The Fiber Disease

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Post by Barz » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:19 am


Would you please elaborate on the choclear ear implant? A good friend of mine has a wife with one. She has been deaf for most of her life and does not really care for the implant. She hardly uses it anymore, but still has all of the implanted stuff in her. She does not, as far as I know, have any sign of the fiber disease. Thanks.


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Post by msc » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:40 am

from msc,

does anyone know a reporter who would do a few of our stories? my friend wants to tell her story and wants them to all the photos they can
take. she wants to know that a jury will see every horrid photo and every second of pain and torture she endured. she wants photos taken
the way it would be if she was sleeping and the horrible pulling of her
eyelids, nose and lips to be shown to a jury. the humilation and brutal
attach of her reputation and putting her through over a year of hell
in the dyfs court. she wants the world to see the corruption in our gov't and how dyfs put and left children's lives in danger, including aanylah
hubbert's life. a 14 month old baby who was being adopted by a family
in north nj, we believe the adoptive father is a judge in north jersey.
the little toddler was waiting for her case to be heard, naturally we
overhear the adoptive father say he pulled strings to have his case heard first, while we sat and had to wait, our appointment was 9:00 their's was
10:00 who got heard first, she was stuck outside in the hallways with us,
and my friend has always worried about her because she knew the white
ones were in her hair. she wants her children to be finally free. i know she doesn't want to live like this anymore nor cost or cause her family anymore pain. she had to take her youngest son to the clinic today as
he was really sick and has again bronchitis, no lab tests done she observation and his lungs sound horrible you can hear the weazing.
it is time for the nightmare to end, she has never ever tried to sell her
story no matter how financially destroyed she was by this. so you must know she is telling the truth. she only wanted her health back and children's health back and for them to have their given back to them.
they took it from them, they lied, they deceived, they committed insurance fraud. and wrote false evaluations. please help in finding
an honest, compassionate reporter who speaks the truth. none of this is funny none of it should have happened and no one should get away with
such a cruel and inhumane act.

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Post by Barz » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:55 am


Did you attempt to contact CNN? The story they did seems to have been in favor of those of us who suffer. You need an investigative reporter. Skytroll may have some suggestions. Perhaps Rense (although London doesn't agree, I don't know why but she may have legitimate facts supporting her reasoning) could point you in a direction. Contact Shoshana there.

I am so intriqued by your friends findings, I cannot fathom the idea that any reporter would not run with this. This is huge!!!

I applaud you for your extreme diligence in finding help for your friend and also for all of us who suffer this horrid disease.

Also, have you contacted by phone Drs. Karjoo and Staninger? Perhaps they can help. I do not know what else to suggest, but I would definately try to contact CNN first and foremost.

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Post by Barz » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:58 am

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Media Coverage

Post by Ridgewalker » Sun Dec 03, 2006 10:02 am

msc - Since I participated in the Primetime, CNN, CBS and a lot of local media I do have a number of great contacts for media. Can you PM me about specifics, like where this patient is located and how they want the information presented? We would need to have somewhat of an outline prepared but many of the local affiliates here began fighting for our story once we forwarded them our information and the coverage done by other stations. But I do have national contacts also.

Hey Yaskal! Questioning your 'source' yet now that Wymore has spoken? Silence is truly golden! Wymore can say plenty more if I need him to. As I said, he's even got my hair samples that were tested by the Tulsa Police Forensics. That would tell if I've done any drugs for quite some time, would it not? Want me to ask him to address that subject also? Be glad to. And much better than any piss test. Can't mess with the hair. He also has copies of your accusations so anything you want addressed....speak now or forever hold your peace because Dr. Wymore is a man of impeccable integrity and I don't think he'd take a stand for a ....let's see what have you called me? Meth using, crack smoking, MORE JAMM failure, hyperdistracted unorganized drug user, no then you said I'm not taking meds to manage my thyroid, yet my thyroid tests are normal so don't quite get that one. Do you want me to take more or less drugs Yaskal. You were unclear and unintelligable. BTW what was your answer to Marc's 3rd grade level math question for people of brilliant IQ? Being a former member of MENSA, I don't know what chapter you are attempting to join, but at least back when it mattered 150 was required and 150 is considered genius level. Said I wouldn't toot my own horn but darn girl, thinking an IQ of 128 is brilliant.....and then BRAGGING about it (I'd be ashamed!) is just too much for me!
I've requested that the moderators review what has transpired from page 420 forward to see if we can't deal with you once and for all. I'm asking that any others of you that have been disturbed by her behavior do the same. I would normally not go to such great lengths but being that I truly am what I say I am, a patient supporter with a larger group that helps with crisis delegation and yes, involved in work at the OSU lab and lots of media work. Organizing the MORE JAMM and doing everything by myself because your 'source' bailed after she robbed me and hacked my computer, I feel as if I've accomplished quite a bit to raise awareness of Morgellons Disease. I've organized political petitions, kept on top of state and federal congressmen and senators and Dan Rutz knows me by name and shudders when he has to take my calls. And I typically don't talk about it to anyone. I feel that this is the purpose the disease gave me and I use my God-given intelligence to DO something about it and talking is NOT doing.
Tam - another definition to add to 'united'. Uniting means nothing without action. We must unite, despite our differences and heightened emotional states of some and take ACTION. Any kind of action provided it is positive, is better than none. ORGANIZE. Action without organization is chaos. And chaos is what I've observed here. I can give you many useful definitions of unification Tam, because I'm using them and they are working. An ever widening circle of intelligent people willing to stop theorizing and start DOING. Walking the walk, not talking the talk. As Sky so eloquently said, we'll all be dead by then. We don't have time to keep squabbling and theorizing. I've got evidence on the makers of the nanowires NOW. That's a start. Put pressure on one and the dominoes will fall. But we must be organized, unified and willing to act.

Blessings to all with sincere hopes of peace and cooperation,
KC (Karen) Ridgewalker

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The Fiber Disease

Post by Deena » Sun Dec 03, 2006 10:13 am

Thought I would tell you all what I think will happen in regards to Litigation, as great of a thing it would be, if it could be heard in front of a jury, no doubt.

On 8-25-01, my birthday, my 2 boys (ages 1 & 5 at the time) husband and I decided to build a cool tree house for the kids. I was digging up the poison oak from the surrounding area. I used gloves but was wearing shorts. I was trying to get them from the roots and one snapped back and just slightly broke the skin when it scratched my leg. I had poison oak so many times in my childhood life, I just assumed another annoyance, try not to scratch, it will go away faster. Yeah right. Anyone plagued by the devils dust, knows the rest of the story. I thought there was something wrong with my water. These sores would ooze green/yellow from them, especially after a shower. At the worse of my initial condition, I had counted 157-160 sores (at one time). None of the creams from my family physician worked, they were tired of seeing me and finally referred me to my dermatologist. I was excited because I really believed that after he viewed the material from these lesions that I brought to him, he would identify and put an end to my misery. I have no problem in displaying this a-holes name. Just a couple of months after my last visit EVER (for myself) to another ILLNESS LOVING, DISEASE SUPPORTING, ANTI-CURE, PRO-MEDS, SO-CALLED LIAR FREAKIN PHYSICIAN, I recieved in the mail, a letter, announcing The retirement of DERMATOLOGIST WILLIAM BAILEY and if I wanted copies of my medical record, I had to obtain them by a certain date because they would be archived and not easily obtainable after that date.
Let me say that I am sorry to place all physician's into the same category. It is a very unfair statement to make, as I know there might be a few (very few) good ones, somewhere on this earth but according to the diagnostic records of us who have seeked them, justifies my statement. I was not treated well by the physician's assistance DR. KEN ROMANS or dangit forgot her last name DEBBIE, in Dr. BOWHAYS office, as well, especially after removing the 3 1/2" to 4 1/4" fibers from the lower spine area of Tristen, my youngest son. They began to ridicule me from here on out and claimed they would call one of the patients room by my last name.
I did not want to waist my Saturday night on the internet, and was trying to be brief and cut to the chase. After a 5,000.00 water system with reverse osmosis made little change of what went on under my roof, and the symptoms of toxic mold were in full blown effect, I contacted my home owners insurance co. They came to my house, did a complete home inspection, tested the fibers hanging all over my wall decorations, as well as air samples that were taken throughout, for possible toxic mold. On a seperate day afterwards, an inspection was performed for possible water leakes. All reports came back clean with a suggestion to add (another) venthilation fan in my master bathroom. They were fully aware of what was happening to myself as well as my children, for they were my biggest concern. They baby would never heal of ear infections, they ruptured several times. The bloody noses were puddled on the pillows and crusted on their faces 4 to 5 out of 7 days a week and 3 to 4 of those 7 days, I would wait for my oldest son to begin his coughing attack he would have some time in the night. If I did not put a Triaminic Vapor Patch on his chest, he would begin to violently throw up. We all looked so aweful and usually resembled raccoons. It was hard to eat, hard to wake up and hard to move once we did get up. If my oldest son didn't fall asleep in the shower every morning, he was telling me that he felt like he was going to throw up before he got out. As Tristen began to walk, I noticed problems in his legs and hips. Some of his first words were, "back hurts". He became a Shriner's patient as well as having tubes placed in his ears. They (both children) came down with that foot mouth disease thing that went around. It was to the point that the pharmacist was absolutely beside himself when he asked me how old my baby was. He could not believe that a physician would up the strength of these antibiotics they were prescribing to my kids. I never fully gave them what was prescribed to do because I saw their health failed even more. Tristen came down with a very high fever. It was just over 105 and it did this in the evenings for a good 4 days. Then Tyler got it. His above 105 for over a week. I almost lost him and the dehydration so severe, I woke up to him gasping for air as his throat closed dry.
My husband often worked out of town and would come home on the weekends. One weekend he came home and asked me why Tyler's tongue was black. I looked in the mirror and found the same on me. I scraped it with a q-tip and closed it in a zip-loc. Within 24 hours, mold had spread up the q-tip.
August of 1999, we purchased this house, personally built by and for a contractor who decided to sell. It had a shop, as well as property, large garage and fenced backyard with the perfect playthings any kid would love. Dream home was written all over it.
Approximately 6 months prior to this purchase, my husband began hanging out with someone he worked with and started going to these revivals that were being held at his friends Church. For two weeks straight, he would not come home (and this just before working out of town all the time) until well after midnight. I was getting very mad and although I wanted nothing to do with this new Church thing, found myself, one evening, actually driving there. With an attitude, I stormed through the doors right in the middle of this service. Much to my pissed of surprise, people began clapping. Apparently it was at the top of the prayer list and it just been answered. I went along with it and began to feel this drive in me wanting more....I asked for more and recieve, oh man, did I.
Perfectly content with who I was, raised on what they taught in public schools and never entertainig other possibilities, believed we came from evolution. It was all I new. The jahova's in their white shirts and ties annoyed me when they would take up my time and knock at my door. I usually ignored them or hid around the corner till they left. To me, people who were all consumed in holy-rolliness were that way because they were either nerdy outcasts or hit some rock bottom point in their lives and it was their last resort. Not so.
The next night, I willingly went to the revival with my husband. I witnessed people with the holy spirit on them as well as people who were slaign in the spirit. I was blown away, naturally but wanted the same. I had to feel it, too. That night, I gave my life to God and became "saved". The feeling was like no other and not explainable. I wanted to run out and save the world but soon learned that my place was only the planting of seeds.
I often watched tbn and took interest in this Benny Hinn guy who toured around the world, holding these 2 day visits, each place he went. People all over the world were being saved and healed. It fascinated me because after my experience, I knew how real it was.
My husband started a job in southern ca. We purchased a new travel trailer so Tyler and I could hang out at the pool, go to the beach, visit my old friends (it was my home town before moving to northern ca) or just do whatever and still see my husband in the evenings. It was planned to never send our kids to any daycare type thing as it was senseless to us to pay someone else to raise our children. One weekend, we took Tyler to Disneyland. On the space mountain ride, I had jerked so hard, it threw my back out so badly that it pinched a siatic nerve that ran down my right leg. It would take me a good 15 minutes in the mornings to get from my bed to Tylers crib to get him out. Then I heard that this Benny Hinn was coming to Oakland. I drove in one day, all the up to northern ca (8 hours) to my moms house, so she could keep Tyler for me, then down to Oakland, another good 2 1/2 hours. I wanted to be healed and I believed I would. When Benny Hinn made the alter call, even though I already had been saved, I came to the front, anyways. i wanted in there as close as I could and I mean there were thousands and thousands of people at this thing. The strangest thing happened. Benny Hinn looked in my direction and his eyes locked mine. It was like God was talking to him and it was about me. This was at least for a minute to 1 1/2 minutes. I did not get healed that night and I was pretty disapointed.
A month or so later, my husbands friend was having a bbq and bible study. I explained to an individual there what I had done and wondered why I did not get healed when I so strongly believed I would. He directed me to go sit in this chair, so I did. He held out the psalm of his hand and told me to place my heels in his flat hand. I did. Approximately 18 other people gathered around and began to pray. From a prior accident at the age of 18, I was left after completely being paralyzed from the neck down, to my legs being a difference of 3/4 to an inch shorter than the other).
As all began to pray, I felt the holy spirit come over me as well as watching my leg literally begin to move. It then popped (out of socket?) and passed the length of my left leg and back up into perfect position. The Lord spoke to me. He said this, "My daughter, you are like Miriam". "You will have visions and dreams and are one of my army". Other things were said but it is all that has ever stayed with me. He spoke to my husband as well, telling him that he would ask himself, "Is this my wife? and to take heed".
After that night, I searched all I could find on who this Miriam was. I found her to be the sister of Moses and Aaron and that she had been cast out of the camp with Leprosy as punishment. But she WAS healed. Not much more is in the Bible on Miriam. A sentence here or there but the plague has happened to me already.
Once we moved, my husband went on a little church search, finding one close to our home by the name of Mt. Zion Assembly of God. It was the first time I had been there and the first time I had ever met one of the most awesome, genuine people in this world, I have ever had the priveledge to meet. Pastor Paul Palmer who now resides at The Dream Center in Atlanta, GA. I love him and miss him more than I ever imagined I would. It's safe to say that I need him right now, and leave it at that.
At the end of this first service that I attended, he asked if there were anyone feeling as though they drifted away from God. I felt my heart pounding so hard I knew I had to raise my hand and at the very last minute, I did. Next thing I know, Pastor Palmer is standing at the end of the row where I sat, and seemed to be speaking the words God was giving him. Again, it was said, "My daughter, YOU ARE like Miriam".
I couldn't believe it. God knew I had been questioning things in my mind. It was the only way because I told nobody this. I never met Pastor Palmer before this day and it wasn't until after this service that I spoke to him for the first time.

That's where this thing started, I suppose.
Dreams happened. Dreams I would have rather not had but when my husband got to the point of not handling his guilt over what seems to be at the top of most mens priority list, he then decided to pray about it, asking God if he should tell me or not and to remove his burden, one way or the other. So...lucky me got the full 3D view in my sleep every night. No face but the darker skin and dark hair and all the details. My husband had a tough childhood and his feelings towards his father for this made me believe it never something to worry about in our marriage, especially if there be no reason for it. I never would have asked him if jhe had done this. Never. My dream became so annoying, I couldn't understand why it continued to repeat itself every night and just out of confusion, asked my husband, "you never did that, did you"? His chin touched his chest and I heard this Yes. I laughed at him and called him a liar. But he wasn't. When he told me of his prayer, I then believed him. Woah!
So much for my Saturday night, no kids/husband to bug me, crank the sterio up and do whatever I want to night. Guess I'm typin here.

SABRINA, Thank You! Your words were kind. Not entirely chased off, though. I also felt a not now in there. You, I admire much for your initiation of this thread. And because it is yours, you gave a thumbs up, I guess now I type. :lol: Like I said, it was not on my evenings agenda. :roll:

RANDY, Sorry to go off on you. It was not my business to begin with. The air is thick and it shows. Perhaps Tuesday's full moon effects are coming on? What color is your sky at dusk and dawn? Nothin but blood red, in my neck of the world. I wondered the distance it ran. My skies in the day time are so heavy with traffic, almost like the end of a firework show and it's the grand finale. Rarely will I see one evaporate. They twist and turn almost like evil faces glaring down on anything below them. This can't be good.

Hey! New thread to post....ummm. Red skies at night? Wait a minute. Anyone know what color they should be or used to be? Without forest fires physically :lol: burning?! I Know, :? Not funny.

Right now, I'd pay that lady that typed away at my deposition double, if shed finish this. Typing is not fun for me and fast, I am not.

K. Where was I. The mold house. Black tongues. The Miriam thing/take heed to my husband. Ah yes. Take Heed. About 1 month ago, (my husband was told to take heed to this plague situation more than 5 years ago) my husband saw the Russian Furied temper in me bust out of it's cage. He asked me what "Take Heed" meant. :shock: For the last 5 years plus, I have been trying to tell him to open his damned eyes as our prophesy is trying to pass. There were times that I wondered if it would all go away, if he just took heed. I dealt with my part, I had no choice. He did have a choice and my condition was too off the map for him to deal with. He never wanted to hear me talk about it, got pissed because I wouldn't go to another doctor to try and "DO" something about it, if it was so bad, got irritated with me because every time he turned around, I was so sure I had found something to get rid of it for good (not realizing I was just altering it's path and it would still return) oh, and because of my extensive research and microscopic skills, I knew what it was, every other week, or so. Well! It falls very similar to the path of this thread and hey, I give myself credit as I hit on many of the same places/subject as the many over my head einstein locals did. And good you all are, no doubt. Once I found it, I threw up my hands, printed a little here and there and resigned from the internet for awhile. It felt good and I realized that it had been consuming me. One of the last things God told me was to give it to him and I would be victorious. So I'll try to finish here.

Just after Thanksgiving in 2001, 11 months after my insurance company told me my home was fine, I decided to purchase this computer. I'm thinking it was either the first or second ask jeeves question on toxic mold that I inquired on and it gave me this:

Leviticus 14:33
Naturally, I grabbed my bible. As I read, somehow my brain (can't explain it) began to register our hvac system and a slight image of the way it sat outside was in like a white/grey fog, in the corner of my site.
My heart began to pound and I again was priveledged with God's presence. I knew that I knew that I knew is all I can say. I got on the phone to my husband and asked that he remove the top of our hvac unit when he got home. He did. I fainted.

There is a 12 month statue of limitations on insurance claims denied. And quite frankly, I gave a rats ass on coverage. I simply wanted to know if it was causing our life in hell experience. I didn't even scratch the surface on the health problems my 2 children and I had, aside from Tristen's bones not properly growing and menstrual cycles that would mimic black tar and too close for words on almost loosing Tyler.
I found it and it was in the 11th month. I got my kids out of there, immediately. They stayed with my mom who lived just a few miles from me and my plan was to wrap it up, get the things I would need for the next few months, at least and not realizing, at the time, cross contamination would be a result of. I was stopped by doing so, anyways. I began to feel somewhat nausiated just after noon that day and was having troubles accomplishing anything at all. It felt like my house was slowly filling with some kind of a toxic gas. I laid on our brand spankin new $2300.00 couch, with a rag over my mouth and nose and fell asleep. A few hours passed, I could no longer sleep and my limbs had gone numb from being so cold. It was after 3am. I couldn't fight off the feeling to vomit anymore. Once I started, it wouldn't stop. I called my mom to come and get me, driving wasn't possible when I could only crawl. It seemed like it took forever for her to get there. It was my last memory in my dream home. To this day, if I get too cold, it takes me so long to get warm again. My internal parts shake and the vomit game is on.
She told me that she found me on the floor in my living room, under a sleeping bag. I had gone into shock.

I'm sending this now. It would devastate me if I accidentally lost it, at this point. My computer is doing strange things.

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Post by Deena » Sun Dec 03, 2006 10:25 am

DAMN!!! Just read the previous post from MSC and find it rather ironic to my own situation and if I could cut to the chase here, you may agree. I was gonna call it a night. Can't really now. A pot of coffee and I'll be back to hopefully spit it out!!

It's the brain dah that I sruggle most with....does it show?

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Post by RANDY » Sun Dec 03, 2006 10:25 am


I am not holding my tongue or going further into this..but borrowing not taking for help with bills..but I also do not want to bother Wymore with this petty stuff. He is a very important man doing very good work and he gets too many phone call per day as it is. I would never dream of bothering him for anything so petty.

I also do not want to continue this on this forum or any other forum for no other reason then I have no time for this and have nothing to prove or disprove.

I have quoted no source and if you do know who I am talking about fine..but there are huge holes in your story and hers has none.... but I really do not care nor do I want to discuss this here or anywhere.

You have a violent temper and I have been advised not to rile or talk with you, so please stop trying to egg me on. Ok..that is all I am asking.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by J Jill » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:52 pm

I've got evidence on the makers of the nanowires NOW. That's a start. Put pressure on one and the dominoes will fall. But we must be organized, unified and willing to act.

What are you talking about Karen?

How do Nanowires relate?

We don't have time to keep squabbling and theorizing.

If there was an answer, there would be no need to theorize.

Please share.

"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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The Fiber Disease

Post by Deena » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:54 pm


My little one, Tristen. He was on a breathing machine. At night, I prayed over him after he would fall asleep. His breathing so labored, I didn't know if I would find his precious little heart beating in the mornings. A strong preminition this little one suffers from the same. (Toxic mold). Wish I could go there and confirm. Now I have the traits of a bloodhound from it and can look at a child and tell if it is in his environment in excess amounts. I have done many and knock on wood, have not failed once. Not clear on who's environment, it might be in, though. The mom's or the dad's?
I am an hour from Sacramento, Ca. In the beginning of my own situation, i had placed a phone call to Channel 3. They were all over it and wanted to air it, with our permission. My Attorney advised us not to because our case just began and a feel for direction from our guilty party was still unknown at the time. Insurance Fraud was huge on our case. Documentations of every effort to obtain copies of our denied claim were there, as well as my efforts in obtaining them from the company who actually performed the air samples. My Attorney was able to finally get them. What they showed, basically was disregard for human life.
Those reports revealed elevated levels of toxic mold throughout my home. We were advised to evacuate immediately. We lived there 11 months longer because they said our house was fine. By the time this whole nightmare ended, all the tests were performed by opposing parties, 3 years have passed. I have been working on a pile in my driveway, trying to salvage anything possible. Anything and everything fibrous was lost. The fiber disease and toxic mold together, I can tell you, is similar to playing with fire. Alone, each one is bad. Together, they make bad look good.
If at all possible, the child leaving the place that could be a possible culprit of these voc's from toxic mold, will dramatically improve his condition and it will improve rather quickly.
REASON WHY I BELIEVE THAT LITIGATION WILL FAIL, AS FAR AS ALL OF US AS A WHOLE, UP AGAINST THE ACCUSED IS CLEAR AFTER JUST PUTTING MY CASE TO A CLOSE AFTER 5 1/2 YEARS, AGAINST OUR INSURANCE CO., CONTRACTOR/PREVIOUS OWNER WHO WE PURCHASED FROM AND THE CARRIER CORPORATION OF DAY & NIGHT HVAC SYSTEMS. ALL 3 SEPERATE CASES WE SETTLED WITH, REGARDLESS OF HOW STRONG OUR EVIDENCE WAS. WHAT JEOPORDIZED THEM ALL WAS PROOVING WHEN IT HAPPENED. TRISTEN'S ONLY LIFE WAS IN THAT HOUSE BUT BECAUSE WE WERE NOT ABLE TO EVEN FIND A DOCTOR TO PERFORM THE TESTS WE NEEDED FOR MOLD IN OUR BODIES UNTIL 3 MONTHS AFTER LEAVING THE HOUSE, IT ONLY REVEALED WHAT WE WERE EXPOSED TO SINCE THE DAY WE TOOK OUR FIRST BREATH. funny how that works when we all four were identical in maxing our charts in the same mold species. This evidence had to be very hard and very solid without soil. I don't see it being anwhere close with this ordeal Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Penecillium our main enemies. A little Stachybotry was there and if there be a continuous water leak or a source that stays wet for any amount of time, Stachybotry will most likely be fact. Stachybotrys will take a childs life, very easily so better to rule this whole area out, if possible. Fact is, anyone with a compromised immune system will open doors wide, for Morgellon's, I'm sure already known but the mold. There is something about the combo when there is both together.
I would like to post a couple of other interesting things in regards to tests done and what was found and tested, as well as things that happened in the air at night after 11pm along with my German Shep/1/2 wolf dog. (wannabe mother of my 2 boys :lol: more like it, dog). Perhaps manyana. Maybe later. after this I will not want to look at a computer/key board for a long time!

It is not my habbit to say my next words. It's always annoyed me something fierce if it might have been said to me but I'm telling you this because I now know the power that these words have behind them. There will be many that argue or try to come between which identify under the forces of evil. Right now, we are in a war and the cost is souls. You, me, your brotha, your motha, aunt, your uncle, your neighbor. Every single one of us. At one time or another a seed was planted in us. Free will was ours and our choice to either make that seed grow with the word of God and produce fruit or let it dry up and die, was ours. And I know that right now, if people truley want to give their lives to God, they can so very easily from their hearts and repeat the sinners prayer, repenting and turning from their wicked ways. Not only will they be born again and a child of God's but they may also be set free of this disease.

What fascinates me is the fact that it was so easy to do before the fiber disease struck. What I never saw coming was what happened when I made a few bad decisions in my life and my walk with God became altered, because of it. He told me and he warned me that he is a jealous God. Other words he said, I cannot recall them exactly so cannot speculate for my own sake but I do know those words meant, without doubt, that I was playing with evil. Ever since the day I was born, my parents claim myself as rebellious and extremely difficult. My mom always wished I had another just like myself, to pay me back by. (That's kind of mean after hearing myself say it :? ) However, it was my mission in life to do everything at least twice, if I was told no. I honestly couldn't help it (not sure why) but it was like this strong challenge like drive came over me. I never gave up until I won.
I have the biggest challenge in my life, now that I will ever have, as consequence of. I am fully aware of the fact that I no longer have 100% control over my mind, body and soul. The part that tries to repent and turn from it's wicked ways is now being over powered. It's holding me back from my promised victory.

This is a deep disease. It most likely will not leave you unless it is handled in a deeply manner. Those who sadly lost their lives over this, I am so sorry to know of. The gift of Sabrina's thread, had to not only save souls, but kind of brought people with this disease, together and it lifted spirits, perhaps and maybe gave a little hope. Relief was a fact, personally for me. I thought that I was the only person in this world who dealt with this thing. It was actually life changing for me, Sabrina, when I landed your thread. My towel was on it's way and my marriage barely salvagable. I truely hope you find yourself well rewarded as it is due to you.
People! Review these pages and look at what is happening. How can we gain strength from eachother while we fight like cats and dogs??!!! If we had a heaven and hell scale, our enemy is taking lead, here. STOP IT!!!

K. I'm done now. Weather you be Darwin or not. A believer in Jesus, in recarnation, evolution, what the ..ever, I for the first time in a long time plan to pray for you tonight. If just one could maybe do the same for me, I'd probably feel it and be forever greatful. My cup has runneth dry and ashamed, I am.

~Anybody want to post the sinners prayer?

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The Fiber Disease

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Parasites - A Sufferer's Diary
(taken from ... of/030.htm) Go to this website for the photos to be included with the diary.

Medical Write up for Mr. X - His story of treating skin parasite(s)

Strongylus monospinigerum - (temporary name given for this in China)

General description:

An unidentified organism, which is infesting more and more homes across the country. This particular creature apparently houses itself in lint-like fibers which it seems to weave into a tiny ball, like a nest or cocoon, and contacting human skin via floors or clothing, bores into human tissue to take up residence in the body. (Regular laundering with hot water and detergent apparently do nothing to kill the organism in clothing). Once in the body the following symptoms result:

- Open itchy lesions on the skin appear (from tiny holes to many millimeters in length)
- Intestinal discomfort begins or slight anal discomfort
- Straight red lines (track marks) just under the skin are sometimes seen
- A "crawling" sensation is repeatedly felt on the skin and scalp, although nothing is visible to the naked eye
- Fatigue and lowered resistance to disease develops over time
- Localized muscle pains occur
- Sharp, painful tinges in tissue are felt
- Blood (reddish brown) spots can be seen which over time move from deep tissue areas to the surface of the skin

Upon recent investigation by Microbial Diagnostics, Inc., the following was observed concerning selected samples of the lint-like balls:

Dr. Steven Doggett's observations:

“Regarding the samples: contained approximately 15 structures. At the macroscopic level, each appeared to be small masses of lint or natural fibers approximately 0.5 to 1 mm in diameter. At the microscopic level (examined at 100x and 450x), the structures appear as tightly woven, but irregularly shaped stands of natural fibers. Each mass consists of a heterogeneous assemblage of fibers – the vast majority of fibers lack color and are somewhat consistent with Figure 6 provided by Dr. Amin's web site:
Approximately 20-30% of the fibers were tinted blue, approximately 5% were tinted red, and less than 5% were
tinted green. Each structure varied in its specific assemblage of colored fibers. Some lacked colored
fibers altogether or contained only one a single tinted fiber, which was usually blue or red. Occasional wool
fibers were also seen and these appeared as dark brown. In my opinion, most if not all of the fibers are
natural - likely cotton or paper and some wool.

Also present within the fibrous matrix were occasional fungal spores. These spores are typical of cross
contamination by background levels of spores suspended in indoor air or deposited as constituents of indoor
dust. There was absolutely no indication that the fibrous structures are fungal in origin or that fungi
co-exist within the assemblage other than by chance alone.”
"Two of the 15 structures contained a single nematode-like organism. Although this is outside my area of expertise, the morphology was most similar to filariform larvae of hookworms or possibly a larval form of Ascaris (roundworm). The organisms were identical in morphology. Their presence was not readily observable because each structure had to be carefully teased apart to reveal the inner “core”. If present, this is where the organism is found." Two of the 15 structures contained a single nematode-like organism. Although this is outside my area of expertise, the morphology was most similar to
filariform larvae of hookworms or possibly a larval form of Ascaris (roundworm). The organisms were
identical in morphology. Their presence was not readily observable because each structure had to be
carefully teased apart to reveal the inner "core". If present, this is where the organism is found.

The above phenomenon may reflect a portion of the organism's life cycle. Perhaps the organism uses the
fibers for protection and dispersal (fibers would become readily aerosolized - especially those that are
less than 1mm in diameter). I was impressed with the fact that each structure is tightly compacted or woven
- but this is not to suggest that the fibers originate from the organism; rather I feel that the fibers
originate from your home (e.g. clothing) and the larvae becomes entrapped within the fibers - or the organism
purposely organizes the fibers into a protective "cocoon". It would seem very odd indeed that the
fibers would enter your skin as you describe. But even if just a few of the fibers entered your skin and assuming this is similar to Dr. Amin's observations, this could explain the incidence of fungal or other
microbial infections - these fibers are anything but sterile. The appearance on external human skin as observed by Dr. Amin would suggest that the cocoons are shed upon entry. The organism may not complete its
life cycle within a human host - as occurs for some species of Ascaris that are specific for other animals
but may enter human hosts with varying degrees of effect. In some instances visceral larva migrans are observed.
My Medical Report…

Contracted what I thought may be mite bites with symptoms in 2nd week of October… origin unknown…

Standard shampoos for lice ineffective.
Was combating condition with: Honey & Vitamin E
Selenium Sulfide 2.5 percent
……………………………………… Hydrocortisone 1 percent with Aloe
………………………………………. Hydrogen Peroxide - ears only
………………………………………. Bathing with small amount of Clorox in the bath
………………………………………. Cut hair to combat problem
……………………………………….. Alcohol (70% Isopropyl)
Washed clothes in Clorox and high heat and dry high heat too. Vacuumed with Hepa Vacuum apt. regularly.
Wounds found everywhere… Hair, scalp, face, legs, arms, groin, feet, hands, ears, under the nails, behind the heal of the foot. No typical crustation like the Norwegian crusted scabies though.
Saw a Diseases and Infection specialist…
Complete labs tests for blood and specimen culture:
Lab diagnosis: SCABIES SCABIES - which was later proven to be incorrect

Biopsy punch down tissue taken from the arm was not valid – the sample was only an inflamed area. I provided samples and Lab concluded a diagnosis on my provided samples of SCABIES. Disease and Infection doctor recommended the Permethrin twice with an eight-day interval.

Blood tests were all negative for the parasites inside blood, but not sure complete blood smear or serology was done for parasites outside the norm. But Serology was done. White blood cell count normal indicating no parasites.
Tests for all other type internal diseases – negative (no STD’s, no HIV, and No cancer). No blood found in feces either.

But I suspect I could have more than one kind of mites.. might be their advanced morphing in new generations… Structures built into wounds going deep.. horny like structures in the head and face area.

November 27th – 30th. NY Lab A: came into Apt. and took samples from window sill, vent, and floor, my vacuum too. Plus they took my submitted samples, and a tissue where I blew my nose. They could Not decipher what it was… nothing found. Send them samples in alcohol later, and then samples preserved in clear tape. Still Lab looked and said they are unknown or look like skin.

Treatments: after condition present for 3 weeks..
Permethrin 2 times.. with 8 days in between application…effect.. Nothing (Nov. 13-21) prescribed by a Diseases and Infections specialist.
They kept coming out in other generations… and from area the Permethrin didn’t get to areas under toes… Cut back toenails, and soaked in water and Hydrogen Peroxide.
Found caked area under toe – scrapped and cleaned in Clorox & water area.
Found caked area behind heal of the foot, scrapped.. and bathed in Clorox & water solution.

Nov. 30th… obtained IVERMECTIN.. took 12 mg.. based on weight.. via first visit to a NYC Dermatologist.
This dosage is normally for someone weighing 130 lbs., I weigh 183. Possibly under dosed for this medication. Notice almost zero difference in the parasites disappearing. Had to combat them with home remedies and other herbs listed later.

Current Physician: Dr. C. – affiliated with North Shore Hospital
Practices in Great Neck, NY

I’m Insured with US Healthcare/Aetna policy as of Jan 1st.. switched from GHI.

Dec. 11th – Saw general physician and he recommended his Long Island dermatologist (2nd one). He examined me for 3 minutes and said I was fine. Bites and infection persisted.

Dec 30th – Checked into Beth Israel hospital to treat eye condition. Scratched eye lightly, when one eye was nearly infected with mite. Applied antibiotic for one week. (Polymyxin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim) Must see an ophthalmologist for a return check up.

Dec. 30th started treatments with Enzyme cleaner.. bathing 1 daily .. Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint
And cleaned apt. with solution. Also using Sulfa*Derm product.. with sulfur and Vitamin E topically.

Jan. 9th
Saw NYC Dermatologist for 2nd visit.. took Biopsy from head… Had a physical exam with General Practitioner. Dermatologist prescribed mild Steroid topically for cheek area still infected with scabies to heal the area. (Locoid)
Have infected areas near cheeks with what appears to be small little strands of the parasite. Treating with the sulfur compound, and diluted enzyme, and 2x daily the Locoid. Still treating feet, behind heal of foot, face, ears, and head still.

Jan. 11th submitted to Quest Labs 3 fecal tests.. all negative. 1 smear and 2 mixed with solutions. Fecal test was done for blood earlier mid-November, also negative.
Started using Grapefruit Seed Extract in Orange Juice – 10-15 drops plus a few drops in the bath. Eating yogurt to retain natural intestinal bacterial fauna.
Still I’m absolutely sure, a parasite not picked up exists in the fecal matter, I’ve seen it after wiping from a bowel movement. Also experiencing very slight discomfort in the anal area. Tests not picking up parasite via bowel movements or biopsies… Still blowing some out in the nose area too.

Jan. 15th started using improved solution Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint. Dramatic improvement. Used Baby Powder (talc) and Diatomaceous Earth in shoes and feet.
Used Sulfa Derm on wounds to the face and hands and under nails sometimes.
Rash was dangerously close to the other eye. Wounds on body all healing now after original baths in the first enzyme solution. Enzyme solution now hardening and caking off skin from parasite. Been spraying enzyme cleaner on entire apt. since Dec. 30th and cleaned all areas.. changed hepa vacuum filter after 2x usage. Sheets and bedding changed every 2 days… vacuumed every 2 days, since first getting symptoms.

Jan 18th Started taking Super Lycine Plus + for the wounds.. wounds are clearing up. Taking this 3x daily.
Super Lycine Plus:
Vitamin C: 100mg, L-Lysine 1500mg, Garlic Bulb 200mg, Echinacea Whole Plant 100mg, Propolis 2.1 25mg., Licorice Root 15mg., Goldenseal Root 15mg.

Jan. 18th Nearly all movement gone, except tiny amount in head and ears. Face clearing up fast. General wounds in the body starting to darken or go pink in color. Sometimes movement in groin or feet and then I spray with the Enzyme mix to kill it immediately to prevent the population from growing at all.

Jan. 19th Commenced taking a over the counter medicine to dry up nasal passage to kill off infestation there, taking it 2x daily.. it’s working. Allegra cold medicine.

Suspect I may have a resistant different strain of scabies… have strands.. raised bruises.. movement underneath the wounds.. for the duration of the infection.
Still fighting off the strands of the infection in the sides of face with sulfaderm
and steroid from the dermatologist. Only little movement felt on occasion of
perhaps babies, in groin, and face, foot, and head hair regions. Still spritzing them
with the enzyme watered down solution upon movement.

Jan 20th. Found in outside nail toes more parasites, removed and cleaned, and
cut back nails. Cleaned hands, minor parasites found in thumbs and between
webbing before, applied SulfaDerm. Still excessive debris after Enzyme bath
on ears.. must be dead matter from the parasite.

Jan. 21th Biopsy result: Negative.. no parasite, eggs, or feces from the parasite present from sample taken from the wound area of the head. Maybe the injection needle type
Biopsy went completely underneath the parasite which exists just barely beneath the Skin?

Jan. 26th Commenced taking Omega3 Fish Oils 1000 mg 1 per day for wounds..
And Bee Pollen 500mg for restoration of natural fauna in intestine. And Not Nice to
Toxins for toxin and parasite removal from system

Not Nice to Toxins:
EDTA 100 mg, Red Clover 100 mg, Milk Thistle 100 mg., African Bird Pepper 100mg.
Niacin 25 mg, Black Walnut 25mg, Clove Extract 25mg, Dandelion 25 mg, Hyssop 25mg, Wormwood 25mg, Garlic 25 mg, Ginger 25mg, Sarasaparilla 25mg.
Plus lots of water to drink.

Jan. 27th, Discovered white line tracts under feet, and still possible live parasite in heal area. Must clean out.

Jan. 28th Seeing a Garden City based General physician and Dermatologist, near
Winthrop and North Shore Hospital for possible referrals and overall care. Family
used these doctors and facilities.. 2 samples given were positive under the scope
as parasites.. were submitted to Parasitological Lab. Also Dermatologist took samples from the face.

Jan. 30th Face vastly improving due to Crocodile product on skin.. bringing up and
killing facial and head parasites rapidly. Skin now having a chance to heal, now that the parasite is gone from the cheek area. Bowel movement soft today, saw large tailed parasite in bowl. Continuing parasite internal eradication with
“Not Nice to Toxins” 3 times daily for a 2 month period. (started on Jan 26th this product). Found some scaling tissue on lower leg. Applied Sufa*derm. Also applied it to under the foot – track lines (all white), and to the heel of the foot.
Still movement on head and face from parasites.. and some leg and groin.
Clearing wounds out with Crocodile product on head and face slowly. Improvement noticed. Bought a Pumice brush to scrap effectively and lightly off the parasites from heal and bottom of sole of the foot while in the enzyme bath.

Feb. 9th Face improving due the Enzyme solution applied often, Crocodile product, and SufaDerm product. Wounds clearing also with doctors prescription to Betamethsone Valerate too… but Locoid Lipcream ineffective. Still clearing heel of feet and underside sole.. putting Sulfaderm and Crocodile (rotating each evening) before I go to bed on the feet. Wounds still active on: face, head, rump, and some on the feet.

Still awaiting Lab identification (Stony Brook Labs) of the parasite.

Feb. 10-22nd… Had to sterilize living environment.. threw out most furnishings, and large rug, and many small things.. to avoid larger clean up later. All objects in the apt. will have to be cleaned with the enzyme later.

Cleaned out many wounds, reappearance of parasites in fingernails and toe nails.. cleaned, plus developed a method to recycle clothes. Clothes were re-infecting my back and rump area. Still feel movement sometimes to the head, groin, legs, feet.

WASH procedure: soak clothes in very hot water with enzyme, wash in machine with hot water and Borox and enzyme.. then dry for over 70 minutes.. using small loads in dryer and washer. Then 2 – 10 second intervals of small clothing in the microwave, and then putting the clean clothes in a separate sealed baggie. Now re-infection is nill.

Washed floors with enzyme, cleaned furniture with enzyme or sprayed. Put plastic Tarp on leather couch.. threw away bed. Sleeping with single sheet on top of tarp. Changing it daily… all clothes – one time use.. then put to plastic sealed bags for washing. All washed or dry cleaned clothes are sealed, or wrapped in plastic and isolated. Minimally vacuum or spray floors every day. Bathing now 2x daily with enzyme solution and Borox.

Had bought new underwear at local large drug store, discovered they are laden with the SOURCE of the INFECTION. Will bring in unused sample for Diseases and Infection doctor. I had been buying this underwear for the last several months when I bought new underwear!

My brother dropped off, outside my door, fresh clothing and new underwear from a department store which was safe to use. Threw out most of old clothing, whatever I kept – I had to dry clean.

Garden City Dermatologist submitted samples from face and my own submitted samples to four different labs… Unknown or unidentified parasite.. some samples appeared as skin in the research. Dermatologist sent these to QUEST who interestingly enough misdiagnosed this as scabies earlier in November, yet now they can’t identify it…

Locoid cream works when the infection area of a wound is almost cleaned out completely, using that now a few times daily between baths.. helping to heal active wounds faster. Obtained Desoximetasone Cream but ineffective. Head still the most active area now.. and some on the back. Wounds still clearing. Still some dead possibly in the nose area. Small amounts dead in fecal area.

February 25th, Going to see Diseases and Infection Doctor of high reputation, to present condition and get further analysis. Still infestation in small amounts in feet, hands, back, and moderate still in the head, although all wounds now have considerably less infection within them. Old wounds all healing and disappearing thanks to the Enzyme baths, the Crocodile lotion, and the Betamethasone. The use of the Locoid cream now more effective with the less infected wounds. I am able to find the babies on the body rubbing gently the Crocodile on the skin, and picking off the hard tiny flecks of white parasites.
Sulfa*Derm good for healing wounds and fighting off toe and foot infections.

February 25-26th Identified a similar parasite type or perhaps my Parasite copies this type of mite in places it lives… DEMODEX Mites.. Visited website: which has photos.. and description which closely matches mine. Chinese origin, this parasite could be possibly getting into exports from Taiwan, or Hong Kong. Investigating still. This is not my pest bothering me… but it does the same things to my face, in the sebaceous glands and pores of my cheeks, neck, eye brows, and all around the eyes and eye lids these pests exists as well.

Feb. 28th Received Demodex solution medicine, very effective. Discovered a whole layer on my face of the parasite. Applied aggressively to get up parasite on ear, behind ear, and neck, and entire face. It was difficult to carefully apply and get up the parasites all around the eyes and just under and above the lids, but I did it. Recommended usage is small, but I was interested in getting up as much as possible quickly. Still uncertain
this is the Demodex mite though, because I still have infection to the fingers and toes, and Demodex mites do not go there.

March 2nd, Dramatic amounts of the parasite killed, but they are still roaming (a few) on the body, and I still have some toe and fingernail parasite infections. Will order a large quantity of the Demodex Solution products and continue cleaning and spraying with the Enyzme. Using the crocodile to feel where they are on the legs and arms and get them up, as well as protect areas of the body.

March 5th Made a contact with couple using a Microbiologist that have exactly what I have in symptoms. Microbiologist identified species as a NEMATOID.
They think it may go into the blood as well, and not just the intestines… this is highly dangerous, as many organs could be damaged if not stopped. It is believed to head to the lungs, and to the nasal passage.. Below is a photo of a typical Nematoid which resembles what I have.. Still having re-occuring problems with laundry method of possible re-infection. Will have to try soaking the clothes in alcohol first, before washing.

Link found identifying China outbreak of similar type disease..
This is very interesting… may be the link from the clothing and silks coming from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong --- and to our department stores. I posted the content beneath my document of this article.

I need a lab to analyze the underwear I bought in the department stores.. .
Contacting the CDC today.. 3/6/2003

I shaved my head today… to find all wounds hidden. Found a very large wound laden with tons of parasite behind the right ear. Spent 8 hours last 2 days, just cleaning all wounds, and cleaning up especially all parasites from the ears, with the Hong Kong Xingfumanlingshu topic ointment.
Still experiencing a little of the invisible ones in face move to parts of the face..
My back and rump got a little re-infected from the clothes which would not clean properly with the Enzyme solution, so I will try the alcohol rinse first. Hands nearly uninfected now… Spraying Enzyme into cleaned wounds.. and re-treating with Demodex topical ointment.

Will have Dermatologist forward samples to the local health department and then to the state if they cannot identify. Sent report today to the CDC.

Ordered a homeopathic product to cleanse the blood as well as the intestines…
from Cleanse and Rebuild starter pack.

March 6, 2003 Contacted North Shore Hospital and forwarded this report to Diseases And Infection division… looking for some more help.
My photo below taken from the head near the ear, matches the description of the Male parasite found in China exactly. China medical article is below.

March 10th Some re-infection on head and leg.. but face is slowly clearing. Population is lessening. Phoned Dermatologist about condition requesting sample to be sent, but they claim they have no more samples.

March 11th Port Washington, L.I. Diseases and Infection doctors have no references or outsource personnel, and cannot help. Need Microbiologist, Chemist, and D&I doctor.

March 12th Now adding Green Tea tablets, and Garlic tablets to diet to further combat internally the parasite with antitoxins.

March 13th Follow up care appointment with L.I. Dermatologist. Will try to get more valid samples for submission to Local Health Department. Experiencing some intestinal discomfort, and sometimes slight anal discomfort.
Demodexsolutions people will contact China for me regarding this disease.

March 21st Dermatologist could not locate a Local Health Dept. Lab to handle this..
The only state lab which is covered by my insurance is Quest, who twice already could not identify this.

March 21st Called the Dept. of Health for NYC and informed them of my condition.
They are going to call my dermatologist.

March 21st Called the Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept of Defense to get a nematode expert involved. Spoke with a doctor in the Armed Forces Division of Pathology.

Clothes must be soaked thoroughly and remain in alcohol for over 30 minutes and hang to drip dry. This works but the clothes have to remain saturated and only a few items or one can be in a bucket of alcohol at a time, to fully soak the clothing. This seems to kill the babies or larvae.

Demodex Solutions called and finally reached the doctor who studied and tried to find a cure for the China outbreak in the article at the bottom of this document. He found no cure.

Called the local police that handle Bio-weapons and informed them of this problem and forwarded my document to the FBI for a helpful alert. Spoke to the assistant of a Congresswoman in my old home town, and an Assemblywomen ‘s assistant too, to alert the government. Requesting help to get my Dermatologist to forward my samples to the State Health Dept. or a Pathologist to get this examined properly by experts.

March 28th Dermatologist is going to forward my sample to the STATE Health Dept.
Also Assemblywomen is forwarding my report to the State Health Dept.
Contacted the Pest division of the Dept. of Agriculture and a microbiologist is looking into the cotton industry for me regarding the nematodes.

March 29th Using Harmony products now for one week, noticeable difference.
Wounds are healing on their own.
Applied the Demodex pink crème to the head repeatedly and rubbed off parasites 4x .. for 3 days in a row with a shaved head.. again eliminating nests and cleaning up the head. Growth or layers still on the head after numerous applications of removal of the parasite.

April 17th Dermatologist’s assistant called and said the State Health Dept. found no parasite in the sample. Unsure if that meant they just didn’t know what they were looking at or never saw this species. Will arrange for the State Health Dept to mail several beakers for a final collection of many samples thru my dermatologist.
April 25th Beakers have arrived at the dermatologist’s. Reluctant to visit until I confirm more information,
then I may go for further samplings to the state.
Spoke with Ohio State Bacteriologist who confirmed nematodes have to be
mailed in water, not Isopropyl alcohol , they deteriorate shortly after removal
and deflate, but can survive in water for a few days. My original sample
was mailed in alcohol.. and therefore destroyed.
Spoke with Wisconsin University Nematode specialist who said that I
probably have a Filarial type of nematode since the Steiner type does not
have frontal mouth to bite.

May 2nd Located a prominent Bacteriologist that specializes in Nematodes.. he said it wasn’t
possible for it to be mutated via chemical exposure in the environment.. therefore this must have been developed in a laboratory. Will have another 2 people who have the same disease see this doctor, since
they live nearby.. and submit more larvae samples for examination.

May 5th Bought a microscope – awaiting delivery. I soaked unused underwear right out of
the package…the same package that had infected me months earlier, which I
had double baggied. I found 4 black specs, which I’ll analyze when my microscope

May 9th Microscope arrived.. with set up this weekend. It’s digital with motion picture and still
capable photography.
Retired scientist I know will contact a company which specializes in sterilization of foods
with electrification. The device may work with clothing too.. not sure.
Baths: I’ve been using – A few squirts of the enzyme in the tub, with 2 cups Borax, 1 cup
Epson salt, 1 teaspoon of Sulphur chopped fine, 8 drops of Tea Oil… after bathing for
20 minutes to 30 minutes.. I let the water drain.. and then shower and wash off all
debris with anti-bacterial soap.
I have several spray guns now for spotting and stopping their movements… I use the
Enzyme with hot water, or an alcohol spray, or the Equine spray.

May 23th Took digital photos of the organisms live.. the nematode and bacterium.
Guessing the bacterium may be the Photorhabdus luminescens as it is the most common one associated with the nematodes used in crops and experimentation as well as genetic manipulation. I try to obtain shortly the oral antibiotic that may eliminate at least the bacterium. This particular bacterium can leave it’s symbotic
relationship and continue on to attack it’s host independently. Also the other possibility is this could be the Heterorhabdus species… genetically altered too.
Antibiotics I will be obtaining to address anaerobic bacterium internally and Microbiotic bacteria are: Amoxycillin clavulanate or Floxin, oral Cephalexin, and Metronidazole oral.
Metronidazole is used primarily for anaerobic bacterial infections., Amoxycillin-clavulenate is used for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infections. Both are somewhat broad spectrum in their activity. Generally, an antibiotic susceptibility test is performed to determine the activity of an antibiotic for aerobic infections but anaerobes or generally more susceptible to the classes of antibiotics used to treat such infections. Photorhabdus is an aerobic organism showing a variable activity to drug. Ideally, susceptibility tests would normally be done to determine the organisms susceptibility to a particular antibiotic. But I don’t have such a luxury.. as I will be my own guinea pig. Such in-vitro studies do not always correlate with response in the host. This appears to be the case with Photorhabdus in some instances. Bottom line is if it works, use it, if not, switch to a different drug. ... escens.htm

Added to my regrime: Barberry, Colostrum, Green Tea extract pills, and Asparagus extract pills.

June 4th Going for a blood test. Checking the Eosinophils, Absolute – levels.
Should dictate if I have parasites still in the blood, but if this is a Nematode, they are very
difficult to find in the blood.. and they hide in the joints.
Will try applying a Metronidozole based topical cream of higher base content which I
Can absorb though the undersides of the feet to kill internal bacterial problem.
The Demodex Solutions cream has already 2% percent concentration.

Typical Nematode drawing below:

(see ... of/030.htm)

Observations, Conclusions, Hypothesis:

1) This is an unknown and not yet classified parasite which emulates scabies, but much more resistant and highly infectious. Initial wounds not as itchy as scabies which throws off those trying to diagnose it. I would name this the Skin Scabie for it’s properties of camouflage on the outer surface. It can obviously morph to other shapes in other generations.

2) The Parasite is resistant to Ivermetin, Permethrin, high heat (unless over 1 hour), intense cold (only puts it to a state of suspended animation), alcohol (saw one swim in it like it was water), and impervious to common bug sprays, and may not require oxygen – if it can go in the body and live internally.

3) Parasite goes internal after a time, (exact interval unknown, depends on infestation amount and time with infection). Parasite is not detected by common methods and blood serology tests. White blood cell count will remain normal. Parasite may enter via nose or mouth.. and go to the intestinal area and exit anally. Unknown if it survives coming out anally to attack the body again. Parasite is visible in the toilet after bowel movement, and I have seen movement of the parasite in the toilet. Suspect it lives in the intestinal area only, as X-ray I had done did not show enlarged organs. Also I’ve only experienced weight loss, and no other symptoms normally associated with a parasite.

4) Parasite emulates skin, and easily hides any where on the body. Common places to hide – nails underneath, sides of nails (appearing like a hang-nail), under soles of feet (in tracks), heel of the foot (almost like a crusted scabie), legs, arms, rump, back, face, hair – with tracks the thickness of a nail going through the head. Tracks are eaten in the skin in which babies are hatched. The babies are like a very hard spec of sand – white on skin, and slightly dark in a white sink.

5) Type of wounds: a) nickel, dime, and curved swirl shapes all over. b) In the head and neck – specs of flakes of the individual ones of the parasite in clusters. c) Sliced into the skin surface, almost invisible, like a sheath of skin, and in all the wounds.. the outer circle of the wound contains lots of the parasite too. Wound depth.. 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch or less.

6) All dermatology tests of biopsies show negative on this parasite, with punch down, and needle. A shaving must be taken. Problem with this is, the parasite which eats and emulates skin, may shed (like a spider or snake) it’s outer shell upon death or being lifted out from the host. All that remains is the structure or external skeleton, which upon analysis appears to be only skin. The spider or parasite may be using this skin as it’s shell as it feeds and builds in on itself as an armor. It also prevents the body from attacking from what appears to be it’s own skin. However, a low grade magnification under the microscope clearly reveals a parasite shell or structure. Also tests on this fecally (both smears and solution sediment samplings) also do not turn up showing the parasite. The screening methodology for this parasite is ineffective with the current means. Dermatologist should not assume healing wounds means the patient is recovering, or responding to the Ivermectin, especially if homeopathic products are being used simultaneously.

7) Putting the parasite in alcohol causes it to move and reveal itself. It balls up like a spider for protection. Unknown how long it can last in alcohol. It can be spotted on a black sock worn by an infected individual as a tiny white flake, easily mistaken for lint.

8) The Parasite is spreading not only through person to person, but I hope to prove it’s originating from the clothing manufacturers importing certain items made within 3rd world countries that get shipped an put directly onto our store shelves.

9) Parasite manifests itself in contagion differently among family members depending on their immune system and exposure.

10) Parasite also appears in different shapes, but the most common shape is a circle or partial clover leaf shape with a tail. Tail is used for movement. Parasite has extreme adhesive properties, and can stick to any object and remain there till touched. Parasite can within seconds melt into the skin, and becomes nearly invisible on the surface at first… it can be spotted carefully though, and it can be felt in areas with roughness on the skin surface. Dermatologists upon first look will say these areas when shown are merely skin. Scraping with bring up the “specific” shapes of the parasite, as where skin would not. Some of the parasites reside above the skin, and others from this species reside just under (endodermic). Once the parasite attaches itself, it starts biting and attaching itself to the skin area. I have removed one parasite in such an instance with the Crocodile lotion “WHILE” it attempted to integrate into my skin.

11) Movement capabilities – unsure, but it comes off infected person in flakes of skin and attaches to clothes. Because of it hiding in the hand, it’s easy to infect via a hand-shake. I saw it move in the alcohol and it’s front body has some kind of pincers to probably cut skin, but I do not know if it can move.

12) If the patient has the infection for a while, wounds with the parasite are UV light sensitive. You will feel lots of movement if under bright artificial lights.

13) Wounds will many times appear on exactly both sides of the body. For instance.. a wound to the left of the eye.. a wound to the right of the eye.


1) Classify Parasite or new type Nematoid? Get Parasitologist, Bacteriologist and Nematologist involved.

2) Report to local health authorities, physicians, and CDC for warning an analysis.

3) Verify sample of clothing contains direct from the bag – parasite.

4) Locate manufacturer’s source if from clothing.

5) Stop imports of potentially life threatening and debilitating parasites.

6) Develop a cure.. which now can only be stopped with enzyme and other homeopathic products.

7) Instruct physicians on how to spot this infectious disease and not mistake it for scabies or a similar parasite. All to often this is mistaken for a psychological phenomenon. These are real insects, biting, nesting, and invading the patient’s whole body, causing intense discomfort, harm, and trauma. These insects may appear invisible, but they are not, and they are easily found if someone knows how to find them, and what they look like.

NEW Conclusions:

The nematode I believe is an enteropathogenic biocontrol species which has been genetically modified to be of very small size. The Steinernema riobravis is one genetically modified species used today in the USA for cotton. Many species are used already all over our country as well as the world. The way it works is: agriculturalists (since the late 80s) release millions of these tiny biocontrol worms into the soil of crops (in particular citrus, cotton and corn), into golf course turfs, gardens, etc., etc. to parasitize and kill off other "pest" insects. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that these nematodes would stop at insects, when warm-blooded hosts may be readily available. (There are absolutely NO controls by our government regulating either the testing, distribution or application of these creatures!) The worms each contain a unique type of bacterium (which they themselves are immune to, and this bacteria has been genetically "enhanced" to make them more lethal) and is the deadly element released once the worm invades the larger insect host. The bacterium could explain the bizarre formation of fibers and other amorphisms in the skin of the host. Obviously the clothing or textile (raw cotton or processed cloth) is not being sanitized and getting into garments which are distributed through our country (USA). In Columbia, they treat crops with dioxin, and some crops have been exposed to paraquat via the drug cartel wars which may have modified the organism. And many clothing manufacturers use Columbia for a source of cotton. And numerous other chemical treatments are used on crops there. Also many third world countries lack the stringent sterilizing elements found in the US methods. Enteropathogenic nematodes are used by ALL countries that produce cotton.

However the shape of this parasite appears more like the filarial Nematode species. This has to be a cross between several species… it behaves like a silk worm, and demonstrates Scabies or spider like tendencies.. and it is producing some chemical particles from my skin and hair… also there is a bacterial element and that bacterial could be genetically altered bacteria which works with the nematode, as they do have symbiotic relationships

It is possible that the primary damage or core of this disease is bacterial, although I do not believe it is Lymes disease, as is sometimes supposed. Obviously, if bacterial, then the vector of it becomes secondary in
importance. In this case, a microscopic nematode, which may itself have been vectored by a small species of screw worm fly found throughout our the Midwest and Eastern coast. One or more of these insects carried with it a new form of genetically modified, heat-resistant bacteria, capable of producing fiber. Please don't misunderstand, I am not suggesting that this is bio-terrorism. On the contrary, that these types of bacterial strains may have been produced with our own government's consent and even involvement for the purposes of research and development.

Second, the bacteria involved in this disease do not consist of one but multiple strains, depending on their source of origin. Thus, while all those experiencing this disease present with certain symptoms which are
common to all, many individuals manifest symptom variations which are quite different from those of others. There exists such a diversity in the commonality, because the bacteria that one person or group received are
slightly different from the bacteria another received, although they are designed to produce similar end results.

Third, the bacterial strains have been engineered for the purposes of creating raw materials biologically, especially fibers which will be used in creating new textile markets. These bacteria have been extensively
engineered and tested over the last ten years by a plethora of companies (DuPont, Honywell, Nexia, etc.) including the U.S. Army, using both plant and mammal tissue as a medium to verify their ability to produce these materials. Many failures were reported and the inadequate bacterial strains were "discarded."

Fourth, these bacterial strains have been disposed of indiscriminately, with improper safety protocols, much as were the many toxic wastes of the last generation's industries. This is because there are no effective safety
measures in place within our government or any others (of which we are aware). Instead, the public is told that these types of research and products are absolutely environmentally friendly, since they are not "toxic" but purely biological. It is alarming to think how easily the mutant bacterial strains could spread to different vectors once outside the laboratory. NOTE: I am not implying that such leakage would be intentional, but merely accidental based on lax protocols.

Finally, the bacteria which produce fibers can do so inside the skin as well as outside it, as long as there are available proteins for it to use. The "fiber balls" that are seen so often with the disease are in fact
produced by the bacteria (not nematodes, or any other invertebrate species), using the proteins from skin, hair, cloth, etc. The bacteria themselves are quite infective, being able to invade the skin, and are felt as "itchy, stinging" sensations on the skin when they enter. When they are multiplying and (often) rapidly producing fibers, they can be felt as "tingling" or "crawling" sensations, on or under the skin.

NOTE: Now as we know, the bacterial spores infest clothing readily, and are quite heat resistant, a factor to which everyone with these fiber balls in their laundry can testify! (We must bake our clothes for 13 hours at 250 degrees to finally kill all the spores or boil 30 minutes & cool 30 minutes 3x in a row.) This heat resistance is yet another verification that the bacteria have been genetically modified. As you may know, before the 1960s, it was commonly held in scientific circles that even the hardiest bacteria could not withstand lengthy temperatures of over 160 degrees. This notion was completely shaken when Thomas D. Brock of the University of Wisconsin-Madison began to study bacterial strains in the hot springs of Yellowstone which actually thrived and reproduced at near-boiling temperatures! Sometime in the seventies and at least by the eighties, the high heat genes in these bacteria began to be spliced by scientists into other bacteria (Bt bacterium used in GMO corn or cotton, for instance) and other organisms, enabling them to become far more heat resistant. Even naturally occurring pathogenic nematodes used in crop control are now being infected (in the laboratories) with heat resistant bacteria to make them more "effective" in killing their hosts.
Additional thoughts and care of body:

1) In the wound which can be open.. or a pimple that appears closed, but spews out parasites... the rye bread shaped seed or opaque or red parasite moves throughout the exterior of the body. It drops down and clings, or very slowly moves on the skin. This is the tinkling sensation you feel of them moving, but see nothing in the area. When there is no wound there.. they are there, and possibly the worms are in clusters in the vicinity. Removing it in the area, stops the sensation right away, obviously, but it ALSO CLEANS THE AREA.
I believe this type of worm carries the eggs too, and can also sting you, and morphs in several shapes in it's growth. It is initially a completely clear transparent worm, which I could see once due to the backdrop being a white sink with a tiny bit of water. As it grows, it's color is more readily seen as white.

2) If the wound is open.. you can clean out some laying in the wound growing there.. or many!!! And the other type is the male, which I believe likes to do the digging in the wound with his horned head.
So therefore the others must be the female which assume the long strand shape.
2) If you put on clothes.. since the female nematode is perhaps a cotton one.. it's genetic coding kicks in.. and it instantly tries to lay and egg there, hence you feel the activity. Where ever you feel scratchiness is where on your body, the female worm is invisibly layered on the skin. If you feel pain, chances are an egg in the clothes is hatching and boring down into your skin in a new area.

So, if you clean up your body of all the areas.. which my be your entire body of the external worms, when you put clothes on, they will logically not get re-infected with larvae. And only get re-infected
in the place where you still have traces of the larvae left after laundering.
The female worm can lay on an object and as you touch it shoot a dart into you.. the dart may or may not be some kind of bacterial antigen it uses to try to paralyze you.. but you are not an insect, and the
dose is way too small. The reason again you do not see it readily, it that is has a transparent color initially.

Now for the sci-fi part... The Microbiologist claims the white squiggly stuff, or worms that are white and sometimes clear, are chemical.
a) This suggests perhaps - the sample immediately decomposes upon exit and only a chemical remains.. or
b) The parasite is hidden in all tests because it is a bio-chemical weapon - and a chemical is not screened out in a parasite test.
Thereby making most physicians dubious that you have anything in your system.
My research today, may explore that possibility and how it can be done..
c) The female clear parasite worm externally is not a female at all... it is a bacterium which the nematode traps in the nest and collects the bacterium from. And if this is the cotton nematode, that
bacterium is genetically and chemically engineered. Which would explain why the infection is so great and hard to get rid of... it would also explain the patterns of white on the furnishings and pipes. Those could be bacterium instead of fungi in patterns.
1) So I've been cleaning my body steadily with the pink Demodex cream and Crocodile, and taking the Harmony products.. and my body is cleaning up.. but if I do not manually clean the body, and clean out the wounds.. the external female will continue to terrorize my body. The parasite has 3 factors making it very hard to beat. (a) It disguises itself genetically so the body does not readily reject it in the skin area - therefore the necessity to manually clean out the wound and remove the ring around the wound of the parasite trying to keep the wound open. (b) The external female does not readily wash off with baterial soap or come off easily - manually scraping a loosening with the pink chinese Demodex medicine (which kills it too), and the crocodile helps to pare down the layers. (c) This thing is in layers.. so if you kill off the primary layer, the other layers beneath are still alive. So you have to get off that layer.. and reapply a medicine to kill the next layer.. or loosen all layers, and clean out the wound repeatedly till it is empty. Then apply the enzyme once or twice for cleaning it.. and then the pink crème over and over, which helps heal it. (d) I do not know how much of the Harmony internal product will kill off of the external parasite, given this could be a chemical bio agent, I don't know. It's why I am so focused on cleaning the body externally as well.

The process is hard.. since it covers your entire body.. head to toe, from in the ear to the scalp of the head to under your fingers and toe nails. To assume any area of your skin is safe is not a good assumption. Also, if you dry out your primary layer of skin on your head.. with hair on it.. you can bet they might be there in the pores of the skin, and not seen.
I will as a precaution, if and when I beat this.. send my sample then to Arizona (fecal) for examination by Dr.. Amin. Just to make sure I'm clean inside too.

Keep some clean new clothes on hand.. so as you progress in your cleaning of the body towards the end, if your clothes are not getting done 100 percent, you can move to the new clothes and avoid re-infection with eggs. Lastly, we need to find out exactly what the CHEMICAL IS??? This chemical (non-living) in nature in the form of compressed "translucent flakes," could be our best lead.

PHOTOS: (see ... of/030.htm)

The next four photos digitally taken after putting the sample in clear tape are among the most common shape of the parasite found when lifting it off the body. Notice one you can see some inner digestive system.

This photo above is a sample taken from the face, where they were bunched together in a cluster. Here’s an individual one above.

This sample was from the fecal area

This was taken from out of the nose.

This was taken from the head.. near the ear area and lifted from under the skin. I believe this is the male nematode which uses the horn for its digging into skin. This photo matches exactly the description of the male nematode in the China article listed at the bottom of this report.

This was taken from the head. Notice the tail formation resembles a devil tail.

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Thank you for sharing your story. My word, I don't know how you deal with what you went through! My prayers for you and yours.

I'm grateful for you posting when you did. Timing, as they say, is everything and your story really spoke to me on many levels.

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