The Fiber Disease

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J Jill
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Post by J Jill » Sun Feb 05, 2006 4:03 pm

Skytroll wrote:J Jill,

This thing on my arm, has lasted for over 4 months and seemed to travel from middle of forearm and down to wrist. where it has stopped now, and I have a white area slowly drying up, but left some awful scars.

This prototheca seems to be so involved.

Did your friend die from myrocardial infarction?

His Death Certificate stated myocardial infarction- but he had been working in his garden and mentioned no pain- much less heart- that morning. He laid down on his bed - awaiting the shower to be free- and was found dead- hands behind head- supporting his head w/elbows bent. Kinda natural looking pose-relaxed. No major pain that would be evident in a typical heart attack situation.

No history of heart problems, BTW. It was strange to say the least.

Sorry to read about your arm.

I can't quite fathom the T cruzi/Chagas involvement as yet. If we lived in the southern states it would be more likely. We don't even have Fireants in my area much less headless/mutant fireants.

I will say that he did travel to Florida for numerous vacations in the time frame during and prior to the onset of his chronic sinus problems. That could be where he picked up something more?
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Post by befour » Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:10 pm

Do any of you remember the silly poem that we used to say when we were children?........

It went like this.....


Does anyone know where this originated? It sure did give me the creeps when I realized that it is precisely what is happening to me, except for the toes.

Well, "ring around the rosey" was supposed to be in reference to the black plague, wasn't it?

It just keeps getting weirder by the minute!!!


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befour poems

Post by skipbait » Mon Feb 06, 2006 12:19 am


This is almost exactly what I am experiencing also, except the toes.
With the addition of scalp irritations. And my left pinky is tingly.
I feel a bit of pain in the heart area some times which I think is
causing the tingling pinky. Recently my sinus area feels infected,
and I am having minor sinus headaches.

You guys are scaring the crap out of me!

Edit: here's a full version I believe... ... awl_In.txt

and a handy page for laymen like myself:
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Post by carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:27 am

This is Carrie from over at Morgellons.

Skytroll...I just read a post you wrote to some one saying help us find what this, you want help to find what this is may I ask...where are you looking and how are you looking for it?

Cliff...not to question your intelligence, I have read a few of your writings and have been impressed with how articulately written they are. I have yet to read your interpretation of the "Callus Fluke" because I have yet to locate any documented medical literature on this specific fluke in which you speak. It seems to me that this fluke that is being sought out is a fluke that has already been identified.

Please fill me in if I am missing something because I'm not getting any help with these questions over at Morgellons.

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Post by carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:28 am

Does this look familiar to anyone suffering from the "Fiber Disease?" Obviously you'd have to have a microscope as well as be familiar with the disease to make any correlation. Does this look like it could be our fibers just filled with black specks? Sporocyst could be our specks...our black dots...our fibers are just now fibers with the sporocysts disseminated? Am I reaching or is it possible? ... g0087e.jpg

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:58 am

So London...what does that mean to you? ... e.htm#skin
Click on Liver and then down to Fasciola hepatica...several fluke share the same life cycle so they would also have the Sporocyct with Redia.
Our skin fiber disease could be an ectopic disease for Fasciola hepatica...perhaps this could contribute to the difficulty in getting any diagnosis as well as not being recognized here in the states as well as you too UKGuy...endemic mainly to the Far East and SE Asia...strange enough...our livestock in the states is very well known to be infected with them!?

The disease in animals here is called "Liver-Rot Disease."
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Post by carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:27 am

I don't have many topical skin issues anymore except the tracks these flukes have left in bedded in my skin. I'm desperately searching for a name...I've been dealing with this for far too son is very sick and I'm scared to death to loose him to this disease.

I've had every thing from the huge gapping skin lesions...fibers...itch...tingle...I am a Morgellons but I just recently joined the site...I started on the NUSPA...but have been solo. Black specks have been a trigger for my disease as well as the fibers.

No disrespect me...I just want to put a name to this fluke so we can get help from the which they are the only one's who have access the the DOC for Fasciola Hepatica which is Bithionol.

From my understanding it doesn't show in any tests because this is not a highly recognized disease...I will have to do a little research on that and I will post what I find! I did just a couple days ago get a full GI panel ordered...I'll be back...let me check a couple things.

They do radiographs of the liver to check for Fascioliasis...they exhibit tractlike small abscesses and subcapsular lesions...somewhat like I've noted on my skin! Remember, the skin for this disease is an ectopic site.

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Post by London » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:46 am




Just now seeing your post. Am going to check out your hyperlink and will get back in touch.


PS: A dermatologist that's also specialized in Connective Tissue Disorders

did a Biopsy(sp?) on two lesions last Monday. I will get the results
back this coming Tue. afternoon.

Going to check your posting now.

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Post by London » Mon Feb 06, 2006 3:19 am

Dear Carrie,

I checked the Liver fluke out. I must admit that only the photo
you posted- the 2nd sporocyst. looked anything like it.

and, I would like to add: I have only seen this one time! It was about a week ago. There was this black hair in y kitchen sink. I removed it with tweezers and put it under a 200x scope. Upon viewing, I said to
self " This looks like a hair that was black and some of the color had
chipped off or something."

Now you posted the photo of it. But If indeed this was the very same sporocyst you posted photo of, well I have certainly not seen it throuougt it;s earlier stages.

Confusing it is. B/C the photo of the stage sporocyst was right on.

Here's what I'm thinking/studying: Dipetalonema reconditum

It is the worm caused from the flea. Why? A year and half ago

I was house-hunting and apparently the seller that have moved out

had dogs. When I got in my car and drove home I had severe itching.

All in the leg of my jeans- up to the stomach. Results: I counted 22

flea bites on me.


Carrie, I don't know where ( what page of this forum) but a couple of weeks back I posted to tamtam ( i think) a name. The name was
something that dogs get. I believe it ended in the word bell. He never replied to it though, so I just kind of blew it off. I guess, I can go back and check my old post out. I do not know how far of the old postings of this forum you have gone through. I will tell you this. I have posted numerous things that TamTam either ignored or said no to. ONLY to have him come back a month later and have him say that this is what you are infected with.( I'm referring to the same thing I had researched then posted about.)

Could it be that he had to wait till some big meeting was over and then itwas okay to give answer?

Could it be this new internet library where one can "BLAST" various diseases?

Here's what else I think. I think biologist are crafting libraries of interchangeable DNA parts and assembling them inside microbes to create programmable, living machines.

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Post by London » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:03 am

I'm thinking that the squares like in the photos we have

all seen on websites of chemtrails, are about "Tiles" that spontaneously assemble in a predetermined pattern.

I do not know enough about chemtrails to say a damn thing but I do know
how some photos show the formation of four squares. This is all I'm referring to.

I've also seen photos taken of various different objects that were
in a square formation. I said to self what the heck? What's the
symbolic meaning behind this?

I'm thinking now it is "tiles" DNA molecules. Why? B/C it has the ability to assemble itself into docking sites that can direct the assembly of circuits for processing or DATA STORAGE. This
now would fall into the "scaffolding" effect which has ability to self-assemble up to a 1000X as densley as the best pipeline.


Carrie, I do not know if you will see this or not, but I hope so. I have not and probably will not post this on the LBusters board.

In fact I have not gone gone there in a couple of days now. I saw where you wrote you were new there too. I think you will find a lot of helpful info there, but you will also find a lot of babies and complainers.
For example, the above I just wrote about has to do with computers
or you could say it falls into the communications industry.

Well on at least two occasions I wrote about that. How I believed this was going to fall in to this area > Computers and comunications.

Here's what I got back.....

1. Someone wrote back and said what she thought the new internet thing was called. Adding a smart-elick remark like..." But London
what has this got to do with it?" in a rude way.

2. The next time or either the last time I wrote about it ( which was
about two to three weeks ago. Someone wrote (at leat this person
was nice about it) but they wrote under my post and asked that I remove it and to please post it under a different category. I agreed to their wishes and added that maybe morgellons will also fall under this category.

Now it looks to me as though I was right/ that this is now all
about the computer industry.

Anyway, Good luck with what ever and wherever you decide to post. I hope you will surely come back and keep us informed.

This scaffolding they can now do on a preesisting computer chip AND can assemble nanocomponents on top of that. These can hold an electrical charge or a magnetic field.
And this has nothing to do with morgellons or computers they say??

And something else I said was this was also going to be about microbial fuel cells and the quest for cheap, abundant energy. That I thought the government was looking for a way to produce massive abounts of super strong hydrogen. Funny, how Cliff now (along with the Dr.) has now stated that it does either consist of ( or responds to Hydrogen).

And for those who doubt me or want to write me and say London, uh, you look kooky saying this/ you're all over the place....well I say to you to test it. The next time you remove a skin flake
or whatever from your body to view it throught the scope, well put some
hydrogen peroxide on it. Watch it bubble and nearly be eaten away. But- it usually does not completely go way, at least not for good.

Like I said man, Like I said.



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Post by Linn » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:20 am

keeping my fingers crossed about your biopsy.

you may be on to something
I had said way back at the beginning of this thread that I believe this organism /bacteria what have you is carried by an insect, so we need to find the carrier/s like mosquto is to malaria and the tick is to lymes etc..
wasnt there some questionaire about that?
My dog got fleas before this started and the squirrls around here are infested! and they were hard to get rid of. I was all bitten up by them too.
How many people posting here had fleas before or about the time of the onset of symptoms? But that doesnt explain the day by the pond when I first felt my first pinch of this demon critter, 6 years ago.
but then again is it another "can of worms" we are opening?
Lynne :D
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Post by Skytroll » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:58 am


Is the first phote from you? Off your skin?

That is not a fluke. That is a mansonnella or an
oncho worm, or bancrofti.

I will find links to microfilaria.

W. Bancrofti.... ... EC041.html

On this link that one appears to look like the top two.

Browse these, enlarge them. If that is from you, you may have one of these.

I have been digging for what this is for over 10 years. First I started with books then watch them change on information on internet.

So, I have been around with this and have so much information on this.

I feel so bad for you and if I can do anything to help . Let me know.



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