. Do you think it would be constructive if you could get a sample of the skin scrapings they used, assuming they
still have some, and conduct a PCR reaction for the cytochrome oxidase DNA ? Or maybe ask
them to do it?

Also on a side note, if you could clarify on what part of the body was the skin scrapings you used for the PCR reaction obtained. As I recall,
all the skin scrapings in the oklahoma study were from the scalp.

David ... 1130338715

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To Cliff

Post by Notnutz » Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:34 pm

SKIN scrapings, not scalp scrapings.

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The fiber disease: urgent

Post by Mardulce » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:29 am

If there is something urgent for all of us to do is to check out our own beliefs regarding the strong societal hierarchical system we are sustaining. One of the heads of that system is occupied by the health authorities. In many cases doctors and designers of health policies take for granted a power over our bodies, deciding (or ignoring) about our life and our future in ways that are endangering.
Take for example the fiber disease (Morgellons). Doctors seem to be ignoring the fact that thousands of people have this new disease. Many of them are affirming that these cases are delusional. They are expecting us to believe their affirmations and stay quiet. In the meanwhile the disease is spreading all over the world, causing people to have symptoms such as cronic fatigue, loss of memory, different skin disorders, and others. The patients with morgellons are not being recognized as being sick, so they don't get health insurance and cannot afford not to go to work. There are teachers, nurses, all sorts of professionals, who are suffering from this disease, people in daily contact with many others.
Mothers and fathers of possible new victims, sufferers of morgellons or relatives, are we going to sit down and not do anything about this issue?

Waiting is what I have been doing in the last five months, while my partner keeps on fighting the fiber disease (his condition has been considered as delusional by six doctors), while I have started having some of the symptoms, and while I work as a teacher, actually in an international school, with students from many different parts of the world.
Still, I think I must not lose my hope, because that is going to make the things worse. But, it seems as if I should be doing something different, beside all the healing forms we have already tried, and I don't know exactly what else is there left to do.

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Post by tamtam » Sun Oct 30, 2005 9:58 pm


You are infected with a modified cyanobacterium that will differentiate, since it is made quorum sensing, in fact a stem cell like property.

Also nerve cell behavior is part of specialized cell by this micro organism.

(micro organisms are single cell; when made quorum sensing they act multi cellular; multi cellular is synonymous with stemming from one type cell that will differentiate)

Activity in or near skin nerves may cause a pain signal (a bite)

Specks is secretome of this element and most resembles cellulose and tanned chitin like polymer.

Fibers are variant and resemble most plant like cell that think they are insect like cell"

Its plant like behavior relates to cyano and its insect behavior to e.g lepidoptera. More insect cell technology is present and mammal in-put

Expression relates to sensing cell of plant and insect.

Try diluted copper sulphate in a neutral base( baby shampoo)
Keep wet for a while and shower.
Do not ingest copper sulphate
Observe how lesions stain, dry out and cure within days.
Your infestation with sensing protein fibers is also gone.
Report your experience.


Infection with this element is per definition not possible to cure with topical treatment.



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In response to the use of copper sulfate

Post by Greema » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:21 am

I have been using copper sulfate for a while now. I began to use it
since I thought this disease was a mixture of dictyostelium and oomycetes and a possible silkworm.
The preferred cure for oomycetes in plants such as downy mildew and saprolegnia in fish is copper sulfate.
Please be advised that this substance is both toxic and corrosive and is not recommended for human use. Please read up before you even think of using it.
Although I have used this product on lesions,it does not heal the disease
internally. What I have found in some instances is that if the lesions
are large and deep it will trigger satellite lesions in the surrounding areas
possibly making it worse. Just be very careful and remember that it is not an internal cure.


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To TamTam

Post by Notnutz » Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:20 pm

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 9:58 pm Post subject:



You are infected with a modified cyanobacterium that will differentiate, since it is made quorum sensing, in fact a stem cell like property.

TamTam, do you suffer this skin disease?

Do you know someone personally who has the disease and have you personally observed their skin lesions?

Are you a medical doctor or a scientist?

If not, on what are you basing your opinion?

This is a snyopsis of symptoms most frequently reported by those of us who suffer this disease:

Biting, stinging, crawling sensations.
Black specks emerging from our skin.
Glitter on the skin.
Tobacco like particles emerging from skin lesions.
Most report lesions, but others do not.
Fibers and other debris within our lesions.

For additional symptoms visit survey/questionnaire.

Appreciate your input, but would like to see some data to support your posts.

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Post by tamtam » Mon Oct 31, 2005 9:58 pm

Correct observation of Greema.

Still; copper sulphate is number one because it disrupts its cyano based architecture.

The target represents a fusion of a mayor parasitic protozoa including multiple mammal gene in-put and multiple insect cell in-put.
Silk worm is not excluded.

Lepidoptera is dominant in culture.

The target is brought in culture.
Observation is based on about 180 cultures.

Multiple gene expression synomymous with multi lineage differentiation is fact: thus stem cell related.

This particular affinity is two fold.
1/ because its quorum sensing
2/ because a reject in the form of a keratin pump

Until further notice,



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theories anyone?

Post by curiousmorgs » Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:55 am

i think i have it figured out. theories anyone?

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To Curiousmorgs

Post by Notnutz » Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:51 pm

This is like "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Are you suspicious of all this cryptic biotechjabberwocky?

:?: :?: :?: :?:

Did the :idea: come on? :?: :?:

Additional information coming soon? :?: :?: :?:

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So, What happened to the discussion?

Post by Notnutz » Sat Nov 05, 2005 11:46 pm

What happened? Everyone get tired of the subject?

Those who suffer sure aren't tired of finding websites where the disease is discussed and are overjoyed to learn they're not lost and alone despite the way they've been treated by the medical community.

Type in some key-words such as biting, crawling, black specks, glitter, and you'll find websites devoted to discussing, sharing tips for relief of symptoms, etc.

Hey, everyone! Come back and let's get this going again.



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