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Post by RANDY » Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:22 am

Lets see: London: #3,5,7,13, 10
Tam: #8,

Am I wrong all those that watch this site and call me but do not post?

That is who these people are..... specialists in this type of trickery to our plight to be believed and to get well.

Shame on them.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:30 am

London: 24-13-18-17
This whole site and what it has become: 23-22-20

If you use this as a guide and every time something is posted you refer to this guide you will see who these people are and it will be obvious.

None of them want to help organize the states os we can have a grass roots movemebt.

All of them think and call everyone spies and crazy names.

All of them put down everyone who is doing some real good for the cause.

No one pays attention to any real work that is happening. They all live in their minds not knowing what they are cutting and pasting and being obssessive compulsive about it to distract any real goings on about this disese.

All of them send anyone who is reading this site off in wild red herring directions.

Tam pretends to be an expert but will not reveal it all

It is directly out of this manual.

All I have done is ask people to call me so that we can set up a grass roots movement and not one of them has done anything for this disease that is real.

I do not need to say anymore. it is so very obvious to anyone with an IQ over 18.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Nov 05, 2006 11:19 am

Hello Marcos, Thanks you for your reponse, but do you have Morgellons? I am a respiratory therapist, in addition, I went to school to be an RN for 1 year, was a nurse tech for a year and did wound care.Then if you do have Morgellon's and what you know about cellulitis (have you had it with Morgellon's) is a nasty combo that no doctor and/or nurse can cure in the usual way. Have you not been reading what I've been writing and what I've just proven to be true ( along with Sabrina's help). You can't typically treat morgy patients' cellulitis the SAME way, If you have a lot of morgy bugs your extremities need to be "SOAKED" in a really warm epson salt bath to expell some of the bugs plus toxins, Then verus using the stupid Eucerin for the morgy bug to glide in use "Clobetasol Propionate"SO the morgy bug is perusaded not to seal that thin plastic coating over your cellulits, and then start that festive party... you talk about a real "morgy party" complete with the stinging, crawling, biting, and vibratory signaling what they do so well. This is my second mishap with cellulitus with in the last four months, Acute pharygitis times 2, and 2 visits to opthmalogoists, 2 derms, 1 ENT, Foot and Ankle doctor, 1 infectious disease doctor and six ER visits. I've been to so many doctors that my insurance compamy is calling me under the guise of helping me...sure right...and Marcos, I have had this condition for 30 years ( but never to this degree, this happened at the end of May this year) and vistaril/atarax never did a damn thing for me, in the past. The doctors, particularly the psych doctors, recommend that I take risperdal, so it can hopefully give me back a semblance of a normal life. I bought the risperidal and will gladly pour it into carpet where I seldom step my feet, especially high plush carpet. I still can not go to see a movie and will not dare to try, I try not not to sit on any fabric chair or sofa, even my mattress is covered in plasic....f%$#* that itching. Marcos, someone in our fellowship recommended antivan and it WORKS! OH! OMG it works, it helps to calm the buggies down...I don't drink and have 15 years clean and I'm well aware that ativan is a narcotic....I don't give a damn...I felt ready to die this past Thursday, especially in dealing with these doctors that know NOTHING about our illness. I was out in the cold air going to Piedmont Hospital with sandals on because my feet were swollen and when I tried to put on my earth shoes I got a good B-I-T-E, I will have to throw those away later ( the diamtomaceous earth) does nothing for my shoes. So, I'm here in the cold walking with my leg weeping like hell, the young doc has never seen me he only has to determine whether I can work since my doctor's excuse goes until Nov3,2006..Gosh, he's so "green", and it shows, he immediately tell me that my leg looks a lot better and I can go back to work...I said compared to what? OMG! They looked like chopped liver with lots of visible morgy eggs under the saran wrap that had encased my leg...he said the eggs were serum from my body and when I tried to pluck out an embedded morgy bug, He screamed No!. NO!. i asked him to take a sample and culture it, he refused saying that it have already been done, by who?? EMORY??? I had lots of bugs, but Emory never came back and said anything because I'm sure thay probably think that the elongated silicone things did not come out of my leg BUT THEY DID!!!!!! I decided against the ambien to knock me out but could possibly knock them too, And I opted to buy the tylenol _at_ 500 mg, I just took the ativan _at_ 0.5 mm bid, but not to be used when driving or working...Then itching has subsided now and I can finally think....MARCOS...okay you're a nurse, so listen: the morgy bugs are attacking my LEFT leg in full force...CHF constitutes LEFT Heart Failure, does it not?, Emory Hospital said that my ejection fraction was 40% supposedly being 55-60%. Do you understand now??? There are so many morgy bugs in my body, specially my left leg, that it is ( I bet) causing the CHF. My biggest battle with caring for the cellulitis was keeping the morgy bugs out that wanted to stay in the cellulitis and heal with it....hell no, I go them out. And now I'm back on the regimen of the proven but true, people who have had it and know what to do ....NOT what doctors say...I almost lost my damn legs to the morgy bugs I had started falling on my face, 3 days ago they ( THE BUGS EMIT COVERINGS) had both my legs covered in a grayish wax like cellulitis encased in their saran STRONG wrap. And they, the morgy bug ejected themselves up into the grayish mess until it was several of them there and then started their vibrating, stinging, biting and did I mention pain????!!! Sit on side of bath tub with very warm water, fill with epom salt...DON'T BRUSH SKIN...but use bathcloth with gloveds hands if you feel more comfortable, place the water with melted epsom salt on that area continously...DON'T SCRUB SKIN...REMOVE ALL VISIBILE MORGY BUGS (hard for them to hide...rinse lightly with sterile water or tap water, what ever you have,pat dry then applywith the clobetasol propionate, and NOTICE the BIG difference...the proof is in the pudding!!!!!!

Marcos, so you see, how they teach you to care at home with home health nurses for your leg: pour sodium chloride on a 4by 4 wipe the area, pat it dry, and then use the Eucerin 3 times a day...OH NO ,not's epsom salt bath for both legs, pat it dry,apply with a gloved hand (it will last longer)clobetsasol propinate on both legs, keep leg elevated above heart level as much as possible and then you will have nice healing legs like mine now. ( Thanks still go out pgy18181 and Sabrina for emphasizing the Epsom bath) And not going back to work Monday, leg still weeping...I work 12 hour hour shifts, I think one more week will take care of it, in fact I already called out at work, but that young doc was out on Friday if he says no on Monday then I find a doctor that will say yes this is MY leg I'm trying to save here. I'll hit that pavement Monday with this "weeping" leg and get my extra week, and how about that damn policy that when you get an additional policy that adds $100.00 a day to you hospitalization only wants to pay for first 3 days and not the next five days...BS, and I mean it!! I"M fighting that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[b]Skyytroll and London, I asked one of you to please enlighten me on biofilm, the supposedly after effects of taking the antiparasitic drugs,are you up for it? Marcos, thank you but I generally listen to only the people who have this dreaded diseae as bad or near as bad as I have it( well ,not to all of them, I try to to be discerning as possible), they need not be nurses, doctors or anyone in the medical field. Thank you and take care...Take care all...

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Post by bugsonthewire » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:00 pm

RANDY wrote:
.....All of them put down everyone who is doing some real good for the cause...

....They all live in their minds not knowing what they are cutting and pasting and being obssessive compulsive about it to distract any real goings on about this disese.....

.....All of them send anyone who is reading this site off in wild red herring directions......

.....Tam pretends to be an expert

....not one of them has done anything for this disease that is real. is so very obvious......Randy

Bravo Randy,

I have said much the same before and I am relieved to see someone else notice what clearly is a contrived effort to bog down this discussion with verbage. Those doing this are intent on obscuring the issues and preventing any progress.

I'm perplexed as to what conclusions can be drawn from this behaviour other then to discount the possibility of lunacy as is frequently implied by some posters. My best theory is that this is someones mistake, someone with resources, hence the endless supply of trained puppets trotted out to pad this forum.

I can't help thinking that without all this interference Sabrina and us all, would have interested the real biologists who frequent this place and probably made some progress by now.

For example I'd love to have a informative, respectful online discussion about trichoderma, asperigillis (sic) and cyanobacteria. But to even attempt that here, the most likely of all places to get a valuable response, is to invite an endless stream of indiscipherable jargon clearly not considered or understood by the posters. It's hardly surprising that anyone knowledgable in these areas is unlikely to participate in such a three ring circus.

Best of luck Randy, at least you have Karma on your side.


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Post by RANDY » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:17 pm

Do not soak.

I do not have the condition you speak of. Maybe people here do not have what is known as fiber disease.

You can have many different things that have some of the symptoms and that is why wer are tyring ot get a state/national data base with docs that have a protocl to we can rule it in or out.

Fiber disease or Morgellons has non-healing skin llesions with fibers inside of them. That is what make it unique. NON-HEALING SKIN LESIONS with FIBERS INSIDE.

Also please note: My good buddy who has had this as long as I have and has had many biopsies finally had another one and they found it to be cancer this time. He is having teh rest of them biopsied to see how bad it really is. He has had this for 16 years.

So these non-healing skin lesions if manipulated (and he did) enough can turn into cancer so please beware and get them biopsied every year.

Also NEVER soak. You allow the "element" to travel from one area to the other and you will eventaully be covered in lesions. If soaking don't have this in my opinion.

It may make you feel good for a moment but in the end it will be your destruction. The"element" travels and swims in water and can move to another part of your body if it is under water.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:37 pm

General Information

Cellulitis is an acute bacterial infection of the skin and underlying tissue. It is usually caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria. The skin of the face, neck and legs is most often involved. Infection may also occur at sites of minor surgery or trauma.

Cellulitis was once a very common and serious condition, but has become much less common with the advent of antibiotics.

Anyone of any age can be affected by cellulitis, however infants, young children, elderly and people with weakened immune systems are most likely to be affected. Other factors than can increase the chances of developing the condition include:

Problems with circulation in the limbs
Previous injury to the limbs (eg: trauma, radiotherapy, surgery)
Swelling of the legs

Signs and Symptoms

The onset of cellulitis is often sudden. A clearly defined area of skin becomes red and tender. It rapidly turns bright red, shiny, swollen and hot. Small lumps and blisters may develop over the next 4-6 days, so that the skin resembles the peel of an orange. Within 7 to 10 days the redness and swelling has usually died away and the blisters are drying up.

During the initial stages of the rash there is often accompanying fever, chills, headache, nausea and a general feeling of ill health. The lymph nodes draining the affected area may become swollen and tender.

Orbital cellulitis is a potentially serious form of cellulitis affecting the tissues around the eye. This form of cellulitis can be caused by bacteria that have spread from the nose, throat or sinuses. It can also occur after facial surgery. It is important to seek medical attention promptly if orbital cellulitis is suspected as the potential side effects of the condition include loss of vision and meningitis. Sometimes treatment from an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) may be required


Cellulitis can usually be diagnosed from its characteristic appearance. Blood tests and tissue cultures may be used to confirm the presence of bacterial infection.

In cases of orbital cellulitis, a CT scan (computerised tomography) may be recommended in order precisely identify the extent of the infection.


Cellulitis is treated with antibiotics, usually penicillin. In many cases the condition improves within 48 hours of treatment. Treatment with antibiotics may need to be continued for up to 14 days or as prescribed by a doctor. In acute cases where the cellulitis is extensive, hospitalisation and treatment with intravenous antibiotics may be required.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of cases of cellulitis showing resistance to the standard antibiotics. In these cases one or more different medications may need to be tried.

Cold packs and pain relieving medication may be used to reduce pain and discomfort.

In rare cases there may be several recurrences of cellulitis. This is particularly true of patients who have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, postphlebitic syndrome or HIV infection. In selected patients where recurrence is a serious problem, ongoing preventative treatment with antibiotics may be recommended.

This is not what we have nor do those that have our disease get this. Iam just talking the truth. If you have this take antibiotics and clear it up.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by tamtam » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:25 pm

That no efficient therapeutic approach is possible is not established.

But based on its composition (a cyanobacterium fused with at least one mayor parasitic protozoa) makes it unlikely that an easy solution will be readily available.

Doubtfully sure I predict that therapy may have to include toxic compounds like amphotericin B as indicated against protothecosis and/ or highly toxic therapeutic agents as used against trypanosomes.

"And now include the idea that a yet unknown percentage of the population may prove positive for this element including the very young and other risk group"

Next, this synthetic agent may prove multi drug resistant or show a unique susceptibility pattern.

Remember that people have tried many substances including cocktails and I think that nobody can claim to have cured from this infection although some improvement seems possible.

The fact that standard laboratory tests do not yield a clue and that biopsies tend to stay free of this infectious agent is not an established standard to measure with.

Per definition it would not be the first infectious agent that is very difficult to culture or to observe in tissue samples.

That doctors are not willing to take care for the ones that are obviously affected may soon be matter of history and I think a correction involving more than one discipline is unavoidable.

"It has happened in 1982 with heliobacter pylori (a major cause of stomach ulcer previously a condition thought not to be caused by a micro organism)

Early this year a similar thing happened with findings relating to one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the western world to know prostrate cancer (now consistently associated with a viral infection)

The story is always the same; the matter is silently accepted without much explanation about its impact on the disciplines and R&D. An opportunist character definitely must rule.

You can not write a paper about this infectious agent because you need consistent research findings to do so.
This is primarily budget and time dependent and research also would involve a group patients.

Also it is my opinion that only an Institute like CDC can do this investigation. They have the research means and the budget and are per definition responsible for the apparent lack of assessment.

"Next, I am rather convinced that it are only politics that rule against obtaining full assessment at once"



In support of a solution:

New video footage via:

Filament production by strain CBL001/
REFERENCE 000/ 001/ 002/ 003/ 004/ 005 /006 ... rbug&hl=en

Series exclusive video footage via google video / open source / reference: ... rbug&hl=en

(http://WWW.SILENTSUPERBUG.COM / OPEN SOURCE / REFERENCE 000/ 001/ 002/ 003/ 004/ 005 /006 )

Problem with streaming? Move cursor of video player. Exclusive video footage of an environmentally resistant man made human pathogen. The micro organism ...

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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:51 pm

RANDY, how dare you infer that people who have Morgellons do not get cellulitis, in fact I have had a slew of diseases since contracting the Morgellon's bug. And who died and made you the BIG BAD morgellon's BOSS...well, if you got that much power & KNOWLEDGE...get CDC to do something instead of DAN Rutz running sntences around your damn head. My cellulitis woud not clear up because the damn morgy bug were encasing both my legs in their saran wrap film and ejecting themselves in the mess. YOU do know that the morgy bug emits different colored layers of skin...because if you do not know this then it is YOU who obviously does not have this disease...why must you discredit everyone to make yourself feel good. I have nothing to prove to you, not at all and if it was IN my power you could have this damn disease all by your damn self...YOU are not an authority on everything or anything for that matter. I still have silicone like slugs embedded in my thighs FROM when the ID doctor gave me the ivermectin and biltricide combo, and FYI, I just did a broadcasting with others in Atlanta LAST WEEK ON Morgellon's,,,Listen here: YOU ARE NOT AN AUTHORITY ON MORGELLON'S IF SO,IT WOULD BE WELL KNOWN AND CONSIDERED A DISEASE BY YOUR BELOVED CDC...I HAVE SUFFERRED GREATLY BECAUSE OF THIS DISEASE...i PROMISE THAT YOU WANT NONE OF ME....I HAVE NOTICED THAT YOU HATE TOGETHERNESS AND TRY TO CONSTANTLY PULL US APART...ARE YOU WITH MORGELLON'S WATCH, PERCHANCE? IF SOME OF US WANT TO DO THE SCIENCTIFIC JARGON, THIS IS THE SITE FOR IT, AFTER ALL IT IS CALLED BIOLOGY-ONLINE,I DO MY LIFE EXPERIENCES ON ALL THE WAYS THE "BUG" AFFECTS ME AND MY SURROUNDINGS...OTHERS MINGLE IN WITH SUGGESTIONS AND COMPASSION., over all it's a nice site with different people from all walks of life...YOU, ON THE OTHER HAND COME IN LIKE A GROWLING WOLF READY TO BITE AND DEMEAN PEOPLE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN...YEAH...WHY DON'T YOU JUST BITE ME!!!??? fRANKLY, AT THIS POINT I HAVE NO FURTHER USE FOR YOU... AND YOU TALKED TO ME ON THE PHONE SO YOU KNOW THAT I'M BLACK OF A LIGHTER COMPLEXION....FIRST THING YOU ASKED...I SUGGEST WE LICK THIS THING TOGETHER FIRST...THEN YOU CAN GET BACK TO BEING THE RACIST THAT YU ARE....YOU FOOL!!!!!!!



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Post by mfromcanada » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:05 pm ... 20Edit.pdf
Have a look at the photos of implanted devices that look exactly like the exudate from the lesions we discuss.

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Post by London » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:26 pm

Dear mrcpvis................................

Hot Damn X 1000 molecules...LOL

Terrific Find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should post my find too......thinking about it......
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Post by Skytroll » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:27 pm

Relief Seeker,

I believe Panniculitis is associated with cellulitis. A neighbor died of Hodgekins Disease and Panniculitis. When the water comes out the legs it is bad news.

Also, my grandmother had panniculitis, and an aunt had cellulitis. Same side of family.

I will look into that Biofilm, because two well qualified experts on this have discussed this in an article in American Scientists and were very concerned about it occurring in the human population.

I will find that article and the other info I have on biofilm. Here is where I believe it is.

There are way too many viruses and bacterias out there being used for bioremediation, and you working in hospital are near so much bacterias.

There isn't much info on this, has been buried in most scientific literature.
Will get back to you on this today.

Hang in there and soaking with dead sea salts is working for me. Sometimes put directly on lesions. Does dry them up and is working for someone in Florida, along with graviola, which I recently started to take.

In your case the biofilm is forming right on skin. Will get you more expert info on that.

If you could just get past the control factor, and stop victimizing us.
Bullying must be one of your main character flaws.

I do know what I read and do understand genes and proteins. I am really ticked off at your insinuation that I do not know what I read.
You do not know my mind, and that is driving you crazy that many of us here can think on our own. What authority do you have?

Another thing you all are a closed group: You speak among yourselves, totally dismiss anyone else who has any ideas. You want control of all this and you speak in riddles yourself. NMO has not been very open to many of us.

You cannot comprehend what we read, and we put it out there, so that maybe others can discuss with us about it. You are pulling everyone apart here. We research the science out there, we put it here to discuss.

All you do is say it doesn't apply to our disease.

Do you have the answer as to what this is? Then you are just as much at fault for not telling us. Keep your secrets to yourself, then.

We will keep looking and Freedom means I CAN.

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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:29 pm

Skytroll wrote:Randy,

How in the heck did the deer get the copper in them? This is vet study.

"Necropsy of 2 white-tailed deer fawns who died acutely revealed diarrhea and melena in case No. 1 and no gross changes in case No. 2. Histologically, the livers of both deer displayed multifocal coagulative necrosis, with infiltrations of neutrophils, macrophages, and lymphocytes. By Warthin-Starry staining, bundles of filamentous bacteria were identified within hepatocytes at the periphery of the necrotic foci in case No. 1."

Related to myocarditis which is end stage in Chagas Disease, but with the modified trypanasoma protist added into the construct. Also an association to copper. Copper is an allergen to many mammals and humans. But, in this case is toxic.

I am going backwards, since forward thinking people only see the road ahead and cannot remember where they went.

from the cited journal for the experiment on the infected mice which is an experiment with interluken which is a study on immunity.

Now, if animals are getting a hepatic type disease, tell where that might come from?

I look at the references also.

But, what is not told the public from the health departments is that this is happening to animals. And it does not happen to humans?

Why are they making a study of this, if there is no danger to mammals or humans?

It is why and what that is not reported to the public.

Biofilms are forming in animals, why? The study on mice is to find the immune problem, to vaccinate.

If one realizes that it is the bacteria, quorem sensing and signalling that sets the stage for this. Too much bacteria in air, water, and plants.

Bacteria overload, not in the vaccine area.

Viruses cause disease. How did the deer get the virus?




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