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and if light is in short supply and you are not upset with me... may i oblige
to partake in the dark arts of diligent humanity by enlightening those striken by those that bottem feed on strife.
yeah .....suppose we connect all the dots ? do we feel better? do we get expelled from the evil?.... .. . . . .........

i bet none of that would ever happen and logic hinting the blueprints for making a dead biologists list...... . . so go find an umbrella.

Nanodosimetry of Low Energy (0.1 - 100 eV) Cation Damage to

L. Sellami, F. Martin, D. Hunting, S. Lacombe, M. A. Huels (Dept. of

Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology, University of Sherbrooke, QC,


The importance of heavy ions in radiobiology is twofold: (1) they

represent the most efficient and volume selective mode of radiotherapy

of deep-seated and non-operable tumors, (2) in space environments, or

at supersonic altitudes, the most lethal radiation consists of cosmic

rays which have a high efficiency to induce clustered DNA lesions,

mutations, and cancer. Thus, the study of their effects on DNA is

essential for radiation risk assessment, dosimetry, and efficient use

of hadrontherapy. Here, we investigate damage to DNA and its

components, induced by heavy ion impact, via a novel ion-plasma

method, which allows us to probe ion energy depositions in the 0.1-100

eV/nm range in nanoscopic biomolecular films. Cations are generated by

electron impact in ultra pure gases (Ar, N2, CO, etc.), and are

uniformly accelerated by grids towards the inside surface of a

cylinder where an organic film was deposited. After ion irradiation at

a specific energy and ion dose, the film is recovered and analyzed.

For DNA, gel electrophoresis is used to quantify yields of single,

double, and multiple strand breaks. For DNA components

(mononucleotides), fragmentation and new products are measured by HPLC

and MS.
[R1.073] The Electrophoretic Mobility of Proteins near Surfaces

SUNY STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, NY 11790), Avtar Singh (Stuyvesant High




We have attempted to apply the methods developed for surface DNA

electrophoresis (1) for proteomics. Droplets of FITC stained Abumin,

Poly- L-Lysine, or Casein purchased from Sigma were deposited on glass

cover slips. The droplets were then place in contact with a TBE buffer

solution contained in a cell molded from PDMS. Pt electrodes were

inserted into the cell and a voltage was a applied. The motion of the

protein was then imaged with a Leica Confocal microscope as a function

of buffer concentration, distance from the surface, and applied

voltage. The mobilities were then compared with those of uncharged one

micron florescent Polystyrene beads. References: 1)Henzel WJ, Watanabe

C, Stults JT., ~!0~Protein Identification: The Origins of Peptide Mass

Fingerprinting.~!1~ J. American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 14

(September 2003): 931-942 2)Mathesius U, Imin N, Natera SH, Rolfe BG.,

~!0~Proteomics as a functional genomics tool.~!1~ Methods of Molecular

Biology 236: 395-414.

*Work supported in part by the NSF-MRSEC program
[R1.074] Determination of Fe-CO bond energy in Myoglobin by transient

grating spectroscopy
Raicu V. (Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto,

Canada), Walther M. (Physikalisches Institut, Albert-Ludwigs

Universitat Freiburg, Germany), Ogilvie J. P., Phillips R., Miller

R.J.D. (Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto,


Various molecular motions relevant to the biological function of a

protein are associated with formation and breaking of chemical bonds.

Heme proteins, such as Myoglobin (Mb), are prototypes of molecules

undergoing structural changes activated by a single bond breaking,

such as CO bond to the heme Fe. Standard textbook value for Fe-CO bond

energy in Mb (W_Fe-CO), determined calorimetrically, is \sim25

kcal/mol. However, first-principle molecular dynamics simulations [1]

predict a value as high as 35 kcal/mol. We studied the dynamics of

Mb-CO by using transient grating spectroscopy [2], which is sensitive

to density changes occurring through protein motions or thermal

solvent expansion. The energy of the photons absorbed by the sample is

dissipated through: (a) breaking the Fe-CO bond, (b) protein

relaxation, and (c) thermal effects. We freeze the structural

relaxations by embedding the protein in a glass at room temperature,

and correct for the thermal effects by using an unligated analogue of

Mb ? metMb ? as a reference. We obtained W_Fe-CO = 34 ± 3 kcal/mol,

confirming the theoretical predictions [1]. [1] C. Rovira and M.

Parinello, Int.J.Quantum Chem., 80 (2000) 1172 [2] G. Dadusc, J.

Ogilvie, U. Marvet, and R.J.D. Miller, Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci. USA 98

(2001) 6110
[R1.075] Reversible Folding of Lysozyme by a Quasi-static Process: A

First-Order-Like State Transition
Yeh Xu-Cheng, Lin Po-Yen, Chang Chia-Ching (Department of Physics,

National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan), Kan Lou-Sing

(Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan)

First-order-like state transition is a novel global reaction model of

protein folding. In order to elucidate the general applicability of

this mechanism, a stepwise thermal equilibrate dialysis process is

used, and a model protein, lysozyme is selected. Within this study,

four stable intermediates and renature lysozyme were obtained and

their secondary structure, particle size distribution, thermal

stability, and oxidation state of disulfide bonds were analyzed by

circular dichroism, dynamic light scattering, differential scanning

calorimetry, and Raman spectra, respectively. According to the

experimental evidences in this study, not only first-order-like state

transition model has been verified, both collapse and sequential

models were observed and verified by an overcritical reaction folding

process. We also found that the glassy state which obtained from

directly folding process can convert into the molten globule state and

this indicated the protein folding under difference reaction path may

follow the same folding mechanism. Namely, the mechanism that is

revealed by overcritical folding intermediates may represent the real

mechanism of protein folding. The helix formed prior to the beta-sheet

might indicate that the protein folding was initiated by local

[R1.076] Motif analysis and correlation functions of amino acids in

nonredundant protein sequences.
Mihaela Sardiu, Yi-Kuo Yu (Physics Department, Florida Atlantic

University and NCBI, NIH)

Amino acid motif plays an important role in protein recognition, and

thus important for the study of protein-protein and protein-DNA

interactions. Using the methods from Statistical Physics, we analyze

the amino acid motifs observed in the non-redundant protein sequence

database. In addition to the exhaustive study of the amino acid motif,

we also study the correlation function between various amino acids in

the primary protein sequences. These correlation functions provide not

only useful information for multiple sequence alignment but also

foundations for the assessment of the statistical significance of the

amino acid motif observed.
[R1.077] Self-assembly and dissociation of collagen monomer:

Temperature and ion effects
Alex Dickson, Lancia Guo, Darren Anderson, Darcy Gentleman, Cynthia

Goh (University of Toronto)

Collagen monomers self-assemble in vitro in a variety of ways to form

morphologically similar aggregates to those formed in vivo. Although

much work has been done on investigating the self-assembly pathway,

little is known about the reversibility of the assembly process. A

better understanding of the assembly and disassembly process will help

us to develop a better picture of the underlying mechanisms by which

collagen associates in vivo. Experimentally, we track collagen

assembly and dissociation through static light scattering while

simultaneously using atomic force microscopy to image the intermediate

collagen structures. We have found that partial dissociation of

fibrils can be caused by lowering the temperature of a solution of

self-assembled collagen and that the extent of dissociation can be

controlled by manipulation of the final solution temperature. We have

also investigated the effect of ion concentration and size on the

assembly process. We will propose an assembly model that relies on

dissolved ions screening like-charged collagen monomers and allowing

self-assembly to occur.
[R1.078] Low Energy Electron Interactions with Uracil: the Energetics

predicted by theory
Xifeng Li, Léon Sanche (Université de Sherbrooke), Michael Sevilla

(Oakland University), PES Collaboration

Low energy electrons (LEEs) induce strand breaks and base damage in

DNA and RNA via fragmentation of molecular bonding. This includes the

formation of hydrogen atoms from N-H and C-H bond dissociations in the

bases thymine, cytosine and uracil, respectively. To better understand

the dissociation of uracil induced by LEEs, we theoretically

characterized the potential energy surfaces (PESs) along the N-H and

C-H bonds of the uracil anion, as well as the energetics involved. The

PESs show that, activation barrier of less than 1 eV exists for the

N1-H dissociation with rather flat PES beyond N-H = ~1.5Å . The PESs

for C5-H and C6-H show larger barriers which increasing monotonically

with bond stretching. All the N-H and C-H bond dissociations are

endothermic; the adiabatic PESs suggest the energy threshold for

formation of hydrogen from N-H and C-H bonds are in the order: 0.78

(N1-H ) < 1.3 (N3-H) < 2.2 (C6-H) < 2.7 eV (C5-H). The H-deleted

uracil radicals (U-yl radical family) are found to have exceptionally

high adiabatic electron affinities, namely 3.46 (N1), 3.8 (N3), 2.35

(C5) and 2.67 eV (C6). During the H bond breaking process of an uracil

transient anion, these electron affinities compensate the extra energy

needed to break the N-H or C-H bonds. This process may therefore

explain the large hydrogen yield found experimentally from uracil upon

attachment of LEEs. Potential applications of this process for the

synthesis of uracil analogs using LEE irradiation are suggested.
[R1.079] Diffusion, Dispersion, and Mobility of Single-stranded DNA in

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
Roger Lo, Victor Ugaz (Texas Aamp;M University)

The ability to perform DNA electrophoresis in miniaturized

microfluidic systems has the potential to provide a new generation of

low-cost high-throughput genomic analysis technology. Further progress

toward improving separation performance under these conditions,

however, requires a more detailed understanding of diffusion and

dispersion phenomena in the gel matrix. Unfortunately, it has thus far

proven difficult to obtain extensive measurements of these quantities

due in large part to the lack of a convenient experimental platform.

In this paper, we demonstrate the use of microfabricated gel

electrophoresis devices to measure diffusion, dispersion, and mobility

of single-stranded DNA fragments in crosslinked and uncrosslinked

polyacrylamide gels. The microdevice format allows a complete set of

diffusion and dispersion data to be collected in approximately one

hour, as opposed to experiment times lasting several days using

conventional sequencing equipment. By comparing runs using identical

DNA samples, gel formulations, and operating conditions in both

microfabricated electrophoresis devices and an ALF Express automated

DNA sequencer, we are able to isolate the key factors governing

separation performance in each system. The results of these

experiments are then compared with biased reptation theory to extract

information about the gel structure and predict achievable resolution.

The effects of gel composition and polymerization chemistry are also

Frederic Martin, Zhongli Cai, Pierre Cloutier, Darel Hunting, Leon

Sanche (Research Group in the Radiation Sciences, Faculty of medicine,

University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke (QC), Canada, J1H 5N4)

The passage of ionizing radiation through a living cell produces about

4 x 10^4 electrons/MeV, with more than 50% having energies well below

the excitation threshold for water (7-8 eV) (M. Michaud et al,

Physical Review, 44(9), 5623-5627, (1991)). We have previously shown

that 5-20eV electrons cause DNA strand breaks via a resonant process

with a maximum at 10eV (B. Boudaiffa et al, Science 287, 1658-1660,

(2000)). The present results demonstrate that very low energy

electrons in the range of 0 to 5eV cause single strand breaks (SSB) in

DNA. Plasmid DNA is extracted from the host bacteria purified and

resuspended in distilled and deionised water. It is deposited on a

chemically clean tantalum, lyophilised and placed in an UHV chamber

for 24 hours before irradiation. After irradiation, plasmid DNA is

retrieved from the UHV chamber and the samples are dissolved in tris

buffer. The different topological forms of DNA resulting from single

strand break formation are separated by electrophoresis gel, stained

by SYBR Green 1, scanned by laser and quantified with the imageQuant

program. The quantification protocol has been optimized to maximize

both sensitivity and linearity. Two resonant peaks are observed with

maxima at 0,8 eV and 2,2 eV ( 10,5 and 7,5 ssb per 10^3 electrons,

[R1.081] Surface Electrophoresis on Flat and Patterned Conducting

Eli Hoory (SUNY Stony Brook), Saumya Sharma (Ward Melville High

School), Stanley Chiang (Great Neck High School), John Jerome,

Vladimir Samuliov, Jonathan Sokolov, Miriam Rafailovich (SUNY Stony


We studied the electrophoresis on surfaces covered with thin

conducting layers of Aluminum, Nickel and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The

purpose was to avoid random charge build-ups that occur on

non-conducting surfaces used in previous studies. The chemical and

physical interactions of the DNA with the surfaces determine the

DNA¡¦s mobility. Laser scanning confocal microscopy was used to follow

molecules of DNA labeled with a fluorescence probe, Ethidium Bromide.

An electric field of 2V/cm was used to induce DNA motion by

electrophoretic means over distances of up to 2mm. Mobilities of

Lambda DNA in TBE buffer (concentration = 10-2 M) were measured for

the three surfaces and the mobilites ranged from 7.5 x 10-5 (cm)2/Vs

to 1.33 x 10-4 (cm)2/Vs, approximately a factor of 3 greater than on

oxide-coated silicon. Measurements on Hind III digest DNA were also

made using both flat and structured (with gratings having periods of 1

and 2 micron) surfaces coated with Aluminum to determine the relative

influence of surface chemistry vs. structural effects. Support from

NSF-MRSEC is gratefullyacknowleged ... S6010.html ... 001_h.html


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Post by RANDY » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:27 am

Nadas..blah blah on the cosmic rays have anything to do with our disease. Skin cancer maybe......but you have not connected anything you have said to this disease. you are very angry and have lost it.

Intellectual property (oximoron for this site) when talking about a disease that we have that we need a cure for..for shame on horrible to even think money when people are suffering....what an ass you are. You have shown your true colors.

Anyone else?
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:46 am

Skytroll wrote:Randy,

Some of us explain as we go, but, you are not following.

I happen to be following just fine. And you are making no sense only conspiracy theories and bogus videos and meetings with people in Europe that never happen and saying you know people you do not know etc.etc.etc. just a lot of blah blah and no meat. Nothing that can be proven by anyone willing to show their face or go public since they know that their ideas are BS and don't want anyone to know they are saying them so they hide behind you people and cause you to look really stupid. If they came out front they would look like a fool to the scientific community so they use you to be the target. Can you not see this? That is the truth.

Top down don't work. It is bottom up for WE THE PEOPLE.

Yeah like Bottoms Up..maybe that is the problem too much drinking and smoking pot. Druggies and drunks rule this site now. How many of you smoke pot, do drugs, like meth and drink alcohol..I bet all of you do Am I right? Bet I am.

It is bottom feeding for this site.

Not WE THE DICTATORS. so get off your high horse and reality is being found everywhere on these pages, along with Highly respected peer reviewed articles by some of our most High Propaganda pushers. They have even written bogus white papers.

Such an inferiority complex to constantly be accusing me of a high horse. Maybe you need to come out of your ditch.

I get it, Randy, you don't baby.

Sure you do..bogus white papers get what ..that everyone is out to get you? Okeedoke....

So buzz off! You misquito! And take your misunderstanding of genoming and its reason for existance in your eyes and shove it up your hiny.

Oh so now the genome was cracked just to cause trouble. It was a process of science that was bound to happen. What people do with it is their poison but they are not out to get anyone. Some scientists are good people and some are bad. Every race, religion and profession have good and bad people in it. A blanket statement like that shows you ain't too smart and VERY paranoid.


Oh, my feeling are so hurt by your mean words. I'm gonna just cry.

FREEDOM means you do not have to shut up.

Freedom means you can post tons of garbage that has nothing to do with this disease on countless pages that makes no sense. Isn't freedom wonderful?

UNITE MEANS WE WORK TOGETHER. We do not unite under your roof, so cool it.

Oh this site is your roof? I did not know you owned it. I am sorry I thought it was a public forum. Did you purchase this site?

God does not have your name. Your God may have your name on the top of your God's forehead, but OUR GOD, WE THE PEOPLE"S GOD loves and cares for all, because after all he created us in his own image.

"Your G-d"..another anti-semite comment..shows your true ignorant colors. There is only one G-D...lesson 101 in basic Old Testament and your G-d (Jesus) was Jewish..check your records.

God bless us each and every one! (and Tiny Tim too.)

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by msc » Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:44 pm

from msc

our friend is an elctrician who knows somewhat of what my frirend and i are going through. since finding out by looking up each chemical in
renova one at a time and when they have a phrase chemical we looked up each chemical word of the phrase, he has been given us information on electronics, fiber optics, he told us the green is the ground wire, they
use chemicals to spin rubber, the stretchy elastin that is fibrous and comes from feteus was used in this product, it is how it can streatch to
the sky and can roll back down, isn't rubber used to prevent lightning from striking objects objects like humans, they are able and are impregnating gelatin microbeads, they put magnetics in them these things attached themselves have we can visibly see the metal and the dark things. magnets are black for the most part aren't they and it screws themselves into the skin, scalp,feet, so this multi layer film and we have photos that show it goes from the ceiling to the floor and shooting something so horrible down the tubes it makes, remeber the hydrophilics and hydrophobics can make briges to connect and they used quotom dots and LED lights in this, remember i believe it alloys and alkenes that can act like a battery (and they sure used acids in this) remember the word encapsulate, and they have with no doubt in my mind and if they have microscopes and light measuring equipment and switzerland has the main headquarters for tracking lightwaves, there has to be someone that can help up. this thing is a parasite as you are thinking it is as trust and believe it is mechanical and organic and made from carbons as is the protozoa. the worm like micelles are used to be like a mechanical screw, it screws into you skin and scal one end holding onto the electronics in our body the other end acting like a pole standing straight outward, like an antenna it is spinning like a satellite dish, as my stated years ago in her letters. think about cd discs using organin and inorganic material.
think about all the satellites out there, think about self assembly and what that self assemblies into what, what did they what to create, silicone are microships--microchips can hold thousands of drugs and whatever material needed to complete their mission. we now know negatives of photos show this objects and how it can entwine and stitch in and out of our bodies. we need someone who is an expert and knows this disease exist to exam these photos and negatives and cat scans, one of her cat scans shows she is completely engulfed in an object that constructed itself into a shape of a person the ponytail ligand is so clear in this cat scan
the ponytail acts like a mechanical arm, methane is a drilling chemical
this arm acts like a drill, its claws can open and shut and grab. she is not imagination it is reality and think how fiber optics are used, these these shoot outward making a mechanical spindle of some type. open your minds and your eyes you have to closely look at photos and your negative. photographer said to blow your photos up to like 8x10 take a
magnifying glass and look at the objects on your skin in the photos. remember the cdc stated cat scans show parasites (man made or others)
this was stated and known before morgellons existed and we have that print out. my friends cat scans show more attivity than you could image,
you can see these furry balls (resembling micrbeads to an extent) the eyes of they glow white (the white crystals are used for their eyes no doubt about it like the red are used for the mouths. look up the zipper molecule, it is one they found out alzeheimers have and ms patients.
this mechanical organis zippers itself up and she stated that yerars ago,
wouldn't quotom dots be used as the teeth of the zipper, no matter how far fetch anything goes we have to investigate as she stated in letters they sit in a chairlike structure, we just found out in july about cyclohexane and chair configuration, hair chair boat and twisted boat.
they weren't even clever or ingenious to give them a unique name. got to go to work. take care God bless you (Please work with me on this i will get my electrician to give more inform. i can't say too much too him have to be carefule.

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Post by msc » Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:20 pm

from msc

to the post who put the two boys laser article, you have it man do you have. look at his jeans you will see glowing white wiry objects on the blue, not the threads in the jeans, look at your next photo down , in the air you will see circles of objects some glowing white some yellowish with a dark spots in them, they are the objects that are carrying these films
they are carrying the microchips. we have photos of my friend driving,
she was trying to capture on film the white objects that move across her, eyes, wall, hair, clothing, and in front of her car, she captured them on film and so much more, those in that picture are them and they are
in containers, they are glowing white and sprout out on contact with the skin, they have a dark gooey substance and crystals attached to them
mr keith hilley saw them he took samples from her home and then was never heard from again. the technical term for sprouting out i guess is sputtering (branching out in electronics or chemistry) they can collapse and be nano size or macro size now and the cameras can see them, look
at news papers look at magazines and you will see circular glowing white
things in mid air, in peoples hair and clothing, specially crown of the head,
remember the crown point chemicals, the collar bone of neck, eyes, forehead at hairline, as it contacts the skin it starts ethcing (glycol--laser ink dye) and sputtering out whatever is on the mold of the film and "knitting" it onto the skin, remember sol gel, it knits itself, in her letters she said stitched to physicians, remember the organim they want to use in nano tech in the so called future for drug delivery, flagella
the ones that have the propellers. remember they are using microbeads and the hair follicles for drug deliver in japan, kligman worked with the japanese scientients alot, with bombyx silk moth, fireflies, translucent gene of jellyfish to make things glow. isn't makeup about making our faces glosw, bacteriorrhodopsin self illuminates, isn't it about pulling our skin tight and firm, an organism that pulls and spin and illuminates does are of that and it is uses our hair follicles, study the hairs on your arm
with a high power magnifying glass, study the ones in your head. got to go

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Post by London » Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:45 pm


I did find quite a few great articles last night on those beads you spoke of. Even another sol gel article.

I just want to say to you to look at chitanise (sp?) beads and also shrimp shells.


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Post by London » Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:02 pm

I'm sorry. I found one article relating to R. Seeberi that I could say was even relevant to the infection I have.

So where is the conection? Can anyone else explain? The only way I can see it fitting in is if perhaps one has a gallbladder problem.

Help me to get this someone.

I think you all need to look into photochemistry and photobacteria more.

I've got proof of that wicked stuff right in front of me.....

Pictures don't lie........

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Post by msc » Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:05 pm

from msc

you are right about the shrimp also. this a microorganism that attaches to shrimp eggs that looks exactly like the ones that photograph on my walls, they forgot that everything that exist has a shadow and leaves what they call a "residue" as dr. victor mellu stated five years ago. residue from renova you will need emothional help for what you will be going through and why dermatologist are so fast and quick to diagnosis DOP to get us under minder altering drogs to coverup. there are certain plankton that what biologist state act like a petri dish what are petri dishes used for, even microsoft as a digital bug with logic gates and computerize bugs guess what colors black and white and are encoded.
what lovely words we now have, encapsulate, encode, transcript, plastic out of control, self assembly, zipper molecules, photochemicals, photosensivtice, photo masks they went too far. they are messing with children's lives and there genes and chromosones and their offsprings and
the next generation. Halographis and bacterium and fungus and hybrids.
for the postee who stated we are all on drugs, i don't smoke pot, i don't drink and i don't do drugs and won't let chemicals come near me nor does my friend nor does she drink, she researches, she works and she takes care of her family so don't ever make false accusations not ever because you can be held liable. our statements are made with hard detailed documents. it would matter if she did or i did drugs, tetrahydro was used in this prescription tetradry is cannibais which is marijuana which is a mind adultering drug so they say. it is okay for they to put a controll substance in your medication without your knowledge knowing you would go for a job and it would come back positive for marijuana being in your
system, they also used ethers and anesthetics in this product which is to numb you from feeling the hybrid organisms penetrating into your skin.
so wise up and stop insulting people, if you don't want to help get and go bother somebody else. no one needs your cruelsness and insults and we are deeply offended by your accusations.

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Post by Skytroll » Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:33 pm

Love is in the air.....

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Post by J Jill » Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:53 pm

The other day, I caught a portion of a program on TV. Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, a public health research facility funded mostly by the government.

Found an article: ... enome.html

The race to crack the code has sparked one of the most heated scientific competitions in history.

The two major "code crackers" are Craig Venter, the president of the private company Celera, and Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, a public health research facility funded mostly by the government.



Collins got angry. He criticized Venter for using the groundbreaking research to make a profit by selling it to pharmaceutical companies, and for using research produced by Collin's public research team. Unlike Celera, The Human Genome Project posts its findings for free on the Internet every 24 hours. Since Celera is a private company, it considers the information it discovers to be private property and can sell its findings for money.


Interesting article.

I'm wondering if the above is what TT is hinting at? Happened in the Clinton years.

Venter, as London had pointed out, owns a private company and sold info to Big Pharma.

That was the year 2000 (and prior).

I can believe that the "research" that stemmed from the above has something to do with the various emerging diseases- to include FIBERS.

Playing with DNA, that is what it is about.

I'm equally certain that the new products play into this as well.

Case in point- dryer sheets.

A poster on another board stated that dryer sheets cause problems. Don't use them.

This isn't the article that the poster cited, but it will shed light:

Several posters to include msc, are questioning products- rightfully so.

When time permits, MSC, I plan to research that patent you post about.

"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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Post by Skytroll » Sun Dec 10, 2006 4:07 pm

I am full of fibers.......but they are not there.

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Post by tamtam » Sun Dec 10, 2006 4:16 pm

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