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Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:00 pm

hey codon blue if im not mistaken that the monotomic series can be found in nature by certain deposites or rather mineral condensation..... as in the legendary alchemical universal solvent, this substance could only be found a top mountains during full moon solid rock slowly excretes a white membrane...... . . . and in modernity it has been located in old gold mines where the nuggets were removed a monotomic gold substance is found.....
the stuff has some very interesting properties, on a spin level high biogenic affinity ......

this nonlinear hyper gian entity of codon blues post is the fork in road for research the lends two logical conclusions............ ..

1. ID-intelligent design (ie,god, aliens, devil, ect,ect)
2. HI-Human intervention (for better or worse or accidental or not)

most likely a hybred of both .....
as Cooper notes in a portion of protocal called the AGE OF DARKNESS,
a certain "alien"conterpart is needed for the role of threat maintanance
and this maintanance of a mass hypnosis induced on the eleventh day of some september... ah i can quite recall... .. .anyhow . . . once in this last brick is in place the world shall begin a new age or rather "New Order"
but in my opinion from a humanist perspective..... .
human error of the error of humanity as to issue its self the role of cosmological regulator of astrobiological functions could easily explain the current plastisation of the sapian pool. It could be viewed as programmed change or disipline rendered by a higher order and from an atheist , intelligent design is hard to swallo...
or a hybred explanation of the global contamination of ectoparasitic picoscopic silion life haboring mutagenic radiological self synthesising photonic fibril self organising into super macrophage by complex circutry and Q sensing forming an atom thin membrane of symbiosis .

now that seems damn alien enough so..... .. . were is the ship?

well ...... .. . no ship! no alien!
ahhh .... wait a minute.......... . . .. . .

didnt some jack legged genius group that call themselves NASA
blow up a comet in recent history .... or was i just day dreaming that evening?

now if one were to actually do such a smart thing would one ever do the math of projected deployment of debris?.... .. . or wouldnt that make for a quick fix for global warming.... yeah lets calculate the comet fallout for the earth orbital path... creating a cloud of eon old alien ice to rain down
contaminating all resources and eventiually all biological systems .

given that most of the time i dont shoot people driving thru my neighborhood hell this is supposed to be a sophisticated planet not the cromagnite attitude of the modern north american alpha male.....

and just where was that comet going why didnt the humans care?
do the not belive in panspermia.. i thought it was proven by the Tardigrade... . arent they the real hidden masters that blavatsky and all esoteric schools refer to?
it could be like a kroger was to be built too near a walmart so kroger went the way of winn dixie........ . .. . knocked off.
enough of my trip like corporate surpression.. .. .

this for the NSA and carnivore to chew on...... . . ... aku-e.html

St.-Petersburg Physical Technical Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Research
and Education, Khlopina 8/3, 195220, St.-Petersburg, Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of the
Russian Academy of Sciences,Politekhnicheskaya 26, 194021, St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Semiconductor nanowires perpendicular to the substrate, also known as nanowhiskers, constitute a new type of emerging nanomaterials with interesting growth behavior, unique properties and a number of important applications in nanoelectronics, nanooptics and nanobiotechnologies. In this talk, we will first present an overview of results obtained so far concerning the formation mechanisms of Si and III-V nanowires grown on the substrates activated by the seed drops of a growth catalyst. The so-called vapor-liquid-solid mechanism of the wire growth will be discussed and some new results will be presented, in particular on the wire lengthradius dependence and on the influence of growth conditions on the wire morphology. Different growth techniques of nanowire formation, such as chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy and magnetron sputtering deposition will be compared in terms of the growth behavior and the morphology of resulting structures. Particular attention will be given to our own recent results obtained for the Ga(Al)As wires grown on the GaAs(111)B surface activated by Au seed drops. Tapering of GaAs nanowires and nucleation on the sidewalls during the growth will be analyzed. Structural, optical and transport properties of different semiconductor wires will be then discussed. The overview of emerging applications of nanowire arrays in different fields will be given. After that, we will present some recent results concerning the applications of Si and III-V nanowires in nanobiotechnologies, in particular, as building blocks for chemo and biosensors and for biochipsused for the express analysis of singleviruses.
......Sky troll much is in the following pdf


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Post by Deena » Mon Dec 11, 2006 7:27 pm

F ~IT!


London. You will eat cream, wanna try hydrogen peroxide? I'll do it w/you. Not the cream tho :?

Record as we go? If this is the right link, check out forbidden link.

Actually, there all kinds of good stuff in here. Kept me hecka busy!!

Anyone zoom in on any of this yet?
Black Beams
In association with Chemtrails?

Very clear photo of the black beam in SanDiego, over the summer. Gotta fetch it

At the moment, gotta go

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:07 pm

deena im in a black beam...
in is not fun.....and we have all seen the paper on how well
spectronomy works with fiber doped with gold.....
they dont implant sensors they agment you environment and you grow the sensors for them!
although we kikcked around agent green a while back and got thrown back due to the implied use of controlled subsances.... well....
it would surprise me to find that Fusarium oxysporium dose not have connection to the fiber disease...
and as i understand it , agent green was developed as a sort of hale mary for the war on drug as it is supposed to only parasitise select controlled substances... with little research one quickly finds that not only did the US developed the GM fungas in aerosol for aerial distribution ,the US did not obligate the South American with the economic aid that was negeotiated as compensation for the eradication of poppy,cocoa, cannibus... now after major contaminantion thousands are infected.....

here not only have i uncovered its "real" pourpose :DARPA, DOE, DOD
have still not admitted to this blatant DUAL USE
Development of green chemistry protocols for the synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles is a problem of topical interest in nanotechnology. In this paper, we report on the development of a new biological method for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles using fungi. Exposure of the fungal biomass to aqueous AuCl4- ions results in either the intracellular or extra-cellular reduction of the metal ions depending on whether the fungus used is Verticillium or Fusarium oxysporum respectively. The gold nanoparticles exhibit tolerable monodispersity (size in the range 5-20 nm) and in the case of particles synthesized extra-cellularly, excellent long term stability as well. The reduction of the metal ions is believed to occur through an enzymatic process thus opening up the exciting possibility of extending the fungal-based method to the synthesis of nanoparticles over a range of chemical compositions in a rational manner. The metal ions were not toxic to the fungal cells and they continued to multiply after biosynthesis of the gold nanoparticles. ... r-abs.html
New OATP/SLCO superfamily members, some of which form distinct novel families, were identified in chicken, zebrafish, frog, fruit fly and worm species. The lack of OATP/SLCO superfamily members in plants, yeast and bacteria suggests the emergence of an ancient Oatp protein in an early ancestor of the animal kingdom. Structural models were generated for the representative members OATP1B3 and OATP2B1 based on the known structures of the major facilitator superfamily of transport proteins. A model was also built for the large extracellular region between transmembrane helices 9 and 10, following the identification of a novel homology with the Kazal-type serine protease inhibitors. Along with the electrostatic potential and the conservation of key amino acid residues, we propose a common transport mechanism for all OATPs/Oatps, whereby substrates are translocated through a central, positively charged pore in a rocker-switch type of mechanism. Several amino acid residues were identified that may play crucial roles in the proposed transport mechanism.

Polymeric nano- and microcapsules are of particular interest for a number of applications due to their high potential for encapsulation of a wide variety of compounds. Basic properties of polyelectrolyte capsules are mono dispersion and adjusted size, easy control of the shell permeability; wide variety of the shell materials, such as polyelectrolytes; biopolymers; synthetic and natural lipids polysaccharides; multivalent organic dyes. Inorganic nanoparticles, enzyme molecules can be i-ncluded in the capsule shell.
The capsules could be useful in the areas as diverse as biology, chemistry, synthesis and catalysis. For the capsules a multitude of different applications have already been proposed including microreactors, drug carriers, protective shells for cells or enzymes, carrier systems in heterogeneous catalysis or as dye dispersants. Now, nano- and microcapsule systems have the highest potential in the pharmaceutical industry since many different requirements have to be fulfilled: time, position and concentration. In some cases, for drug delivery the capsule’s activation under specific internal or external actions is necessary. The influence of laser irradiation was proposed as a method of encapsulated materials release. This method was developed in this study. Continuous way laser diode at 830 nm with optical power up to 80 mW was used. Choosing the laser wavelength that avoids the main absorption peaks of encapsulated material and the environment can significantly reduce the adverse heating effects. Near-infrared laser diodes are well suited to work with biological matter and water. In our case the excitation wavelength, 830 nm, is chosen in the biologically “friendly” window (700-1000 nm) where the absorption of tissue, biomedical substances and water is minimal.
Thus, HO P=O-groups can function as activating modules
which render CIHBS potential channels for charge transfer. In addition, degradation of nucleotide triphosphates (ATP, GTP), accompanied by generation of negative charge, will contribute to delivery of the latter to CIHBS. We believe that it was just ignoring the role of HO P=O-groups in
CIHBS of proteins which caused skepticism about the idea of charge transfer along CIHBS. Undoubtedly, any artificially constructed bionic nanostructure should P=O-groups as important constituents


King Cobra
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Post by London » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:19 pm

Important (older) article.....why important?......just because I got it off the NSF website.... and it is done via computaional.......

I don't know how many of you guys post I missed...I started reading a few minutes ago at Lady Sabrina's last post.....Thanks for thinking of me Lady what? I'm a dumdum today....don't get it, I don't.
(referencing FBI running google) I have not been googling anything, I can tell when the echalon people or whomever hit my computer....everything changes....even the line up and formation of my history column off to the side.

Now, If I'm doing something wrong, by all means and let me know. So far, the go'vt is the one in the, they shoot lasers at me nonstop right here thru the's starting to hurt my eyes...(One would think, "get off dumdum" so, I'm thinking about it.

anyway, here is the article...


Filamentous phage, such as M13, f1 and fd, are thread-shaped bacterial viruses. Their
outer coat is composed of thousands of 50-residue a-helical subunits of the major coat
protein pVIII, which overlap one another to form a tube encasing the viral DNA. We
have shown that filamentous phage can serve as a scaffold, able to form on its surface an
indefinite number of potential antigen-binding sites by displaying random peptides fused
to major coat protein pVIII. We constructed libraries with random peptides fused to
pVIII in various formats, and selected phages that act as substitute antibodies specific for
a panel of test antigens and model "threat agents" (Petrenko, 1996, 2000; Romanov,
2001). Because the viral carrier is infective, phage borne bio-selective probes can be
cloned individually; thus, either whole libraries or individual clones can be propagated
indefinitely without needs of their chemical synthesis or reconstructing (Smith &
Petrenko, 1997). can bind biological agents and, as a part of an analytical platform,
generates a detectable signal. As elements of field-use detectors, they are superior to
monoclonal antibodies, since they are inexpensive, highly specific and strong binders,
resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions.
This work is a first demonstration of the use of landscape phages as bio-selective ligands
in biosensors. As substitute antibodies phages demonstrate many features (high affinity,
field stability, low cost etc.), which allow considering them as prospective ligands in a
new generation of sensors for food safety control and environmental in-a-real-time

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Post by tamtam » Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:09 pm

////////////////// deleted /////////////////
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Post by Deena » Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:28 pm

F'n A, London... did ya also happen to notice where mo pm links are listed as you have to move your curser waaaaaayy over to the rt to read??!!

Hope you guys delete as you go

I forgot sumthin, only returned for a quick sec but briefed myself real quick cuz sumthin felt funky yeah probably just me but I am gettin a tinge of that headache thing. Not just you, London.

NADAS. I need to dig out my files. Now you got me thinkin. Fusarium. Had to be one, I recall. Very lucky to have who I did for hygienest. This man would blow your minds. Mark Pheatt. may as well put my chin up.

Wouldn't hurt to look into my reports. My shop had my beamer in it cuz the sunroof flew off. wipe out in my rear view mirror :shock: had to hide er. **** came down with my house, everything closed up for a long time.
Came back to let inspectors in and thought I'd kill time and run bm's engine. Entire shop had massive pile up. It had accumilated and no doubt was it associated to what "the somethin else is going on here, culprit". wasn't arsenic.
But i have mold report. several
and no pm link


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Post by al » Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:56 pm
the wheel of enlightenment
held by the spokes of truth

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Post by Barz » Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:26 pm

Thank you, Codon Blue. Thank you, Tam Tam. Thank you, NADas.

Just wondering, do I have dog snot up my butt?

This is alot to swallow.

Let's go kick some A..!

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Post by Deena » Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:35 pm

Forgive me LORD.

I repented.

Lemme Brainstorm, Sabrina
I gave you (them) my cell#

Better go check my messages, I guess

I'll brainstorm

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Post by Sabrina » Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:49 am

Deena, :shock:


I cannot copy and paste your posts
in to Word anymore as I only get half
of it to come up.
It prints like that also.

To All,

I know it is a pain but please try to post
in the first half of the space provided.
Margins are blown out and this would make
it so much easier to read and things.

Can you feel the heat? :wink:


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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:11 am

Absolutely amazing. I posted the code to crack it,. IT IS GONE!!!

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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:12 am



Alright. Who has the code I want it back


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