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Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:12 pm

you are correct SKy that all is going down post exposeure during gene encoded metabolic functions ... which is by the way perhaps why mthost of my posts are far off beyond radio ...trans optic-acoustic field researching regulator and coding mechinisims.....

much can be explaind of the art of metallo-organic chemistry in japan... . .

Behaviors and functions common to all the cellular species which determine the functionality or not of the complicated intra cellular world, of the complex and most delicate necessary synergies. So we know that appointed of this basic functions are the cellular membranes, double phospholipids strata, able with their structural forms to put into being selective permeability. That is to say they determine what must or must not pass through and from the cell, in other words, they carry out the functional and organic parting of two very different words as per quali-quantity of composition. Considering that the cellular ability to exploit its own functions, its on the membranes and on their behavior in terms of efficiency and vivacity that depends the quality of the cellular metabolic balance.
This way the cell metabolizes with anabolic and catabolic actions, it synthesizes complexed molecules, it destroys to recreate in another way organic complexes of particular entity, etc.
As already said, to live in a balanced and funcional way, the cell takes from the external environment the Energy itneeds and pours in it what it doesn't need any more or what interferes with the growth of order...

Only letting by in some micro-energies, not gifted with mass, the quantum Energy, we can return to a balanced phase.

Quantum Energy: indivisible quantity of electromagnetic Energy or photon


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Post by al » Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:10 am

hi, all
just reading up on orgone generation, I touched on this in my earlier net exploration, but was dismissive.
They talk of orgone generators as chemtrail busters, and of negative/destructive orgone as being a vector for the operation of several covert instruments.
This goes back to tesla's etheric matter theories, although I am a mere novice in it's understanding, given the "broad" parameters of this disease, which border on the paranormal, we cannot afford to dismiss such issues out of hand.
Given that we face a dire crossroads, could we give the matter of each building our "orgone generator", I know, i know, and have an empirical test as to the effectivenes, or otherwise, of this concept.
We are dealing with an Alternative Cellular Energy pigment here folks, Quorum sensing bacteria, I suggest rigorous interest in this, and the associated "Rife" frequency technologies, instead of relying on a wastage of anti-biotic protocols,
"Physician Heal Thynself"
Just a thought,
regards Al

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Post by London » Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:24 am


Again, I liked your post. Going to go reread it again. Where do you read about that Dr. Strainger?(sp?) I had never heard the name until MSC and then I only googled the name and saw that she won some Manning Award from the Gov't and it said she wrote before or currently does on Rense. Again, both big red flags to me and I will not ever go to Rense again. It's been nearly 7 months since I have been there. So, where do you go?

Subject Change: this was just something I read and loved. Wish I was a part of it.

A group of scientists and consumers is now suing the agency to get
mandatory labeling, similar to what Europe has already begun. FDA
officials declined to be interviewed on camera for this story.
Today, about 30 new strains of genetically engineered fruits and
vegetables, including new variations of corn, are ready for commercial
growing. And with each comes the same basic question: Whats going on
inside the foods we eat?

Also, the more I think about it, the more and more I'm being drawn back to something I posted about last Thur or FRi. on electronic Ink......this has probably got everything in it...i.e., save there precious gd trees.......

they suck the life out of those trees to....right down to dupont sucking the resins out of the pulp for their sticky yak.

I'm all for you people making money, but not at the risk of hurting others.
I hope you all are proud of yourself. Real proud.

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Post by Deena » Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:40 am




Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:03 am

al .... im convinced that the rife and reich machines function by a Torsion coponent of variious combonations of particulate spins directed at denatured clusters with an almost "time reverse" effect... oxidating oxidation via interferometry.........aka SCALAR

and southcity data mined from carnivore feeds AI botds submited NIH and NSF non local metabolic dna regulation induced synthesis of stealth holovirus cognito..... ...

hey skytroll on the dehumanizing operative level .... that swiss army knife called haarp seems like the only female in the red light distric...... think of the earth as a CD ROM drive ..... haarp is the read LENZ ..... unfortunatlly "LIFE" is currently being used as the CD substrait.... . . ...

...... oohh no i havent the time to curate the "connections" of an "unKnown" skin disease....... . .flame on....
those who know need no more goggles than those goggles.....

Gurwitsch [1923], who called it the "mitogenic radiation". Today it is known from the work of Fritz Albert Popp [Popp, 2000], that such biophotonic or mitogenic light, while being ultraweak, is however on the other hand, highly coherent, so that it has an inherent laser-like light quality.

The experimental setting and the resulting simulations therefore say that:-

iii) The experimental laser beam is simply a substitute for the endogenous intracellular coherent light emitted by the DNA molecule itself, and that

iv) The superimposed coherent waves of different types in the cells are interacting to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the "acoustic" domain, and secondly in the electromagnetic domain. Furthermore such diffraction patterns are by definition (and as is known for example from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [Binz, Schempp 2000a,b] a kind of quantum hologram. Thus, it seems that our original picture is confirmed and that the considered interaction between solitonic oscillations in the liquid crystal structure of DNA, and the polarization vector of the ultraweak biophotonic highly coherent light, could indeed be hypothetically understood as a mechanism of translation between holograms in the "acoustic" frequency domain, which concerns rather short range effects and those in the electromagnetic domain and vice versa.

The basis of such an hypothetical mechanism as a translation process, between acoustic and optical holograms, can be easily illustrated in the laboratory, where, as shown below, there is a fish illuminated in water by means of the acoustic radiation, in such a way that on the surface of the water an interference pattern or hologram forms, such that when this interference pattern is illuminated from above in the right way, by light of a high laser quality, a virtual visual image of the fish appears above the water. It shows that the hologram in question acts as a holographic transducer between the acoustic and electromagnetic domains.

Laboratory illustration of a holographic transducer between the acoustic and electromagnetic domains.

This illustrated transduction when described in terms of the formalization of Huygens' principle of secondary sources [Jessel 1954], has been used as the basis of a new topological computing principle [Fatmi, Resconi 1988] which defines entire classes of non-commutative control structures, Fatmi et al [1990]. It was applied to DNA. and more recently to the brain [Clement et al. 1999].

3. Another Theoretical but Experimentally Validated Perspective - Quantum Holography

Sections 1 and 2 are in excellent agreement with the independently researched model of DNA produced by Marcer and Schempp [1996]. This explains the workings of the DNA-wave biocomputer in terms of a quantum mechanical theory called quantum holography [Schempp 1992] used by Schempp [1998] and Binz and Schempp [2000a,b; 1999] to correctly predict the workings of MRI. These two DNA-wave biocomputer models are also, as cited, in good agreement with qubit model explanation of DNA more recently published by Patel [2000], and earlier independent researched models by Clement et al [1993] and Perez [1991].

The quantum holographic DNA-wave biocomputer model describes the morphology and dynamics of DNA, as a self-calibrating antenna working by phase conjugate adaptive resonance capable of both receiving and transmitting quantum holographic information stored in the form of diffraction patterns (which in MRI can be shown to be quantum holograms). The model describes how during the development of the embryo of the DNA's organism, these holographic patterns carry the essential holographic information necessary for that development. This would explain the almost miraculous way the multiplying assembly of individual cells is coordinated across the entire organism throughout every stage of its development - in complete agreement with the explanation arrived at in Moscow by Gariaev and his co-workers

The quantum holographic theory requires that the DNA consists of two antiparallel (phase conjugate) helices, between which (in conformity with DNA's known structure, ie the planes on which the base pairing takes place) the theory says, are located hologram planes/holographic gratings, where the necessary 3 spatial dimensional holographic image data of the organism is stored in agreement with the Gariaev group's hypothesis. It says, as described in relation to laser illumination of a DNA sample, that such illumination can be expected to turn the DNA into a series of active adaptive phase conjugate mirrors (see figure below)/holographic transducers (see figure of laboratory illustration earlier), from which would resonantly emerge a beam of radiation, on which is carried the holographic information as encoded in the DNA. As indeed is the case in the Gariaev group experiments already described. These experiments thus confirm the quantum holographic prediction that DNA functions an antenna capable of both encoding and decoding holographic information. This functionality is also in good agreement with the findings of Schempp [1986] that quantum holography is capable of modelling antennae such as synthetic aperture radars, and that this mathematical description of radar can be applied [Marcer and Schempp 1997] to a model, working by quantum holography, of the neuron. This model is in good accord with the biological neuron's information processing morphology and signal dynamics. As indeed are the quantum holographic models of the brain as a conscious system, and of the prokaryote cell [Marcer, Schempp 1996, 1997a]. It is a viewpoint originally voiced by de Broglie, who presciently pictured the electron as being guided by its own pilot wave or radar! These examples including MRI all demonstrate that quantum holography does indeed incorporate signal theory into quantum physics and it can be hypothesized biocomputation.

Phase conjugate mechanism or mirror in the laboratory.

Action of an active adaptive phase conjugate mirror.

Furthermore, quantum holography predicts that the planes, in which the base pairing takes place, constitute a "paged" associative holographic memory and filter bank (carrying holograms which can be written and read) and which has no cross talk between the pages. The orthogonality of the holograms encoded on these pages, arises as the result of the sharp frequency adaptive coupling conditions (1), which specify very narrow spectral windows, i.e. the "pages".

Indeed it can be said that this new understanding of biocomputers, constitutes a further step in a development of computer technology in general. An understanding that will bring about a total change of the constituent basis of that technology, in the history of analogue > to > digital > to > now, the figurative semantic (nonlocal) wave computer or biocomputer. This biocomputer will be based on new understanding of the higher forms of the DNA memory, and the chromosome apparatus, as the recording, storaging, transducing and transmitting system for genetic information, that must be considered simultaneously both at the level of matter and at the level of physical fields. The latter fields, having been just studied, as showed experimentally in this research, are carriers of genetic and general regulative information, operating on a continuum of genetic molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc). Here, previously unknown types of memory (soliton, holographic, polarization) and also the DNA molecule, work both as biolasers and as a recording environment for these laser signals. The genetic code, considered from such a point of view, will be essentially different from today's generally accepted but incomplete model. This, the wave-biocomputer model asserts, only begins to explain the apparatus of protein biosynthesis of living organisms, providing an important interpretation for the initial stages within this new proposed composite hierarchic chain of material and field, sign, holographic, semiotic-semantic and, in the general case, of figurative encoding and deciphering chromosome functions. Here the DNA molecules, conceived as a gene-sign continuum of any biosystem, are able to form pre-images of biostructures and of the organism as a whole as a registry of dynamical "wave copies" or "matrixes”, succeeding each other. This continuum is the measuring, calibrating field for constructing any biosystem.
This could be a biophysical mechanism of the so-called astral projections of consciousness, those presumably being the
basis of most psychic phenomena [17] (providing also explanation for transitional nature and difficult reproducibility of
these phenomena); the mentioned "astral projections" are presumably also the basis of religious experiences [18], with
mental addressing on spatio-temporally distant abundant ionic archetypic structures from religious traditions, being the
target of prayer in transitional states of consciousness.
In that context, all local consciousnesses might be interconnected (through previously described interactions in altered and,
especially, in transitional states of consciousness) making the giant cosmic informational network with delocallized con-
sciousness, implying the crucial significance of morals, both on the level of thoughts and feelings! ... phy1-1.htm

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Post by browncircles » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:15 am

Deena - Who was your lawsuit against?

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:21 am

Deena, wow...had supressed the children keenly reminded me of that COST. After my husband heard the Derm say DOP...well, that summed up a reaction to anything I ranted about from that point on...and his response..take a chill're nuts, even the dr. said you was insane...finally walked away from a 20 year was horrible...looking like I did, no $$, but praise GOD, a million OLD friends. They all took turns keeping me for almost 7 years. I left my son at age 19 and daughter at age 16...I missed so much. I went to another state. As time went on, I found myself, my strength and God must have known I was on the verge of committing suicide, for me finding the courage to take that step...I felt so guilty about the kids...they all have matured now...and with so much more evidence, people, and time...we have reconciled. I moved back home 1 year ago. It was strange but I felt God's hand. My son, begged me, he was getting married, wanted me here..said he do anything to help including rent me an apt...but didn't have to. The ole man offered a trial and so far, so good...actually the way it should have been back then.
This is my second go round with the BSTRDS. 86' we got aerially sprayed for 2 weeks w/Accord, Triclopyr, Tordon, and who the hell knows what else....we had frontage - 15 acres - all the hill behind- about 200 acres, belonged to local papermill...they harvested a 30 yr. old forest, injected, sprayed, burned, and moonscaped the whole toxic pile into our wet weather creek, that our 90' deep well sat on. Needless to say, THE nightmare began. Anyway, it nearly killed us then....and as you, my childrens lives had been messed with and I was going for the throat. Made headlines in 3 states, actually...but, naive to their evilness, I assumed the agencies were on my side...ha ha. So much tampering, water samples stolen, blood samples from my ped. stolen, helicopters hovering at tree top level many nights bouncing my fridge across the kitchen, my kids crouched under the table screaming...yeah....little did I know that was a prep course for what is now taking I guess I should thank God for the lesson previously. What a damn fng' road...and who knows how many humans it's paved with.
God bless you. I also agree with your post regarding selection, scrutinization, donations, followup....once bit, twice shy, love.

London, you too brought back some serious retrospect. As I walked the burned out moonscape, I saw bits and pieces rotting on the ground. I wrote this poem as I could see a connection to the trees' fruit, and my children... 1986....geezzz!!

My forest woods have changed. They cry in anquish now.
I feel their desperation as I gaze up between the branches
into the sun.
The stench of herbicide reeks from their hearts. Like afflicted soldiers
defeated in combat, they totter in the wind.
"Why?" they scream, "what have we done so wrong...exist???"
The persimmons, paw paws, and acorns lay rotting in the muck.
The children suffer for the parents sins. Is not their creator the same as ours? Will we not reap what we sow?
The trees resound - "SAVE THE CHILDREN!"

I apologize for the lengthy post...and some may not feel this relates, but others will see the connection. Please forgive me.

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:40 am

Go to this link, scroll down and listen to the No. 6th radio broadcast regarding her findings, and then look at the photos....we are dealing with absolutely, nanotech.

Personally, I don't care if Rense is a bad guy, they all seem to what I see published there can not be misconscrued.
I think they even got to Ole' Fred Bear...Ted Nugent. Now there is a big group of there are a bunch in one location...easy target, capiche....thanks to Bo, how do these sites and radio stations afford the spinnews?? Tell me, is there Nothing sacred on this earth?

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Post by London » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:21 am

oh thanks MM....Maybe I will go tomorrow...need to get off line....
Cowboys and Saints are on. Wish I would've gone to eyes are burning from the fumes from my computer.....

Oh, I have a pretty good idea of what this is.....and yes you are right it is nanotech....+ more.....

things like, parasitic media, arsenic semicondconductors; sol gel, fiber laser, or try anything that is synthetic i.e., like synthetic photosynthesis...(hey, did you see my post w/ the photos a page or two back?) it had the two guys holding the gd laser in their hands....duh, how can the ones that claim they are sick even dare if they can't see that the NSF is behind all of this.

I'm going to try to reach the organization asap....wish me luck....

And, MM, the disease they gave us is a mixture of different diseases...
that is a fact. TamTam told me that I was loco if I thought the computer would hurt me....I beg to differ but hey, it must be shooting out some endorhins that make us addicted, yeah right? I should just unplug the damn thing and rip my phones and tv's out too. Hmmm sounds like a plan! LOL....

Dear MSC,

They removed the original fiber cladding and replaced it with a sol-gel coating

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:26 am

London, lol!
These plasma screens, algorithms, electrical turn on's, off' friend said..they are trying to turn us into Borgs....singularity people..boy was she right on.


King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:29 am


I'm as serious as a heart attack....and prob. gonna die from heart is now effected by their gallium arsenide semiconductors.....

Hey, just now saw your post on the last page...quite touching....Loved the poem and do so hope you are okay. Wow, what a scary past, eh?

Today I was looking at a lot of aerial shots from the Man-made Hurricane and just cried.

I hope the black man rules this phucking world one day and I hope to God it is soon!!!

Hey Maggie:
I have a great article on the cyborgs but don't want to go digging thru the documents.

Here, try this one, it's much better than the other.....You know, it's bad enough that they prob. gave us all cancer or leukemia (polycythemia vera) but wtf? maybe my joking post last night about evolution and the primates mixed with humans was not so far off.....well, at least I won't be them; a phuckstick. ... f8&oe=utf8

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:42 am

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

what an idiot,........

Our immortality will be a matter of being sufficiently careful to make frequent back-ups.

Now fuse two concepts.

Think of an artificial body, which is perennially renewed

and a mind that can be downloaded onto a chip.

Whenever you get tired of your present body,

you simply arrange to have the chip transplanted into another one.

The Gita and the all the holy scriptures,

speak of the soul changing bodies as one changes garments.


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