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Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Fri Jan 12, 2007 4:55 pm

It now comes time to advise everyone of a critically important matter. We have a tremendous number of hits on this thread on a daily basis. I don’t know if that is because this topic is a hot topic, or if the scammers have been directing people to this site through links, and other threads.

One thing that I am thoroughly convinced of at this point is that we are dealing with internet scammers. They are typically stinking freaks who really don’t want to make much of an effort in life beyond sitting at a keyboard all day scamming people. They often employ small networks of druggies and other assorted low lifes to post all day and direct traffic to their sites by providing testimonials all over the internet about some great product or discovery.

The government already knows exactly who these people are, but have better things to do than bust people for difficult to prosecute crimes. They feel that you should be smart enough not to fall for fantastic deals and claims on the internet.

Here is the important part. Although the majority of the ones working for such an operation are ignorant trash, the heads of the operation are typically intelligent people. These people want to tag my ass badly. What they don’t seem to realize is that I belong to a brother and sisterhood of people who are well trained to sever spinal columns with a bayonette, and who may have already identified them. Hypothetically speaking of course.

One method that they use to tag their marks (you), and people of great interest (me,) are spyware inserts such as key stroke loggers. Such spyware will report back to them upon interval vast amounts of personal information such as when you went to your online banking account last, and what your login and password was.

It’s a shame, but I have to advise everyone at this time not to click on ANY links other than the ones that are posted by Randy. Even then, make sure that Randy’s alias is spelled RANDY in all caps, with no punctuation. Mimicking peoples aliases is also one of the oldest tricks in the cyber-book. Even a link to a banner ad can contain a spyware module. My suggestion to anyone who has been clicking on links at this thread, is that they use some very good spyware removal software, or reload their machine from scratch.

Because I have a little experience in this field, I can tell you that you can expect some of the scammers to submit a post claiming, "I spent $75 dollars on spyware software and didn't find anything." Because I don't want them to be able to lead you to believe that I am selling spyware, I refuse to recommend any particular brand or source. My reference in an earlier post to was submitted before I realized thatI may have to submit this post. My present recommendation is that you actually not purchase your software there because most of it is developmental. Just be aware of what the scammers are now going to do.

That’s just my best advise for everyone, take it or leave it.

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:07 pm


Be careful of this site. Whenever you sign in, watch what the computer does. Be aware of how the margins increase and decrease on various pages. I tell you it is a trap. They are all guilty and are cutting each other down to get each other off the hook. Plane and simple. Just like they did re: Mary from Morgellons research quackdation. Bullshit if they are not all liars. Perfect example, you know how the bloggers all make fun of lymebusters and the post their right? Well, then how come that Kerry and Pattie NASH, NASH, NASH, NASH, NASH let Michael and the blogging crew come on to retrieve stuff from their site? Hell they banned me, why not them????? And not one person, not a gd one, could produce any document showing that Mary contrary stole any money.

And Chas???? A total lying, star wars cross-dressing Phool and his wife is either a dumb idiot or just brainwashed. Perhaps even not sick.???Someone told me Cliff was not posting much any more? If that is true, that is good news, don't take that the wrong way- I like the man and love his writings but am only pointing out the fact that he is smart enough to know when to quit and get out of the mess.

okay, Continental electronics in east dallas, attn to undercover FBI might be snoopping around, don't be alarmed......

and to piggy back on someones comment on drug usage last page i believe......that does not give anyone the right to do this to do this to us....go to hell mutha fockers-go to hell. You know, you suck rocks.....the computers should be called what they are....the teminus teminal.....

and Maggie, one other thing to prove they are feigning a fight.....Randy saying tam is fake and he is Daniel Van
Eden....she has been pushing this since day one......

TamTam is Joss Wheddon and I know who he is friends with!!!

Now re: Frank, I really like.////don't have a clue what they are arguing about b/c i did not get to read the prior post here but damn if he is not in there with them.....why won't you explain the chaos theory frank??? Look, i do not know what that hyperlink was that was posted earlier re: Frankenstein b/c it would not open from the computer I am using here. But, althought he is nice and def. the most respectful of all....i'm still not sure about I said, I think they are all guilty. Maggie, the other day when I was looking at the chaos theory, etc,. I fell upon an answer that said" Let's ask Dr Frankenstein!" Dunno, may be nothing, but think there is something strange going on here.....

Next, if the lesions keep coming on me, I swear to God that I'm gonna rip OSU a new you know what....nasa too! and Maggie, guess who put the Free-arse voip system in OSU??? Why it was Lucent Labs.......

Who sucks the most: Lucent, Bell or AT&T?
Answer: Tie

check this out would you........

And Frank, sorry, I hope you prove me wrong, I really do!! ... =astronomy

Yeah, that is one place my loved ones will def look for me if I go suddenly missing!!! The other one is in Ireland where they have this annual arts festival.....I think it is Gaylan Ireland-something like that anyway......this is where Joss Wheddon come into play./......him and his dracula babies.....

there, that is a place they hold the poor girls that are deaf and can't speak......they put them out in these octagon shaped barnes(forgot the name) This is where they have Jurvetsons favorite clone.....the gorrilla named silverback......Right Stevie???

Hey, how is the Moth lady and her 23rd Porhyrin ring doing man??? All that um um......

and GE, why don't you let everyone in on the mines over there in Ireland....those silver ones you dumbarses!!!!

now take your focking fibers lasers off of me.....

Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:24 pm

London, you are a delight and a treasure dear. The bio-online site is a clean honest site. They make their cash on the banner adds that you see on the left of your screen. I really can’t comment upon anything else that you have posted.

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Post by Sabrina » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:28 pm

Frank N Stein wrote: This is what separates the schitt that you have been fed here for so long from the shinola of sound scientific methodology that Randy is offering.
:shock: :shock: :shock:

Hold that thought!


Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:49 pm

Video streams are especially dangerous. They contain vast amounts of code.

Did anyone notice on the silentsuperbug site that Sabrina has posted in her tag line displays a streaming marquis that lists the domains of all of the sites that have visited there? Is the light coming on?

London, I would love to know where you get all of your info. I assure you that I don't get mine from Randy.

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Post by Deena » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:20 pm

This site gets heavy traffic because it is the forum/site that has hit closest on what it is and, ok...what it is not, if you must.
This site is heavily monitored because the creators must stay one step ahead. Similar to as when somebody gets "close to home" on "what it is", or a mere portion of "what it is", CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS see it as their cue to come in and HEAVILY DISTRACT in any way shape or form that they can.
I recall a post from someone awhile back, who had created a new fiber/morgelon website. The heavy hitters on his site, he listed. He wanted any info. as to why all these "BigWigs" were visiting on a daily basis. WADDUNO, I just stumbled onto that list. Hey South. Here it is:

~US Sergent at arms
~Dept of Defense Network info. Center (this is the upper network of the us government and pentagon. bush, cheney, rumsfeld and the like)
~The ATDIV> (Los alamos nuclear labs advanced tech division)
~MacDonnell Douglas and Boeing research Div.
~IHS (the indian health services)
~The Virginia Supreme Court
~San Diego US Air Force
~SITA (France Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
~University of Texas - Pan American
~San Diego State University
~Millville Rescue Squad
~Battelle Corp.
~University of Georgia
~Northrup Grummond
~University of Ca.

Sheesh~That was back in August. I can image how this list has grown.

AFTER A 700.00 UPGRADE AND ROUTER BOX, I FOUND THAT IT IS THIS SITE THAT THROWS UP MY POP UP BLOCKER. And I choose to carry on, anyways. They already have their old program installed on my new computer anyways.

Thanks for the advice, Frank, but I'm sure most of us have learned long ago how to wipe our ass, with all due respect.
But I'll give u a little credit. U and Randy work well together. You two married?

And Frank, I really do not wish to be next in the ring but I must say that it is very hypocritical to advise (and against forum rules) people to only click on Randy's links, after the way u treated Tam and this dictates what you accused HIM of.....Ummmm, like dontcha think?

U gonna answer my previous :?: , or not?

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:35 pm


I swear on my Father's grave......just clairevoyance and determination on research techniques. I have not a soul that has told me one bit of info.
I also pay close attention to sites' hyperlinks....also, if a google will not open to anything, I simply google what the synopsis said under it.

Oh hell, look at this....could this be one of the diseases that is expected of us???? Look dumdums, it is not just killers gave it to us.....and yes, hell yes, if they kill me then everyone will know just who did it.......Now.....Nasa, NSF, the NIH are only responsible for just so much.....then you have the Raelians Cult who believe they are from outerspace....hell, maybe they are.....then when they all grow up they go to Standford!!!!


The hell it's not the Australian Synchroton (sp?)!!!!! and this is not just photons, it's photonic fusion......

They do not want us to take the fibers out of us....say it is supposed to keep us warm in space......hell, I'nm starting to believe that space might just be the space inside our times I do not believe that man has ever gone to the moon.....all a big fake story......water on mars....oh bullshit! Those stories and photos were nothing more than graphic artist at work......huh Sony?????

Here is wilsons disease ... lliams.htm

Frank, you are kind, thanks for the nice words....why is everyone mad at you?? I honestly do not know.....I will go back and read it eventually-my time is limited on the computer....the public computer.....

Deena!! Hi you! Hey, I think it was you Or MSC that posted about the fact that if one was doing anything they should not be doing...or if one repents and quits doing what they should not be doing, then this all stops....can you or anyone please explain or elaborate on this??? Thanks if so.......

Also, Maggie, the loud trucks and sirens is just another ploy to ruin your need to get someone to watch your house 24-7!!! You can't rely on your own hidden camera b/c they can see where you hide it...

and oh my gosh.......just love this stupid-arse new thought of lie.....
they say now that one of the symptoms of schitzophrenia is thinking that you are being stupid idiots...that never was a symptom before 2006 when you came out with more disinformation!!! ... lliams.htm

oh cool site here below.....Make sure you scroll 1/2 down to see the brain made from colored yarn!!!

wazuP kRISTEN?????? ... gle+Search
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Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:49 pm


Sergeant is spelled S E R G E A N T. I know that you stinking freaks are usually quite stoned, but as a former NCO, I would appreciate it if you would spell it correctly when you attempt to scare the dupes with big frightening ominous organizations and characters.

The dupes are thinning out aren't they Deena.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:53 pm

Mind over Matter: ... tnG=Search

Look what London found: why it's light emitting transitors.....flashlights my arse.....!

Hey Frank, would your name be Ben by any chance?

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Post by RANDY » Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:00 pm

Frank..don't tell your wife we are married OK? It might make her mad.

Frank. if you want to get a huge for oh what was her moniker.....Cila I think it was. She was the first Tam backup moniker. If you review Tam he could bearly talk English and now he sounds like a valley guy and this Cilla..same thing.

Most have anit-semite undertones to what they say as a general rule.

If you check out South; site it states where Tam is going to see the CDC copy located in Eurpoe and that they know about him. Do a phone call..they have no idea who he is and never spoke with them.
That entire thing on the site is total BULL.

It is all so amazes me how they have everyone fooled and all you have to do is pick up a phone and make a call to find out how it is all a scam.

Oh well.....if you are getting high all day long...I guess getting up to reach the phone is a long stretch and then calling Europe would cut down on your drug purchase money.

Anyways..back to work.....

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:07 pm


Explain about your comment about being married. Is that what is in the links?????

I can't go to any of the links yet because I am connected through a corporate network today. My machine is protected, but I can't chance pulling something nasty through their network.

They can't spell Sergeant, but I;ll bet they can spell D E S P E R A T I O N.

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:10 pm

Randy, judt wondering, how can you tell that people are getting high all day?

Frank, okay, maybe your not Ben Stein, I apologize and was just curious....but here is something that Ben Stein wrote:

and I will be back with a whole page of Ben Stein in a jiffy!

here you go: ... gle+Search

and you guys don't forget this:

This is a significant step forward for the scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and at the Sony Materials Science Laboratory. In developing this process, they have succeeded, for the first time, in pairing up photons from normal light, thus altering the wavelength. They used two substances in solution, platinum octaethyl porphyrin and diphenylan-thracene, which converted the longwave green light from a normal light source into shortwave blue light. Similar to the process in laser light, this also pairs up photons, but in a different way.

When a molecule is manipulated by laser light to take up two photons, which is only probable if it is literally bombarded with a laser beam of photons, the molecules in this case only receive one photon. Two photon partners are brought together between the molecules via a different mechanism called triplet-triplet annihilation. By selecting different, corresponding "matchmaker" molecules, it is possible to combine the energy from photons from the entire sunlight spectrum.


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