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Post by tamtam » Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:45 pm

////////////////////copy forward////////////////////
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Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:12 pm

So how is business Scam Scam?


Post by yourmother » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:16 pm

So Frandy,

How do you make your determination that it is time to put up or shut up.

You do not have to believe him. You do have to respect this board.

Nice try, Ranky Steinskul 8)

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Death Adder
Death Adder
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Post by standby » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:37 pm

Frank N Stein wrote:You know it seems very odd to me that several different aliases claim to have saved information regarding Randy that go back "several years". I would be hard pressed to find ANY friend or associate who has archived ANY information from ANY matter of correspondence that far back.

Wow Randy, you really must present some kind of threat to someone. I'm wondering what kind of threat could you pose to anyone by offering your name, phone number, and honest description of the organized efforts that you are making to resolve this medical mystery and bring relief to the suffering, that they would keep data on you for so long.

HMMMMMMM :shock:


The perceived 'threat' you speak of (from Randy's standpoint) articulated to you has nothing to do with organized efforts to resolve this medical mystery as you so eliquently put it. In other words, it is not about competition.

Being that you indicated that you yourself were involved with the inseption of the internet, you would be the authority on the applicability of the phone line and the internet. Need I say more?

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Death Adder
Death Adder
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Post by standby » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:48 pm

Frank N Stein wrote:
standby wrote:Frank,

I agree with the others here. TamTam has not asked for a penny from anyone nor do I think he ever would. He has only advised in a way he thought was best. I also do not believe he is posting here under different aliases. It is evident he has made some effort to communicate more clearly to those who speak a different lanquage than he. I am not surprised that you found an IP connection between Tam and the the site you speak of. They have been in close communication. The owner of that site even came out and stated he would help distribute information for Tam even communicate for him when neccesary. With all do respect it may be good if you rethink your approach to TamTam. You may very well have become another victim of someone elses misperceptions.

I agree 100 % with your quote below. Activisim occurs on the level indicated as we speak. Thank you for your sincere contributions and salutations. They are appreciated.

"Once again folks, the short term solution lies within yourself in that you improve your health to its peak level. The long term solution lies in working with legitimate activist organizations and physicians, then lobbying your elected representatives for assistance."

I wish each of you peace, prosperity, health and the only true treasure which lies within the spirit.

There are no misconceptions here standby, and no quarter. Scam's gig is up. It's time to put up or shut up. Randy acknowledges that she gets about four calls per week for assistance even though many of you have made every attempt to discredit her. Scam Scam is probably getting more at his California hosted web site. His original site sold common astringent products that is well known to dry up the lesions, and can be purchased in a drug store. There are certain authorities who can determine if anything is being sold or traded behind his present site. Take my word for it.

I think there is a failure to communicate here. TamTam and the originator of the site you speak of ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. Your IP connection in no way proves that. It does prove a connection but not what you are attemting to imply. Just because the two are working in conjunction for the cause in a way you deem unfit does not make TAM a scam artist. It would be unfair to declare guilt by association would it not?

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Post by ppy1818 » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:48 pm


actually my name is kelly pickens. i live in atlanta ga , within spittin distance of the cdc :D . i have no problem with putting my personal info out should you like to verify my identity. i am a 37 yr old white female, born and bred southern girl, but definately no southern belle. i have been in the military and have been involved in security for a very wealthy southern cable magnate in the past. the last few yrs i have worked with children , they are my passion , as i have none of my own. currently i have been forced to take a break because of this damned disease. i am very afraid of it's possible contagious aspects ,and would never want to infect a child. you can contact me at your leisure at (404)936-3654. this is my cell phone #. i prefer that no contact be made thru my home # because i have a roommate who i would like to keep out of the fray. however, in case captain frank n berry wants to imply that i obtained this cell phone just for this cause and am secretly a foreign spy trying to sell state secrets, or whatever....... :roll: my home # is (404)321-0447. again randy.... try to maintain your military bearing. you are shooting yourself in the foot.

colonel clink.... ooops, i mean captain frank n berry

you are hearby stripped of your rank and reduced to buck private. you are confined to quarters except when preforming duties. your new orders are to follow previous order to read entire thread. further you are ordered to back up any further claims against tam tam with solid evidence, ie other names he is posting under...etc. it amuses me that randy is coming up with some of the same conclusions that tam tam has, yet does not acknowledge this fact. quite frankly :P , as an edeucated adult, i feel capable of deciding who is helping this mission and who is in it for the money. don't need your acusations and sarcasam adding to the confusion on this board. i repeat ,back all claims with valid proof. you, my friend ,are beginning to sound a bit like randy. we need people working on many fronts. do what you can do. fight the good fight. please stick to helping find the answers not engaging in personal attacks. it is hard for me to envision that people would try to keep us from getting the help we need by posting disinformation on this thread. yes, i am sure it is happening, but i am giving you the benefit of the doubt here. be constructive! the next step is to court martial, private. get yourself squared away and join the fight. if not....... you are dismissed

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Post by Barz » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:11 pm

Tam Tam:

The link regarding Valley Fever was great. Everyone please take a look at that link:


Post by ukguy » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:22 pm

Frank :)

You're not listening.

Hey, you've amazed us with your l33t 'net skillz tracing back to a US hosting company. WOWEEE!!!!

Omg...obviously someone to be wary of I think....not.

You COULDN'T expose the IP's of anyone else here because you
wouldn't have the faintest clue how to achieve that end. You're
out if your depth. Anyone with the ability to do so would never
advertise the fact. That's a no brainer Frank.

Those very same skills will no doubt be used to expose TamTam's
real identity and agenda very soon.

We're waiting while you're scratching your head.

Now then.

Don't think I'm flying the TamTam flag here Frank.

Lots of things don't add up for me. If this IS a highly modified pathogen
intended for use on the battlefield then you would imagine the effects
would be more devastating and immediate. I have all the symptoms you
care to name but no lesions. My symptoms have remained on a similar
level for some years now. So while alot of what TT says rings true to me,
there are many questions that remain unanswered.

I suggest you start at the beginning Frank and read TT's posts.
I'm not asking you to become a f*cking sheep. Clear your mind and
give it a chance.

I'm the most skeptical f***er in the world but alot of what he says
rings true and he has not tried to sell anything - he never will.

TamTam is an unknown quantity to you until you do your homework.
And as for those 'Net skills....I'd opt for another subject you know you
will excel at....DRAMA?

I've no doubt you will not listen and respond with a lame threat.

But, dear...I don't give a damn.


Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:27 pm

It looks like I’ve become threat number one to the scammer of a thousand aliases. I consider that an honor.

Here’s a little more real world logic for those of you who are watching the show. A high traffic web site creates Mbytes of traffic across the web hosts gateway. A site such as Scam Scam’s that provides high bandwidth video streaming costs thousands of dollars per month. Now someone has to bill on that site folks. really doesn’t care so long as the bill gets paid. Neither Tam Tam, nor any of his thousand aliases have been able to shed any light on who he is, or who is paying the bills. Tam Tam has provided nothing here but a science fiction video presentation, and a whole lot of pseudo bio-babble.

standby wrote: I think there is a failure to communicate here.

No just a failure to buy into your BS. I think most people are probably seeing through it now.

standby wrote: TamTam and the originator of the site you speak of ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON.

Oh just because you say so right? OK prove it. All that the Tam Scammer has to do is step up just like Randy and say “ This is who I am, and this is what I’m doing. “ The Tam Scammer has been associated over the years with several versions of the same old “ I’m here to help you” scam sites. The last one had to shut down really quick because some people were not pleased with being sold high priced astringent. I must admit that the Tam Scam character is very creative and make for a fascinating read. Hey, if he keeps drawing the suckers, you may as well keep him alive right?


Post by ukguy » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:30 pm


Vivid imagination....BIG facts.

Do you have them Frank.....?

Give Frank a few minutes while he collects his facts.

His next post will be just wait....

Frank N Stein
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Post by Frank N Stein » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:32 pm

You're right about one thing UK. I'm not buying into any of your BS. At this point, anyone who can not see throught his entire charade is either a multiple alias, or quite FRANKly, not all that bright.


Post by ukguy » Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:34 pm


Please calm down.....and READ til you get a clue.

You're paddling in the Atlantic Frank.


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