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Post by London » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:38 pm

this is of course about making hydrogen, yeah right? think we have -plenty......i dunno, just dunno anymore....

Biological Filtration Limits Carbon Availability and Affects Downstream Biofilm Formation and Community Structure

Received 17 December 2005/ Accepted 24 May 2006

Carbon removal strategies have gained popularity in the mitigation of biofouling in water reuse processes, but current biofilm-monitoring practices based on organic-carbon concentrations may not provide an accurate representation of the in situ biofilm problem. This study evaluated a submerged microtiter plate assay for direct and rapid monitoring of biofilm formation by subjecting the plates to a continuous flow of either secondary effluent (SE) or biofilter-treated secondary effluent (BF). This method was very robust, based on a high correlation (R2 = 0.92) between the biomass (given by the A600 in the microtiter plate assay) and the biovolume (determined from independent biofilms developed on glass slides under identical conditions) measurements, and revealed that the biomasses in BF biofilms were consistently lower than those in SE biofilms. The influence of the organic-carbon content on the biofilm community composition and succession was further evaluated using molecular tools. Terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of 16S rRNA genes revealed a group of pioneer colonizers, possibly represented by Sphingomonadaceae and Caulobacter organisms, to be common in both SE and BF biofilms. However, differences in organic-carbon availabilities in the two water samples eventually led to the selection of distinct biofilm communities. Alphaproteobacterial populations were confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization to be enriched in SE biofilms, while Betaproteobacteria were dominant in BF biofilms. Cloning analyses further demonstrated that microorganisms adapted for survival under low-substrate conditions (e.g., Aquabacterium, Caulobacter, and Legionella) were preferentially selected in the BF biofilm, suggesting that carbon limitation strategies may not achieve adequate biofouling control in the long run.

i don't understand what we have going on w. japan, nor is it any of my business. but you see, they make it my business when i am infected with the japenes fungi.....

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Post by msc » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:41 pm

from msc

we can win by exposing them, by exposing them they are arrested and tried. no one has the right to play with anybody's life, nor alter their genetics, nor torture another person. was not what the sadam trial about.
our governments have to punish anyone involved with the torture and torment of human peoples, no matter how many involved and who the involvement is, you do wrong you pay. that is why it is important to document everything, get all your medical records in America under FOI Act you are entitled to your medical records, save your medical pamphlet,
review patents make sure you know all side effects make sure they are properly warned. make sure you know all corps involved with prescription
medicine, hoffman and roche and johnson and johnson and ortho mceill all on the top ten for corruption and falsifying reports on phartmaceutical
produts. not my saying stated by parker and waichman llp and other lawyers out and reports such as jonathan kaye's report on prof. albert kligman. one we know retinoids, whether you used this product or didn't or in any other type of product that has retinoids you must know that they
used retinoids and the gases they emit, in mind altering drugs such accutane, they use them for anti wrinkles they use them as herbicides in pest control these retinoids change dna to rna. retinoids are stereoisomers, it is time to wake up and stop them now, our children's lives and futures are at stake. look up every pesticides you have ever used look up their patents. we need to find a common hate to say it "thread" . every chemical used in patent 4877805 us toxic and harmfal to our skin and health, how did this get approved and their are millions in the past ten years who have purchased just this cream which is the second generation of retinoids, Retinal A was the first, tretinoin is third.
they used edgma (copolymer compouny acrylate) and causes chromosone damage, retinoids cause fetal abortions, if the baby lives it causes cleft palate, nose and mouth deformation, this product uses the cleft palate for its delivery system up the olfactory systems to the brain.
it uses electro static, it uses polyethylene, polymerization, it used light waves to manipulate it uses crystals and crystal communications, it uses ion beams, quotom dots, logic gates from bacteriorhodopsin, fungus and bacteria into a hybrid, it uses chemicals involved in photochemicals and
photography. it uses metals and iron and earth metals in flourescent dyes. does not the fiber disease talk about threads and flourescents and glowing fibers. well here is the best place to start isn't, "polymerization"
ever chemical in this product is for polymerization of plastic, like the
nitrocellulose, look that boy up, used in photographer, thin films, plastic.
trust me we have done our research, no matter what this product is poison
as is poisoning people. they knew accutane causes suicide tendencys
pseudo cerei tumors, depression and many other side effects but never
put it on the label nor gave warnings. men look to see if any hair care products or skin lotions you used have retinoids in them.

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Post by al » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:47 pm

hi sabrina, thanks for asking as to my interest, ive suffered with this fo 8 years, im in australia.
sorry you couldnt read my posts, obviously, canalon, the facist, freaking fat controller didnt like them. gee this is just like going to the doctors and getting blown off, ya get blown of here, ya get blown off there.

Sorry canalon, but i think you are a dweeb,
oh yeah, this will be my final post, hope to christ there is room in heavan away from condascending prats like you canalong....sheesh....
so, no sabrina, im not deleting them, its your officcious, pompous, pontificating freaking moderator, your balls must swell with pride.

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Post by London » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:48 pm


There has been some speculation about the advantages of
forming a biofilm versus living as individual cells. Although it
is difficult to test these speculations experimentally, in the
section below we offer some reasons why the biofilm strategy
has been adopted by so many microbes.
Protection from the Environment
Bacteria experience a certain degree of shelter and homeostasis
when residing within a biofilm, and one of the key
components of this microniche is the surrounding extrapolymeric
substance matrix. This matrix is composed of a mixture
of components, such as EPS, protein, nucleic acids, and other
substances. The best studied of these components is EPS. Most
bacteria are able to produce polysaccharides, either as wall
polysaccharides (capsules) or as extracellular excretions into
the surrounding environment (EPS). Some bacterial species,
such as Klebsiella aerogenes, appear to be limited in the types of
polymers that they can synthesize, but members of some gen-
era (e.g., Streptococcus pneumoniae) are able to produce EPS
with a wide range of different components (243). Hence, broad
generalizations about the function of EPS may be misleading.
It is most likely that EPS plays various roles in the structure
and function of different biofilm communities. Moreover, it is
quite possible that EPS plays a different role in similar microbial
communities under different environmental conditions.
Here we will describe some of the benefits that are attributed
to EPS.
As described above, EPS is clearly an integral part of the
structural organization of biofilms. For example, Veiga et al.
(254) found that the EPS produced by the two predominant
species (Methanobacterium formicium and Methanosarcina
mazeii) in granules (multispecies bacterial aggregates) from an
anaerobic reactor had the same composition as the extracellular
polymers found in the granules. Therefore, based on these
experiments as well as earlier reports (280), these authors
concluded that the EPS produced by the two methanogens
contributed to the polymer matrix of the flocs. In addition, they
proposed that the methanogens are producing the EPS, forming
an aggregate that then acts as a backbone in which other
species can embed. Physiologically, this mode of structuring
seems a reasonable strategy, since it would result in the strictly
anaerobic methanogens, being situated near the core of the
granule where the redox state and oxygen levels would be the
lowest. Hence, it appears that EPS plays a critical role in both
the formation and the structure of the sludge granules. EPS
has also been shown to adsorb dissolved organic compounds,
such as diclofop methyl (a herbicide) and other xenobiotics,
from the bulk fluid, thereby providing a mechanism by which
the community can concentrate essential nutrients and growth
components (277 and references therein). However, the mechanisms
involved in sorption of molecules as well as the distribution
and chemical nature of EPS are largely unknown

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Post by al » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:50 pm

i just think ur rude canalong, who are you anyway?
just come out of the bushes, like a predator...
just another morgellons day..........
i hope ur ass falls out

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Post by al » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:52 pm

dont bother posting london
it is headed for the delete button anyway
why dont we all just practise silence
that would encourage FREE SPEECH
ur like a book burner canalon
hope you burn

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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:53 pm

I walked. Brain is on overload.
This was very satisfying...try it

Take a link you know to be true....... say kinda like this one... Yeah, I know. I like it.

Read it
focus on it
know it
program it

Now go prove the words you just read to be true. Go find where they are lying to the world~ Proove it!!!!!
*****Don't forget to print it******we will need it!!! get it :lol: before they erase it!!!

Here is what I alter is to seperate...

See what i mean :idea:

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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:56 pm

Please don't go Al. We need all the help we can get.

Especially your kind!!!

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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:59 pm


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Post by al » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:01 pm

so, canalong, let me get this straight.
I have been reading this thread for over a year, yes, I'm a lurker.
During that time, I cannot remember one occasion where the barb of cencorship has dug at such a critical juncture.
It would appear, to be honest, that a lengthy, psuedo-scientific post, impossible to fathom, filled with jargon is more likely to be left on this forum than some erudite and succinct insight into this condition.
Go to your science, witches/warloclks.....I turn to the Lord, those anti-biotics will eat you up as surely as you like, I mention a few seemingly plausible alternatives(thanks nadas, for the info), and they get lifted.
My question, therefore to you, canalon, is where do you stand before the Lord?

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Post by al » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:11 pm

wake up, Patrick, old dog.....
just cant wait for the warning
level 1
going up......
I just bet you are in it up to your ears,

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Post by London » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:14 pm

I'm learning soemthing new everyday,.....and to be honest, I don't want to know anymore....wish I would have never searched.....

okay, with that being said, get a load of this document., it has something for everyone....from the biofilms and pharma to biotech ruling idiot and their we can save the world but we gotta screw 4000 of you up to do so....
from x-rays, to plasmas and their poison cathode....this doc. has it all.

and Hey, dammit, I did not write the document nor did i produce it in the was open to the public....except for the koreans.....

here you, it';s a doozy ... t_/fil_351


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