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Post by carriescamp » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:06 pm

Thanks YYZ for shedding the light that I've been looking for the last couple weeks...whew, that was tough! I didn't realize many had done the whole fluke thing...and wasn't getting much in a way of a response. This is all new to me...that people have done fluke therapy and still sick, very sick...interesting. Now I know what I need to do next for myself and family. I appreciate more than I can say you taking the time to fill me in. One other question since I've yet spoke with Dr. you know anything about Bithionol...the DOC for the SLF...or do you think it would bear no relevance?
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Post by yyz » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:19 pm


I don't know about bithionol, so sorry, I can't give you an opinion.


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Pages 31-45 ( Tam/C3...same person as FORUM.)

Post by RANDY » Tue Feb 07, 2006 8:04 pm

PAGE 31:

Interesting to know that yyz knows how to wing!
yyz, ask for a non specific PCR

All that is visible can know an intermediate stage that only can be made visible with more specific technique.

Why is there rather something than nothing?

Stay tuned!


Relationship cyano and trypanosoma
Observation model for oncogenic activity

ROSKIN and KLYUEVA's trypanosoma extract therapy had more or less been forgotten (in
... At about this time trypanosoma extract therapy was rediscovered, ... - 48k - Cached - Similar pages

Oligopeptidase B-dependent signaling mediates host cell invasion ...
Mammalian cell invasion by the intracellular protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi
is mediated by recruitment and fusion of host cell lysosomes, ...
http://www.C3 represents class 3 or level 3 (human and or contagious pathogen)
This type research is only done in a highly protected environment.
check international protocol for C3 laboratory
All other association is fine embellishment.

yyz, to wing relates to San Antonio.
Its a variable.

Cyano is the most old language.
Base language
giant cell = perfect model for oncogenic observation

trypanosoma is about rapid cell fusion and variant glycoprotein and e.g what you can read in the article.

Both species are about adaptation and evasion
And the reason that probably only last resort medication will work is based on the fusion cyano with trypa.

The set commensal resembling quorum sensing elements must have at least gained part of this property.

If the target represents a simulation model
than it would be used as a Christmas tree
To hang in all type modification.
(mold = matrix like)

Cyano was until 1920 regarded a fungus.
Trypa has gametes(...)
bio systematic = bio systepmatic

The culture is an extension of a point (stem cell)
hence point and extension.
Extension represents lineage(point, point, point)
More than one line= multi lineage etc

What you see is only expression.

The presence of e.g fly and lepidoptera like entity proves that many translations are incorporated.
Reject is like retrograde - although all depends on objective.

Again: near to perfect replica of a fly(see video footage) lepidoptera, plant (corn root?) bird and
mammal like reject has been observed and recorded from multiple culture of one and the same virulent strain.

Base architecture represents cyano with trypanosoma

Sincerely, - Similar pages

C3 Page 32:
trypanosoma wound repair
cyanobacterium wound repair

From the Cover: Plant-like traits associated with metabolism of ...
Extant trypanosomatid parasites, such as Trypanosoma and Leishmania, ...
6PGDH branched closely to its homolog from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. ... - Similar pages


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
cyanobacterium symbiont, forming the origin of plastids on the plant lineage and
possibly on other ... such as Plasmodium (malaria), Trypanosoma (try- ... Publications/PDF-files/140.pdf - Similar pages

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
cyanobacterium symbiont, forming the origin of plastids on the plant lineage and
possibly on other ... such as Plasmodium (malaria), Trypanosoma (try- ... Publications/PDF-files/140.pdf - Similar pages

The fiber disease constitutes an infection with a modified micro organism Base architecture represents a cyanobacterium fused with a trypanosoma like element. This base architecture will differentiate in a set commensal resembling micro organisms.

For preliminary and broad based scientific assessment you can read the article published in nature (model organism)

More specific and focused study could be done with a research budget based on a research proposal (...)

All You suffer from basically represents anti microbial resistance and the fact that infection with this type target may represent a multitude of ongoing research that yet has not been associated with the existence of this type stray target under the global population (...)

Public health services stay ignorant about the fact that the 21th century represents the 21th century (...)

A profitable point of departure?

Mycoplasma could be another fine example in the history of medical practice.

Certain type matter is comfortably reduced to a so called host pathogen interaction.

That the future only may yield (long life) suppressive therapy would be a logic deduction.

A cure is simply not profitable or difficult to provide.

Infection with this element can be cured but as it seems;
but only with a combination of (type last resort) therapeutical agents(...)

This may turn out to be a difficult point when later assessment would be conclusive about the fact that a significant percentage of the population will prove positive for this slow incubating pathogen but that only a percentage is highly symptomatic.

MRSA and the fact that some individuals are persistent carrier of this type micro organism is another fact (...)



Operating systems are at least 10 year ahead.
Non disclosed top science may have at least 25 years.
If a calamity occurs or the target has been model for biological warfare you will never hear about it.

Pest control is the equivalent of disease control in humans.
If momentum of economy relates to population density than
disease control must be part of military strategy.
Economy is extention of warfare during peace, they say!
If You can control disease, You can inflate or reduce growth models.

Today the big public bonanza is bioinformatics and e.g bio systematic.
A new type race towards supremacy.
The second WW may turn out to have been an interlude.
All was around and studied.
Top scientist of Germany went to the U.S

We exist out of cell and cell can be programmed: also in the long run(...)
Apoptosis = programmed cell death!
To control and regulate are the strongest parameters.

A recent study relates cancer to infection with bacteria and geografical location. Time span 1954 up to now.
What did 1954 provide in relation to the cancer gulf?

If You think that what is made public represents cutting edge(...)
1961 was public quorum sensing.
If e.g 1980 yields a calamity than 1970 would yield a firm base.

Concepts and calamities can be repeated and I think 2000 represents one.
You do not suffer from the same strain I think but from a reinfection or relapse after a trigger.

When did you recognize the fibers first?

Dear Mrs Befour,

The best therapy a regular G.P could prescribe is I suggest Itraconazole.

I think if You would combine this with essential oil like mint oil,
You could have succes.
To alternate is the art, according an old tropical medic
(in relation to trypanosoma)

So alternate!

e.g topical application of:
coppersulfate/ mint oil/ t tree oil / pinus pinaster oil/ and e.g econazole nitrate or micanozole nitrate.

True recommendation is mint oil because it seems to trigger cell lysis.



quorum sensing/ insects

PDF] Quorum sensing during nest-site selection by honeybee swarms
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Nest-site selection · Quorum sensing · Swarming. Introduction. In the swarm-founding
species of social insects—those in. which colonies are initiated by ... - Similar pages

The Sum of the Parts: Science News Online, Dec. 10, 2005... genes from a killer bacterium or virus into a deadly new design. ... Modeling a synthetic multicellular clock: Repressilators coupled by quorum sensing. ... - 49k - 9 Jan 2006 - Fibers?

Please read the article about cellulose the most abundant macro molecule etc.

Over reaction could relate to the science of Pavlov.Cached - Similar pages

random recombination

source code cyano
to step up to gametes = trypanosoma

a phylogenetic line seems to run trough the concept.
lepidoptera, butterfly

keywords: lepidoptera, butterfly, wing pattern, DNA

Butterfly Wings Key To Morphological Evolution - [ Diese Seite übersetzen ]
The next step in understanding the genetics of butterfly wing patterns, they note,
... in DNA sequences that correlates with variability in color pattern. ... 20020211025738data_trunc_sys.shtml - 25k - 10. Jan. 2006 - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten
and another:

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists make a butterfly glow - [ Diese Seite übersetzen ]
The genetically modified African butterfly glows luminous green in the dark and
is part of a project to understand how wing patterns emerge. ... - 33k - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten
Keywords: germline transformation/ lepidoptera

PDF] Bicyclus anynana
Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-Version
the eye-catching colour patterns on the wings of butter- ... ing of Lepidoptera
caused by exposure of the pupae to different. temperature conditions. Trans. ... monteiro-pdfs/BioLet2004.pdf - Ähnliche Seiten

Page 40:
if Cyano + Chytride+ (...?) relates to diversification and maybe bio clock

if cyano = hardware like

if trypanosoma = extension to mammal like by gametes
if Lepidoptera wing pattern + cyano relates to determination of germline(software like)

if quorum sensing is fact

than you could be in the heart of the concept

But you need to run many test to be conclusive

What You suffer from may relate to:

>micro organism into adaptive protein
>adaptive protein that regulates
(like inhibition of "sap stream" by cell that become "rubbery"?)

Basically a cell regulator that inhibits exchange of a particular signal ?

But fibers are variant, a new cell line that will result from random recombination "like plant cell that think they are insect cell"

You need to run many test to be conclusive about this type presumption

See the Monteiro photographs and the "fibers" in the wing.

And than think about a leaf in the forest and a butterfly that mimmics.

Like an invisible tank in the desert?
a yet in the sky?
or a medicine that changes property, dose or shape?
quorum sensing is cell density related
(single cell micro organisms that start to act multi cellular if momentum is created)

quorum sensing is mediated by chemical signal (insect/ ferromone like)
This could mean that odor (bacterial signal related) turns on quorum sensing.

Like a butterfly bug in relation to love, competitor or flower! : News : Structure of Key Protein that Enables ...
Structure of Key Protein that Enables Quorum-Sensing Bacteria to Communicate ...
from entomologists because they believe that insect-like chemical signaling ... cgi-bin/biofilmsonline/00109.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
QUORUM SENSING: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria - Annual ...
Quorum sensing: a process of cell-cell communication in bacteria ... Multilevel
selection and social evolution of insect societies. ... full/10.1146/annurev.cellbio.21.012704.131001 - Similar pages

You can not discuss laboratory results before multiple test are run.
Because this target represents a multi cellular like entity
the process - and its interaction- is complex.
Answers are research budget depending.
This includes much time.

The best support you can give is to send the link out to international message boards.
A Spanish introduction would be welcome and not to forget all other languages.

As soon as the matter will get more attention the Institutes will go after it.
In fact they already do.
So, be ingenious.

Reference: cyanobacterium/ blue green algae/ cystic fibrosis

[PDF] Georg Nagel The cystic fibrosis chloride channel Channelrhodopsins
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
hereditary disease Cystic Fibrosis (“Mukoviszidose”). We express ... Channelrhodopsins:
Green algae were postulated to contain micro- ... - Similar pages

search term: pheromone/ quorum sensing and not "ferromone"

Page 44:
The video footage shows a perfect culture...
This is example of what can be observed!

About 180 culture of one and the same virulent strain.
Departure was from giant cell (also in the video)

Multi lineage differentiation relates to " observed expression"
Much culture has been like " a variable" or "variation on a theme!"

Some expression has been less frequent or rare,
like the "perfect" fly,
the butterfly,
the bird like and mammal like reject.

Hence more frequent to observe was a multitude attempts
(random recombination)
Sometimes recombination did result in a novel like cell line.


If I say " imagine to enter the house(...)
You probably imagine to enter the house trough the front or back door.

Fact is that "multi lineage differentiation" also will let you enter the house trough the chimney or even trough the wall(...)

And instruction like "to enter" also seems to include "to depart"
or more(...)

Like a courier that will deliver a message and take back the answer while waiting to receive order!

Maybe better to call this property interaction.

During a process of random recombination all possible and/ or stable connections may become fact, but fact in relation to its environment.

What you look for is constancy

Despite random recombination dominant axis are present.
This is because all combination is based on a final set input and preference.

If random (re) combination occurs, than also perfect reject must occur,
to know combination that resembles or constitutes initial input.

What can be cultured is not exactly what happens in the body because here the pathogen confronts the immune system
(a hostile environment)

Constancy in this particular respect is that what is stable thus
what survives the immune system or what interacts with
"native" cell (host pathogen interaction)

Do "native" cell mutate and become less communicative or foreign to the body?

I think most is about microbial resistance, cell (signal) inhibition and/or cell adhesion and/ or cell rupture(lysis like) caused by the presence and/ or accumulation of foreign (adaptive) protein.

Like a cube (a micro organism)
of sugar (its protein make up)
that has dispersed into a cup of coffee! (your body)
and now represents the quality of the substance
(e.g your skin condition)

To identify is one, to determine is another thing.

Do not confuse fibers with skin lesions.

Fibers are variant,
a novel like cell line,
a cell line that shows semi autonomous behavior in the form of a multi cellular entity

All is about single cell quorum sensing made micro organisms that act as a multi cellular entity

As it seems a cure is simply not profitable.
Life long supressive therapy is the future.

To mention the facts is a single complaint towards many.
Basically industry is one.

Page 45:


As You may understand,
If Industry is one, You try to consult Industry about a fact (...)
You remember them about non disclosed topic towards the public.

Fact is that wide spread contamination has taken place and that a simple cure is not possible.

But all that does not kill can be mantained one way or the other.
This means spin of.

Researchers are part of the Industry and protocol is research depending.
Finally all represents policy since Industry depends on contracts.

If you would determine this triangle it would involve you as customer.

To solve is not profitable because you would have to mention the facts.
To regulate and mantain is profitable.

related matter

Pathogenic Microbes and Infectious Diseases - ProMED
1986, Cyclospora cayatanensis, Parasite, Persistent diarrhea. 1988, Human
herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6), Virus, Roseola subitum ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages
I strongly advise to seek litigation with this matter.

A registered letter with mentioning the facts to know:
(that you are contaminated with a modified pathogenic and contagious micro organism)
and that You demand intervention.

It will be the first step in having something on paper and to prove incompetence and liability in the near future.
[i] Nearly all emergent disease incidences of the past ten years have
involved zoonotic agents (Murphy 2002: 2). Many different
determinants contribute to the emergence of zoonotic disease
agents and rarely do they act alone.


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Post by J Jill » Tue Feb 07, 2006 9:51 pm


I don't think the board will be shut down over Randy emailing the doctor.
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Post by London » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:49 pm

Dear Gimmeabreak,

Right you are! I am just returning home from work or I would have done it sooner. In fact, I wanted to apologize before I left for work this a.m. but did not have the time to do so.

Plus, Gimmeabreak, you not only crack me up with your post, you also
are to be commended for signing your name. I always have liked
you -even when you are so mean. :)

To all: (nearly all) and to especially Befour:

" I sincerely apologize for the harsh, abrasive
language I chose to use in my post to beefo-

I have no excuse to offer except my ignorance of not reading the
forum rules. I guess I got used to some other ( European)
based boards where the rules are more lenient.

Thank you also to Lynn for seeing the hand I was dealt.
You have a good eye and I'm glad you came back.

Once again, my sincere apologies for the choice of words.


PS: To Gimmeabreak,

I beg to differ with your opinion as to write the L.B. Forum.
I did not write nor use ugly language on that forum, thus
I do not see the relavence. Maybe you could point some out
for me.

PSS: YYZ, I think you summed it up best again and may take your painting advice. You said" We are only going around in circles" and
I think you may be right. Heck, what's the use anyway? Say, there was this hidden document that one of us might stumble upon, describing our illness and a patent to go with it, Well, what can we do with that anyway?

It's just a sad, sad, situation. I know my words didn't help anything anyway, but boy it sure did feel good. I was not going to take her ridiculous charges. But, again, I should have choosen better language.

Good luck to those still searching.

OH Yeah....Lynne,
The two biospies I recieved back today.....

1. Was folliculitis

2. Unknown- ( Dr. said the swelling of my shins probably caused the
lesion) yeah right!
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really now

Post by RANDY » Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:11 pm


I PM's the doc and asked if he could tell us what Tam told him about OUR disease. Not just some should get the correct info if given. are going way off on a tangent. BE real here.

The girl doth protest too much.



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Post by RANDY » Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:19 pm

Also Cilla..we live in America where you can say your thoughts without worrying about retribution. YOu are acting like a Republican..only teasin those that like Bush. The man did not answer my questions therefore he is RUDE. Plain an dsimple. I am not scared of my shadow and I speak the truth. He could have said, "I have received your inquiry and at thsi point in time I prefer to keep the information given by Tam between us." But he did not. He is RUDE. G_D complex like so many plastic surgeons. I come from a family of Doctors ( Cardiologists) They really do think they are better than others. Just not true. They need to learn manners.

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Post by London » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:14 am

Have a good evening all. Would like to leave you with this following
document. I may have posted it before, but I'm not for sure or not. It
is marked in my bookmarks as 12-22-05. thus I have no idea why/ or what brought me to it. sorry


Human T-lymphotropic virus 1

Adult T Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Virus I; Human T Cell Leukemia Virus I; Leukemia Lymphoma Virus I, Adult T Cell; Leukemia Virus I, Human T Cell; T Cell Leukemia Virus I, Human; Human T lymphotropic virus 1

A strain of PRIMATE T-LYMPHOTROPIC VIRUS 1 isolated from mature T4 cells in patients with T-lymphoproliferation malignancies. It causes adult T-cell leukemia (LEUKEMIA-LYMPHOMA, T-CELL, ACUTE, HTLV-I-ASSOCIATED), T-cell lymphoma (LYMPHOMA, T-CELL), and is involved in mycosis fungoides, SEZARY SYNDROME and tropical spastic paraparesis (PARAPARESIS, TROPICAL SPASTIC).

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Post by London » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:41 am

randy and all, I mentioned this a while back. I;m going to find that post right now and hopefully will return with it.

What's odd , was I remeber it having to do with something where
Dr. Marin wrote those ( or whomever wrote/posted) Dr. Martins articles.....( I think on page 14 maybe?) I thought it was weird too.

No one ever got back with me on this though.


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May be relevant- maybe not. Interesting news articles

Post by London » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:03 am

Here’s something I thought was interesting:

Feb 14, 05: Exotic: The little fire ant, a native of South America, has been spreading since it was first discovered in Hawaiian Paradise Park in 1999, state agriculture officials said. The tiny light-brown ant is no bigger in length than the *edge of a penny, but it can pack a painful punch —-fire ant stings cause immediate dime-sized red welts on the skin that last at least several days followed by intense itching. While commercial pesticides are available to fight fire ants, they can't be used in an orchard bearing edible fruit. It may have been brought to Hawaii from southern Florida, where they're common.
. . The World Conservation Union, calls it "the greatest ant species threat in the Pacific." In the Galapagos Islands, they reportedly eat the hatchlings of tortoises and attack the eyes of adult tortoises. They wipe out other ant species and ground bugs in the area they colonize.

And …..

Mar 15, 05: U.S. animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for a worldwide boycott of Australian wool over mulesing, where folds of skin are cut away from a lamb's backside so that a bald area develops. This prevents the potentially fatal flystrike, where maggots hatch and burrow into the skin. Accumulations of urine and faeces in wool attract blowflies, leading to flystrike.
. . But hope for an alternative to the painful and controversial practice has arisen after the discovery of sheep with naturally wool-free behinds at the Calcookara Stud farm on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. "Contamination of the wool has been a large problem, so if we can breed this trait successfully it would stop the urine staining of wool. It will stop the flies and the need for mulesing."
. . Scientists from the University of Adelaide and the AWI used sperm and eggs from the Smiths' "bare-bum" sheep to create embryos from which the first batch of lambs were born in early march.


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Post by a1 » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:13 am

Hi Randy

It's Ukguy (Posting as 'a1').

Now click on my 'posts' on the left and you'll see that I, like C3,
have disappeared also. There is no trickery going on here.

The board software searches (in the background) for posts by 'a1'
BUT the software does not allow searches of this type for two
characters or less > hence you get no results ;)


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