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Post by London » Fri Nov 03, 2006 1:29 pm

Sorry, I have not been reading any post in last 3 days. Hopefully will get to them tonight; looks interesting to say the least.

Just came to post this snippet..........................

Again, (My opinion) whomever caused this heinous radiational illness has taken the wrong person hostage. Plus you are diabolical and Karma will come and get you.......Hey, don't blame it on a cult, for cults have leaders.

Who is your leader, Michael, Bill G? Anyway, just wanted to post this. Of course, it won't open up to the rest of story.

"GE sues to overturn Superfund law" - "WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 — The General Electric Co. asked a federal court Tuesday to declare the Superfund toxic waste cleanup law unconstitutional. An Environmental Protection Agency spokesman called the action “exceedingly curious” because it comes as the company faces up to $1 billion in cleanup costs for hazardous chemical spills along the Hudson River." (AP)


You know., GE owns nearly all the media stations don't you? What's att&T up to today, besides no good? HUH Ma Bell?

TAMTAM, I consider you a friend, but I must admit, I have these internal doubts for no other reason than your first video being sponsored by Bell Labs. I know what they did 30 years ago. I don't care about all the politics. I only care about why they chose us; why not the bad forces out there, huh?

Your post last page re: Landscapes says to me..." Climate engineering" Is this correct? Then if so, this means solar radiation from the greenhouse problems. Yeah right? so they make our computers give off ionizing radiation waves, eh?

You know what? You guys and all that know of this, well, it's just too many people not to let the cat out of the bag.

Fact I just found: Guess who else is behind this ?? M TV and Coke!

oh yeah, forgot to tell ya: supposedly Norwegian Royalty couple got the burns too after an hour interview from insid their home to a german broadcaster... Hmmmmm.........I'm trying to tell you those ions!

Look out, the germ theory is good in that way....theory. IT AIN'T WORKING DUMB DUMBS.

Word up!

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Post by tamtam » Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:02 pm

"That was for the government"

Serguei Popov:
Early on, I was already at security level three, but there were at least four levels of security. At level one, the explanation, called “an open legend,” was that there was no biological weapons program at all. The work at the institute was completely academic and open. At level two, there was “a closed legend” explaining that there was a strictly defensive weapons program. At the third level, a particular person was provided with a description of some programs there were and what were the true purposes of these programs. But even this wasn’t the complete truth. The real truth was at level four, which I viewed only briefly much later on. I read these types of documents on only one occasion.

Level number four described the purpose of specific programs and their interconnections. I read some of them, but I didn’t know the whole picture. And I believe that below level four, there was yet another level with a full description of all the bioweapons programs. That was for the government. I didn’t have that big picture. I think that Ken Alibek had that big vision. I have just fragments of that vision.

Skylink: ... nterview=3 ... ch=biotech

Dual use dilemma:

The US bioethicist Edmund Pellegrino wrote: “Protection of the integrity of medical ethics is important for all of society. If medicine becomes, as Nazi medicine did, the handmaiden of economics, politics, or any force other than one that promotes the good of the patient, it loses its soul and becomes an instrument that justifies oppression and the violation of human rights.

Any development, production, aquisition or use of biological or chemical weapons is the result of decisions and actions of individual persons, whether they are government officials, commercial suppliers, weapon experts or terrorists (....)

My advise to you is to unite, create a legal base and to seek litigation.


Filament production by strain CBL001 ... rbug&hl=en

Problem with streaming? Move cursor of video player. Exclusive video footage of an environmentally resistant man made human pathogen. The micro organism  ...


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Post by Sabrina » Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:44 pm

UPDATE ~ RE: New York Times article

Dear Ms. Sabrina,

Thanks for your letter, and please excuse my delay in replying. I've looked into your assertions that our article was in error, and I'm afraid I must disagree.

Our writer's sources for the statement that a "young man in Texas reportedly committed suicide" were reports in other news media, including a statement by his mother on a local TV station. If you have specific information that the death was not a suicide, I'd be happy to look into it and publish a correction if one is in order.

On your larger point, the article did not state or imply that we believe Morgellons is a "delusional disorder." It said, accurately, that "some doctors suspect that it is psychosomatic in origin," but it also quoted doctors and patients who believe that it is a physical disorder. And its first paragraph stated that "the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing to begin a full investigation."

Once again, thank you for writing and for your interest, which we share, in accurate reporting.


David Corcoran / Science Times

Dear Mr. Corcoran,

Thank you for responding to my letter and for looking into this important matter.

In your reply to me you stated,

“Our writer's sources for the statement that a "young man in Texas reportedly committed suicide" were reports in other news media, including a statement by his mother on a local TV station. If you have specific information that the death was not a suicide, I'd be happy to look into it and publish a correction if one is in order.”

Thank you for your willingness to correct the misinformation that has continued to spread about the death of my friend. I encourage you to contact his Mother, or any family member, to find out what really happened. Please see the link I have provided to my thread on biology online that shows a post that Travis’s Mom wrote shortly after his death. I am sure, after you check the facts from reliable sources, unlike the other media news articles that did not bother to do that, you will agree that suicide was in fact a premature assumption as I have previously stated and not the cause of death in this case. ... ght=#43738

She stated this,

“An autopsy determined that Travis died from a toxic reaction to the meds he was on. This is really sad. At first, I thought he had taken his own life due to the enormous amount of pain and agony he was in, with Morgellons "attacks coming most days. But, knowing that he wanted to go on makes this even harder on me. He had complained of his liver hurting for a month, but he wouldn't go have his monthly blood test as he was afraid they would take him off his antibiotics, which were his only relief from the attacks. And recently, I learned that his heart and his stomach had also been bothering him. I think his body had had enough meds and it just shut down. He is at peace now and that is the only thing keeping me going.”

Many other sources than just biology online can be found when investigating this matter as well. I am looking forward to finally having the record set strait on this issue. Thank you for caring about reporting the real facts.

I feel that this article was extremely misleading due to so much credence being given to unfounded allegations that this condition stems from a delusional or psychosomatic origin. My whole point here is if Mr. Mason had seen for himself the bizarre physical manifestations of what thousands of people are seriously claiming then he would have been able to ask pressing and appropriate questions when interviewing any mental health care practioner, or for that matter any self claiming sufferer as well.

Mr. Corcoran, we all really just want to get to the bottom of this and need the truth revealed to the public. I ask you to entertain the possibility that this strange condition may in fact exist and then think about how detrimental these unfounded accusations are and continue to be to people who are in search of treatment for this illness. We have children that are displaying these same symptoms also and cannot afford to have more unnecessary obstacles placed before us because people continue to speak out as “experts” that have not and/or refuse to simply look.

I ask you to please consider doing another report or follow up article on this subject in the immediate future to expose the truth this time. We are counting on you to be unbiased in your reporting and screaming for anyone to observe this for themselves so that all evidence can be assessed before anyone else jumps to false conclusions. We need your service to help us ensure that the C.D.C. will start to work on this and to remind them that they are obligated to handle this matter professionally and in an appropriate time frame. It has been six months since they said they would investigate, so far absolutely nothing that I am aware of has happened. They continue to fail us and we all want to know why. Can you help us find out if anything at all been done yet? Please.

Thank you for hearing me out Mr. Corcoran and all I ask is that you treat this issue seriously and in a fair manner to help the people who are infected with this horrible affliction expose the truth.

Sabrina ~ Fiber Disease Victim

Randy’s link ... 5&zoneid=3

Karen Faulk…. She is an attorney that has this.

Are you reading this Karen? Will you PM me if you are? We have a job for you!!!! :D

Sarah Boien,

I believe that you know there is much more to this condition than what people are being lead to believe. I think that you are intelligent enough to figure that out. I fail to believe that you collected and looked at all of the samples that you did in your study without seeing any observable similarities that had to impact you in some way. I also believe that if you doubted this as anything other than a physical condition you would not have made it your “hobby.”

Please accept my apologies if I have been vicious and slanderous to you. I will not make excuses for my feelings because some of what I said was inappropriate but please understand that I am angry with your actions regarding this issue because I expected more from you.

Sarah, will you consider helping us, please? :cry:

Dear Reliefseeker,

No offense was meant and none taken. I was just looking for clarification, thank you for providing such a detailed response.
I hope you are ok and getting some real help. My prayers are with you.


How about asking Danny boy what they did with the samples they took from Travis’s lifeless body. Since they do not have “space” are the samples being stored in some freezer somewhere or do they not have space for that either?


Dear Nadas,

Thank you for the information on Christian Gram. This information has helped me understand many things that I did not know before reading it. Your efforts and contributions are well noted and appreciated.

Dear Deena,

While you thoughts are valid to you please keep in mind that this is a scientific forum and religion and anyone’s religious beliefs are best discussed on a more appropriate forum. If you cannot respect this then I will contact the moderators here to deal with this situation accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation.


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Post by London » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:40 pm


I have not opened your link up yet but you can bet I will when I have time this evening (currently on lunch break and gotta jet) but not as in "Jet" like those plasmas hah! You say in hopes of finding a solution?????

Well hot damn, that's all we want! It's about time they started talking that talk since everyone and their brother knows about the proteins created on the computer and who it is controlling it!!!

The cDc my arse!!! What??? the one out in Lubbock? My friend went to college w/him

Randy, you said in a screaming tome that the guy that owned that website was a phoney and blah, blah......




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Post by tamtam » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:45 pm

Remember: topical administration can only be regarded as palliative.

It will never cure you of this infection.

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Post by RANDY » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:05 pm

Marc cream is excellent!
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by mfromcanada » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:33 pm

Tamtam, I think you are trying to say that people did not believe you when you said that a cure was not profitable. No profit, no cure. Are you also saying that something inside of us has been permanently changed and that there is no way to reverse it? I think that you could help people by providing a witten commentary of what you have observed by studying and recording the living workings of the microorganism. Many people who are suffering from this are being labled as psychotic or dismissed. They can't even get a doctor to look at their samples under a microscope let alone be approved for disability insurance coverage. I believe that you have the best understanding of the scientific aspect of this microorganism and can explain it to the medical community. Antibiotics will not destroy it. Since it cannot be destroyed by 1600 degreees of heat then it must be contagious. Therefore we have the discovery of a new plague for which there is no effectve treatment in which the inflicted die a slow and painful death. It almost seems like a milder version of AIDS. People that have been inflicted with this are already disabled, in pain and suffering from exhaustion and until they have at least some relief they will not be in a position, physically and financially to participate in any legal action. The trouble is that without an advocate many of the ones in dire need of help just won't get it. Could you please consider writing a paper on your findings and publishing it on the net? It would be a good idea to present it to the disability insurance industry. If we can have publications about other diseases for which their is no cure, why can't we for this infliction. Is it possible, that by telling us more details about what you know, you would be disclosing those responsible?It is quite possible that this knowledge has already been an enormous burden for you, ethically, whoever you are. Thank you again for the excellent videos. MFROMCANADA

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Post by Foxy Lady » Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:05 am

ppy1818 wrote:sarah bione,

you sure seem to have a lot of time on your hands. i would assume you would be too busy caring for your pet fish, playing your fiddle , and knitting socks for the homeless to moniter this or any forum regarding this matter. i issued you a challenge to visit with me and offered you access to my medical records as well as an opportunity to attend future doctors appointments in an attempt to get you to put up or shut up so to speak. as far as i know you never directly responded to this challenge. i understand that you no longer reside here in the great state of georgia but i believe that you have family in or around the metro area. i can clearly see that you are a loving compassionate soul and would probably make every effort to be with family for the holiday season. god , i can picture it in my head, all the biones gathered around the fireplace singing christmas caroles. it sure does warm my heart sarah. i have no doubt that the rest of the bione clan is as caring as you :twisted: with that in mind, i would love the opportunity to visit with ma and pa bione. maybe i could share my delusional story with them, and they in turn could sympathetically suggest that i'm simply crazy as a betsy bug :P . then we could all eat some banana puddin and wait up for that ultimate american delusion ..... jolly old st nick. what do ya say old girl.... is it a date? i can even bring the pudding since i'm not contagious and my house isn't contaminated. this is your chance to put up sarah, otherwise take a hike!

Cut it out, guy/gal. You think this diseae only targets the poor and disadvantaged, or that Sarah Bione logged on here to play God?

Bad Karma, bud.


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Post by London » Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:26 am

So you all are into killing the disabled. What a shame. I know maybe 3 people that post here might be indeed ill w/ this bullshit Manmade disease.

You all are monitors for the gov't. There is no cult ; for cults have leaders. So you wanna know what we know right? Why the hell don;t you ask us?

okay, off the top of my head and just a short list.......

Internet superbug

Bell Labs\Lucifer tech

Oklahoma state

bad cows in texas panhandle, i.e., "angry bovine disease"

uhhhh....oh yeah, the wheat is F.up because of the parasitoid wasp and it's venom - this is mainly becuase of the storing technique of the wheat.

Neural interfaces.

Reverse engineering of the brain

germ theory

Idiots going to burn in hell


Bacterioghage T4 and 13 too

fibre and fibr

SYNTHETIC FIBERS > range is big here


radiation burns


jet fusion




weather control

Sea I.



spying rats


robotic wasp laying fibre optic cable underground in the sewer

animals eating tainted waste and us drinking the run off

big co's that have their experts doing nafarious agendas

more lies, more hate and more Karma coming to you and yo mamma

then, lets go back to the panopticism......this is about 24-7 surveillance......want me to name the cameras you use?????????? HUH ORION???????????????????????

should I go into your personal names? b/c I can.......oh, did I leave off ken cowles and his pretty JJ and their plasmas?????

Wymore and Casey and lies

plasma tech at OK State gift given by Lucent.......

want some more, want me to name the artist and the boxcar people? Huh??? What about the birds???


transgenic tobacco

and for gods sake, like I said 2 or 3 months ago, the transgenic tobacco causing HIV

what??? yep, it's got agrobacterum t PLUS.........................guess what in it ???? RICIN!!!!!!!

More diabolical scientist.






How come someone wrote to me today and said they had been treated by someone we all know and they are 95% cured????

Tam Tam, how come you once spoke a lil of the computer about 10 pages back or so but now it baCK TO ORGANISM?




here you go; it's the tobacco industry putting f-ing RICIN in i said....friggin hateful, diabolical idiots and guess what the best part is??/

We know most of your gd names!!

Expression of active, processed ricin in transgenic tobacco.Sehnke PC, Pedrosa L, Paul AL, Frankel AE, Ferl RJ.
Department of Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville 32611.

The cDNA encoding the plant toxin precursor preproricin was introduced into tobacco via Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gene transfer. Transgenic plants were assayed for type II ribosome-inactivating protein expression and activity. Western blot analysis of soluble leaf extracts using anti-ricin a-chain (RTA) antibodies identified 34- and 32-kDa proteins, which were electrophoretically indistinguishable from castor seed RTA. Analysis with anti-ricin b-chain (RTB) antibodies identified both a 34-kDa protein major band, which co-migrated with castor seed RTB, and a 30-kDa protein minor band. Enzyme-linked immunoassay of the transgenic leaf extracts with anti-RTA and anti-RTB indicated microgram per gram production on a fresh weight basis of soluble extractable recombinant ricin. Sugar binding enzyme-linked immunoassay employing an immobilized glycoprotein, asialofetuin, and anti-RTB antibodies confirmed the characteristic type II ribosome-inactivating protein galactose binding lectin activity of the recombinant ricin. The enzymatic activity of recombinant ricin was characterized for cell-free translation inhibition, as well as for overall cytotoxicity. A 50% inhibitory dose of 3 x 10(-11) M was observed for the immunoreactive leaf extract material using a rabbit reticulocyte translation inhibition assay, while a 50% lethal dose of 1 x 10(-12) M was calculated with human T-lymphotropic virus-1 infected leukemic T-cells.

DAMN......i forgot one,.......oh yes indeed......Haliburton

and for the other bad foods: bannanas and sugercane......

oh, you think "I don't smoke so all okay??? they got the crap in the potato too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my gov't and Monsanto too!!!! Thanks guys, thanks a lot.....oh yeah, talked to someone that knows you and got your names too. (refenceing the ones across my street on the third floor with the rigged uo strobers.....dumbarses. Look, gimmie the cure and i go away and you won't even have to kill me........don;t think you won't be interrogated and written up all over the world.

How bout those home automation techiniques, wanna discuss this?
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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:00 am

Okay London,

Ready to hit em up now? Or shall we wait?

Disabled. Got one so far, but he outwitted many of you, didn't he?

Goes for carriers too J.C. Vinti?

Something about those synthetic genes isn't there that can fit that metazoan claim, inferring that it fits.

those genes 22 and 21, oh yeah. years back, baby.........

Comeone gigs up.


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King Cobra
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Post by London » Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:12 am

nahhh, not yet, not w/out their cure......but skytroll, don't even think that is all I have........oh no......I'm consulting counsel......just buy a semi automatic machine gun and fire the friggin fsticks and their cameras out girlfriend.

Move would probably help too. Sky remember becky baily and her bullshit lies (by the way, she was a texas educator herself) anyway she said don;t move???/ bullshit, that's becuase of the 24/7 surveillance techniques they got your house wired with have done a reverse osmosis on your pipes underground and they have this gun they shoot underground out in your yard that f. with your water system......

oh yeah i got more,,,,right down to thier name.......

If no cure than money will work fine......skytroll, what's your idea of a timeline?????

I don;t care if i die so these f. sticks don't bother me......but they gd sure won't be getting my corspe and also......I will be cut into pieces before i even get near a hurst (sp) carrying my body anywhere.......Hell, all they have to do if they really want us in space that bad is make a kite out of us...Lord knows we got enough string to reach up there....

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Post by Skytroll » Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:49 am

For starters,

What is the Tree Fam?.........

"TreeFam is also an ortholog database. Unlike other pairwise alignment based ones, TreeFam infers orthologs by means of gene trees. It fits a gene tree into the universal species tree and finds historical duplications, speciations and losses events. TreeFam uses this information to evaluate tree building, guide manual curation, and infer complex ortholog and paralog relations.........
Right in there with Sanger , who started the whole abortion fiasco.........then decided that wasn't enough, so must go after those with deficient genes and their carriers.........including Bejing right in on it, Russia declined didn't they?

Oh you guys are good.

TreeFam uses this information to evaluate tree building, guide manual curation, and infer complex ortholog and paralog relations......... NOTE: INFER..........NO PROOF, just inferring.....


To arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning: conclude, deduce, deduct, draw, gather, judge, understand. See reason
To draw an inference on the basis of inconclusive evidence or insufficient information: conjecture, guess, speculate, suppose, surmise. See opinion

Based on what facts?

We feel it baby.........we know it.......and we are not backing go play in you little playgrounds before those bugs decide there is no border.

No borders for you huh, J.C. Viral

How nice recreating in your ideal, destroying the given........

"The basic elements of TreeFam are gene families that can be divided into two parts: TreeFam-A and TreeFam-B families. TreeFam-B families are automatically created. They might contain errors given complex phylogenies. TreeFam-A families are manually curated from TreeFam-B ones. Family names and node names are assigned at the same time. The ultimate goal of TreeFam is to present a curated resource for all the families."......

I didn't know WelKom Trust and Sanger were on speaking terms. But, they sure know how to create it don't they?

Gotta make sure it is named right and fits the tree!

Example: pseudogenes, proof not transcription? Even lying going on here.

Does anyone know what pseudohypertrophic means? truthfully, even though the definition as we find it may be scewed. I still have some old dictionaries, and medical information. If transcription did not happen? This has been done before, that is why we have so many strange diseases now. Right? J. C. Viral? You should know you created the other line of genes. Nucelation and cloning. Even skin nerves can be controlled can't they?

"New Products for Ubiquitin-Proteasome Research
Analyze Ubiquitin pathways with new Upstate® antibodies, proteins, and inhibitors from Millipore. The newest addition to our extensive line of primary and secondary antibodies.

Antibodies: 37
Targeting the key components of the 26S Proteasome including multiple subunits of the:

20S Proteasome
19S Regulator
Recombinant Proteins: 25

Conjugating Enzymes
Deconjugating Enzymes
Ubiquitin Inhibitors: 2

Messing with synthetic ubiquitin? and you call these antibodies? Good cover........

other proteins too.

You know what if you all could get it through your heads that diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria, not defective genes. Something caused the mutation in the genes. And that would be .....let me see now.........viruses(bacteriophages...however, it is too bad that American connivers at Bacteriophage Central did not contact the Russian who knew all about these and that they have to be bacteria specific. If one has some quorum sensing and signalling going on, those bacteriophages are vectors setting the stage for future mutations.

I wish you progressives in the gene field would get your head out of your own created box, and look at your fellow man.

Religious deception
Environmental deception



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