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Post by London » Sat Nov 04, 2006 5:21 am

Sorry about the gun reference.....I was just playing!!!!

By the way, I'm not a killer, that would be YOU not me, anyway sorry.


Good post there......ever read an article about that talks of the landscapes? well, duh huh huh......that's computer landscapes.

Have you not seen where the IEEC says 2006 will be the last year for them to out MICROBES IN MEDIA DEVICES??????








now how in the hell could i have left this out......the film.....the friggin film in your computer that shows you videos, photos, etc., dp ya even know what they dip that crap in???

and back to the real trees......and biodiversity.....the wooley thing is causing cotton a big harm and the trees too.......

and that oil seed rape is baaaaadddddd.

but hello, did you not think lawsuit with the tobacco......$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ yeah, i knew it could cause cancer b/c the surgeion gen told me that much......maybe he got a lil brain foggish and forgot to tell me of the f-ing RICIN......

How bout the collembola in the sea ice???????HUH?????????

How about someone on this site changing the entire address of our hyperlinks?????

How about the sea ice in what??????????????/ our frozen dinners!!!!!

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sat Nov 04, 2006 7:00 am

'just replace the word "FISH" with "HUMAN"
and could be mis-misleading.... . . . .

For instance, in North West Guyana, up to 16% of the village fishing still prefer to fish with poisons despite the superiority of modern netting materials and prohibition by law (van Andel,2000).
A multitude of plant species are known to possess compounds toxic to
fish, and evidence has emerged that certain plants have different species
specific effects on fishes (van Andel, 2000). In plants, two main classes of poisons, the rotenones and the saponins, account for nearly all varieties of ichthyotoxic substances. The rotenones are mainly produced by leguminous plants (Fabaceae), and the saponins are more diversely distributed among several plant families. In addition, the ichthyotoxic plant family Euphorbiaceae liberates cyanide in water (Béarez, 1998). Saponins are glucoside poisons which destroy the membranes of erythrocytes. Although they are scarcely absorbed by the digestive system, fish directly assimilate saponins into their blood stream through their gills (Elpel, 2000).
Asystasia vogeliana (Acanthaceae) has not been widely studied, thus
information is lacking in the literature. However, this plant is one of the
ichthyotoxic plants commonly used for fishing in the south east of Nigeria.
The genus Tephrosia (Fabaceae) is well known as a rich source of flavo-
noids, comprising the isoflavonoid rotenone among their secondary me-
tabolites (Beal & Anderson, 1993, van Andel, 2000). Tephrosia vogelii Hook F. (Fabaceae) is among the ichtyotoxic plants described by Dalziel (1937) in his account of useful plants of West Africa. Reed et al. (1967, cited in Udolisa & Lebo, 1986) also identified T. vogelii as one of the plants used by fishermen of Lake Kainyi, Nigeria. T. vogelii has a pungent odour which is due to a volatile oil known as Tephrosal (Dalziel, 1937). In addition, the plant contains an active substance known as Tephrosin that is a crystaline substance only slightly soluble in water (Dalziel, 1937). Rotenone is extremely toxic to cold blooded animals and is used also as insecticide (van Andel, 2000; Andrei et al., 2002). The plant derived rotenone is synthesized and used for experimental fishing as well as the elimination of undesirable fish populations in natural waters (Dolmen et al. 1995; Boogaard et al., 1996; Béarez, 1998). Fishermen use macerated leaves of T. vogelii with an amount of approximately 600 mg l-1 wet weight) for fishing. Encircling of fish and loss of balance are observed within 5-10 minutes and death within 1-2 h after application of the substances (Udolisa & Lebo, 1986).
The substances are more effective where the volume and flow of water are at the lowest and fishes are forced into conditions of crowding. Stunned fish, which are not killed, may return to life (Udolisa & Lebo, 1986). The toxic effect of rotenone is caused by the inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport (Budavari et al., 1996). Fish are particularly susceptible to poisoning because rotenone is absorbed via the gill membrane causing immediate death due to suffocation (Reed et al., 1967, cited in Udolesia & Lebo, 1986).
From life cycle studies on fish it has been shown that the early life stages
(embryo, yolk sac-fry and juveniles) are the most sensitive to the impacts of toxicants (McKim, 1977, 1985; Macek & Sleight, 1977; Woltering, 1984).
According to Meinelt & Staaks (1994), early life stages are useful in the
evaluation of effects of toxic substances. However, sufficient information
on the toxicity and the sublethal and lethal effects of the African plants
A. vogeliana and T. vogelii used as fish poisons are not fully documented.
It is therefore the aim of this study to investigate the impact of extracts
from these plants on the early life stages of fish, in order to predict the likely impacts of their continuous use on fish stock.
Materials and methods
Leaves of A. vogeliana and T. vogelii were collected from the fishing community of Ikang in Cross River State (south east of Nigeria). The leaves were thoroughly washed in water to remove sand and debris, air-dried under low intensity sunshine (25°C) for one week, and then oven dried at 40°C for 48 h. Dried leaves were crushed with a morter and a pestle and ground to a fine powder with a manual blender. The powdered samples were freezedried at -54°C for 48 h to ensure complete removal of water. Subsequently, samples were soxhlet extracted (Soxtec System 1043 HT6, Tecator, USA).The ratio of solvent to sample was 50 ml per 1 g of powder. Samples were first extracted with petroleum ether to remove fats and other non-polar substances, and then with methanol. 1 g of each dried methanolic extract was redissolved in 10 ml dimethylsulfoxide D(MSO) and made up to 100 with reconstituted deionized water . ... l_2002.pdf


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Post by RANDY » Sat Nov 04, 2006 7:12 am ... 5/fulltext

This is who the CDC wanted to do our study.(above)

Letter to Marilyn and George:

Re: Tavenner letter to Randy Yaskal
Dated: November 2, 2006

To: Marilyn Tavenner and George Allen
From Randy Yaskal


Marilyn and George:

Your letter to me Marilyn stated that you want to let the CDC do their job. We, the people of Virginia want to do the job ourselves and not rely on the CDC. This is our right as Virginians.

The attached letter is the University that the CDC first asked to do the study. They were wise enough to refuse knowing that they had published very similar articles without having but one individual which they studied. They are bias as the letter clearly proves.

Why would the CDC have gone here to ask for the study to be done? You have to think about that. We have and we know the answer.

The CDC has still been unable to come up with a model or a place for people to go, or asked anyone that we know to be studied or developed a hotline for doctors to call and for patients to call to find doctors that care. Why is that?

The CDC has not asked your agency to place a letter out to physicians so that those who “think” they have this disease can report their condition to a central location in their state so they can be directed to doctors that can interview them and register them in a data base so that there can be an accurate accounting of these individuals?. Why is this not happening?

This is a medical crisis for those that have this. Just because you do not have this does not make it any less a crisis. The numbers of calls I get increase weekly along with suicide attempts due to the horrible lesions, loss of employment and loss of self esteem. Do you not care about these people? Why do you pass the buck over and over again?

How disorganized is the Commonwealth and the CDC? I find it difficult to trust an organization that drags its feet and is so disorganized when it comes to public health and the safety of those in their care. This is neglect. You would think this is new Orleans all over again, but it is not the disregarding of the blacks it is now the disregard for sick people that have an illness yet defined by a state organization.

We are not prepared for bioterrorism in the Commonwealth and this proves it beyond a showdown of any doubt.

We, the people of Virginia, want for you to do as Georgia has done and alert all physicians state wide and let them know that if they have someone who presents themselves as having this condition (Fiber Disease/Morgellons) that they can contact our state contact so that we can evaluate them. (434-980-2757) They will be referred to a licensed medical professional for evaluation based upon our criteria.

We have a doctor that can do a psych evaluation, a trained professional to administer a lengthy questioner and an intake specialist to take photos and document the similarities of the lesions. Labs will be taken and appropriate data without an agenda will be collected and compiled into a national database so that we can have an ACCURATE accounting of who has this disease in Virginia. Why is this not being done? Georgia is doing their job Why are you passing the buck every time I write to you? First to the state epidemiologist then the CDC, then Allen. What is your job?

How many signatures do you want on a petition to ask you to do this? Why should we have to get a petition since this is a no-brainer. Georgia is already doing this. Why not Virginia?

At this point in time All patients in Virginia are being ignored and they have to tolerate condescending attitudes of pompous and ill informed physicians. They are being forced onto antipsychotic drugs against their wills with the threat that the physicians will not see them unless they take these drugs. They are not given any anti fungal, anti parasitic or antibiotics. (I have this in my medical records.) All future treatment for any illness is then shadowed by this diagnosis when the diagnosis is inaccurate. This is horrendous treatment. It is neglect and abuse.

This is not acceptable. We need for you to ask physicians as Georgia has done, to tell their patients that they have somewhere that they can go and be listened to and treated so that there can be an accurate reading on how many people in Virginia have this condition.
You can not judge what you do not know and that is what the Commonwealth and the CDC is doing.

The CDC is only going to be setting up a lab in California and that date has been pushed back for over 4 months... This is not acceptable. What are you going to do about it?

Randy Yaskal
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:03 am


You got me going here. Found the connect here on one so damn close, too.

And his pal plans to run the state. DON'T VOTE.

And look who the friends are:

J. C. Viral.

Experimental station;;;;;;;; my back yard.

Best friends:
"We believe that in this new era of genomics research, the Celera Discovery System continues to provide the necessary tools and integrated data to enable researchers around the world, including these latest preeminent institutions, to advance their research programs and make important discoveries to improve human health," said J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., Celera's president and chief scientific officer." ... i_72497687

And the towers...........oh crapppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

Now........oh crapppppppppppppp!

Surrounded by them........

The biggest religious deception taking place........

Turn to the more towers, hide them in the churchyard..............alter those genes there, mark them for dissection later.

The Cherokee Nation will come Venter, the boy who cannot get the hell out of that box, with you is it religion or environment.

Can't accept things as they are........See you all crossing over now into each others playgrounds.

Have fun.......... in FEARLAND.

It is out of fear that people build barriers, boxes, hidden genetic engineering right down town. Lovely.


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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:11 am

VanAndel, DeVos, Rockefeller, Rothchilds,
J. C Venter Celera,

London, they are paving their way to heaven by way of Mars, because they will have the ascension in place, tethered so they may come back to earth, once it is cleaned up. I wonder how they feel just watching people die. Cold hearted. Lying is a commandment to them.

It is all fear on their part. They are so afraid.

I am joining the Indian Nation........

Haarp comes in hits the stations in Mi and Wi, then the towers bounce them off our arses, and the genetic alteration that will include the Blessed towers of God, to do the dirty work.

Are we fighting the black energy and the white energy now?


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Post by RANDY » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:21 am

Have you people all lost your damn minds! What the hell is wrong with you all?? Is this some after holloween joke! I sure do hope so cuz if not you guys have lost it big time!


Anyone want to find a doc in their state to get hooked into the lab project call me!

Hotline for reproting 434-980-2757

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:24 am

Marc and I had a ta-do but things are ok. All I know is that he has a great cream that works and since his English is poor I have said it was OK for me to talk to people for him. London gone paranoid once just never stops!

Also he is donating a percentage of saled to research (Wymore.)

What are you doing to help?


During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:49 am

Tam Tam,

I am not too far from the NL in Michigan, ya know the tulip place?

Must have some connections here.

Wonder how MDA hooks into the scheme.

Heres a good page: ... age-4.html

VanAndel Foundation being dissolved: taken over by who?

They got hooks everywhere. Where is my therapy?

tie right into NL: ... 55/12/1926

want more?

guess what my doctor told be I had!

Clostridium dificulis.

I am on the trail and I will get to the bottom of all of it in this demented state of Michigan.

They have planted rice here that had human genes in it. And guess what ate it?

The swans. Also the plan to kill off the mute swans so the perfect trumpeter swans would be the only ones in the pond.

And what about those red squirrels you gave pox too, to kill them off so only the gray and the black would be in playground.

I am getter sicker by the minute, madder by the minute, and e-=mails will be coming off a computer somewhere in the Northern Heartland.

Dang, right in front of our noses, LONDON.

Am I stupid or what?

Hidden colitis?

More info, more businesses, more money, Yippee. ... heet.xhtml

a book maybe worth reading:

Oh there is more on this end. I know you have much there London.........

We are just getting started.....


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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:50 am

No Randy, we know what the he is going on.

Better educate yourself.


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Post by RANDY » Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:28 am

Yeh?? You know what is going on?

OK Explain this article to me: In full detail using simple language and tell me how it has ANYTHING to do with our disease.

Come on dare you too. Bet you $10.00 bucks. Yo uhave not got a clue what it is about. I bet my life on that one.

You guys are nothing but disinformation specialists. Some of you state you wanted to help and never got in touch with me. Such BULL!

This oculd of beena good site but you ruined it by speading all this BS. So sad.

Tell me guys what have you found out. Spell it out so we can take this to a lawyer. Who did it? What is it? How do you cure it? YOU HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE!!!!!!! NOT A CLUE!!!!!!

Come on people..explain this article and how it relates. You are all disinformation s people..filling these pages s with Bull S++t .so you make the rest of us look crazy.

That is your paln. So people can site thsi site and prove that we are all nuts and you have helped them do that. It is everything under the sun and you have no idea what it is.

If you do ..go ahead explain it to me I DARE YA! explain it to all those htat watch this site but do nt post. Go ahead..London you firts,then Sky m then Sky , then NUTAS..go ahead!

You are not got a CLUE!

Good plan..all this looking crazzy and disinformation....but easy to see through. You have NO IDEA what you are posting about. anyone with a brain can se that. Honestly they can.

Go ahead..what is it ... who did it and how and why and where and when and what did they do...go ahead ...tell me ..I am dying to hear it!

You have 500 hundred pages of KNOWING IT every 5th page..what is it now?

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Nov 04, 2006 12:40 pm

NO Deena, quite the contrary, I have NO intention of removing and/or amputating my leg...I LOVE ME. But there is something in there that needs to be extracted because the emission of fluids from this leg is to fast to keep up with. It does not matter if the leg is elevated, it runs like a river and it a fluid to seal it in and then have the morgy bugs ejected in it as if they are at "Camp Med". I saw a doctor Thursday, and when he saw my leg he tried to make light of it, it looked horrible. He said the morgy eggs concealed under the fine saran wrap eitted by these silicone like bugs was just serun from my body and that it was suppose to itch really bad and have the crawling effect. This NUT said on Thurday that it was alright for me to return to work this upcoming Monday, I was so shocked , I said nothing BUT I think not with this leg still weeping. I work 12 hour shifts, and it can be really fast paced in a hospital. This doctor was an internist and I tried to get him to read a little about Morgellon's until he finally said, not my field...damn whose field is this? Infectious disease doctors want no part of it, internists and psych have a field day trying to see which group can push the damn resperdal on you.
Randy, you have no idea who I'm trying to sue, I never told you so it could be possible at least I'm trying to do something. How about I awakened from a long sleep (fellow morgy friend suggested ativan for the crawling and creeping sensations so I can sleep, I had not been sleep in two days. The meds worked and I hurriedly looked at my leg and there were scabs all over it, I quickly submerged both legs in hot epsom salt water...the scabs were FAKE!! A home health nurse called last night and I flat out said NO,NO, they sit there see the film and treat it with no questions asked...When this thing hits the fan...the medical profession will undoubtedly need us to help them (WITH PAY I SAY)...later


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Post by Barz » Sat Nov 04, 2006 2:36 pm

Okay Randy,

Regarding your letter above, maybe that will show you why we are here doing this kind of research, if you will. We know that the CDC is not going to help us. We know that they know what this is. Your letter says a million things to me.

If you want to continue trying to get help from the people we pay to get us help, be my guest. I will have no part of their plan. When your ready to sue them pm me. I'll be first on the list to help. When is your next conference call with D. Rutz? I think you should skip over him and deal directly with Julie. You are HER boss, you know? Don't let them put people like Dan in the middle to soothe you for awhile. Wake up and open your eyes.


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