The Fiber Disease

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Post by tamtam » Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:55 am

Only if "it" would have been signed.


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Post by SarahBione » Thu Nov 02, 2006 3:56 am

ppy1818 wrote:you sure seem to have a lot of time on your hands. i would assume you would be too busy caring for your pet fish, playing your fiddle , and knitting socks for the homeless to moniter this or any forum regarding this matter.

My fish passed away in August, so perhaps that has freed up some of my time. ;)

ppy1818 wrote:i issued you a challenge to visit with me and offered you access to my medical records as well as an opportunity to attend future doctors appointments in an attempt to get you to put up or shut up so to speak.

I am uncertain as to what it means to "put up or shut up," and I am uncertain as to why visiting you would aid in this manner. I think it has been discussed on several occasions before that any of that information: I identified bugs. If you have no bugs, we have nothing to talk about.

ppy1818 wrote:i understand that you no longer reside here in the great state of georgia but i believe that you have family in or around the metro area. i can clearly see that you are a loving compassionate soul and would probably make every effort to be with family for the holiday season..... then we could all eat some banana puddin and wait up for that ultimate american delusion ..... jolly old st nick.

My family celebrates the holidays with just us, so we'll just keep with tradition. You still haven't given any case for what meeting you will accomplish. I think you're confused about my old job, and you're making it out to be something it's not. I also think it's "twisted" (as was the emoticon you described my family with) for you to bring my family into whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. I'll make sure to notify the police to prepare for possible uninvited guests.

ppy1818 wrote:what do ya say old girl.... is it a date? i can even bring the pudding since i'm not contagious and my house isn't contaminated. this is your chance to put up sarah, otherwise take a hike!

Tell me why it is significant that we meet and we can work from there.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:26 am

Tam Tam,

An interview with homeland security, do not know if you had this one or not:

"Homeland Defense: Now, Dr. Alibek told us last month about how Biopreparat developed plague that was resistant to our ten most common antibiotics. They couldn’t find a strain of plague resistant to ten, so they took one strain, made it resistant to five, and another to another five. Were you just looking for more effective ways to achieve the same result?

Serguei Popov: Not exactly. When we talk about the whole program of genetically engineered weapons, it was a combination of several projects. For example, projects like “Bonfire” were specifically aimed at developing antibiotically resistant strains.

But there was a much bigger program, called “Factor.” It was a program to create strains with the ability to produce certain biologically active substances as new pathogenic factors. It was not about an improvement of what was generally known. But the final goal of Factor was to create strains with completely new properties.

Homeland Defense: Did Factor also work with the classical agents?

Serguei Popov: Yes. The initial vision was that the old classical biological weapons would acquire new, unusual properties so that, for example, prophylaxis would be difficult. Project goals included high virulence, high stability, and surprising new outcomes for the disease in order to confuse treatment. To achieve those goals, there were several directions. The first was to express short biologically active peptides. Then there was an attempt to introduce toxin genes into those strains. The toxin genes could be short peptide toxins or they could be proteins.

Homeland Defense: In follow-up, you commented on the plague issue, that somehow there was recent success in achieving the properties. Is that what you’re suggesting?

Serguei Popov: Yes. I know at least two examples of plague and smallpox strains which acquired new properties.

Homeland Defense: And what would those properties be?

Serguei Popov: A gene responsible for hemorrhage formation was included in one viral strain and diphtheria toxin gene in another bacterial strain. Later, the Obolensk Institute published their results on anthrax with hemolysin gene. That was the third example. But again, in [the] case of diphtheria toxin, we were more interested in the outcome. The idea was that the vaccine directed against plague would not be effective. When we talked about those problems, there is no clear way to achieve those goals. That’s why the programs constantly changed. The final purpose was the same but the way to achieve success varied.

Homeland Defense: For the benefit of the non-scientific audience, could you describe what a peptide basically is?

Serguei Popov: A peptide is a short protein fragment. Peptides are of the same origin and display properties of proteins. But peptides are more direct in their action and properties. They may target specific functions. We have an example of small peptides like endorphins or enkephalins. Those peptides are approximately 30 amino acids long, and it is about 10 to 20 times [fewer] amino acids than in an average protein. The peptides can interact with a receptor, and they could be produced in a biological way. It’s difficult to produce morphine or other drugs through genetic means. But endorphin peptides have similar properties. In the case of peptides, you make a very small DNA chain that codes for the peptide, and you introduce that gene into the genome of any agent. That’s, in general, all you need.

Small peptides that are neuro-active were capable of changing behavior. Some peptides also created changes of behavior and could have other activities, because they were multifunctional peptides. One example of this was vasopressin, which affects blood pressure. Some peptides were toxins, while others offered a completely new approach for causing autoimmune diseases. .........

Serguei Popov: Factor was literally created overnight in a Moscow kitchen by some military officers, sometime around 1978. From that point on, it became an official program, but they always took feedback from scientists. They realized it was the perfect way to make new agents, which could be essentially undetectable, and furthermore could get around the biological weapons treaty. Many of the agents created by Factor would be very dangerous, but they would not be illegal.

Editor’s note: The Journal of Homeland Defense disagrees with the Soviet claim that such activity was legal. The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention prohibits any type of activity (development, production, or stockpiling) regarding the offensive use of biological or toxin weapons. Article I from the convention is provided at the end of the interview for the readers’ perusal." ... nterview=3


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Post by Skytroll » Thu Nov 02, 2006 7:56 am

Tam Tam,

What does this in Russia have to do with the constructed novel organism that you speak of?

It is not the same.

So, I see you telling us two things here.

What in your opinion was the object you speak of created for?

For war? for evolutionary adaptation? for depopulation? If cyanobacteria, and mammal genes, squid, and wings are part of the construct, that is not what was being done in Russia, those where done for death to occur to the enemy, as biowarfare. It seems to me that the construct you speak of was to alter man himself, not just kill him/her, but to alter the genes in man/woman.

Two things here, please clarify.


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Post by ppy1818 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 7:59 am


sorry to hear about your fish. pets, much like people, thrive in a loving, nurturing, environment. i guess we need not seek the medical examiners opinion as to cause of death in this case :shock: . it saddens me to know that i am not welcome to attend the bione family festivities this holiday season, but please refrain from involving the authorities. unlike you ,sweet sarah, i tend to shy away from places where i am clearly not wanted :P if my word is not enough to satisfy you regarding this matter, i completely understand. it must be difficult to trust others when you yourself are so untrustworthy. i believe this is referred to as projecting ones own personality traits on to others. i suggest you seek counseling, but will defer to you on this subject, as you are the expert. in an effort to alleviate your fears, i will request that my brother , officer thomas pickens, of the gwinnett county police dept, place me under 24hr surveilance during this time. he is a complete professional who performs his duty with a sense of honor. he has no hidden agenda and would never dishonor the badge he wears by misrepresenting his intentions to carry out these duties. feel free to contact him at anytime.
i am going to have to address the rest of your comments tomorrow, sweet cheeks. fatigue has allowed the fog to roll in so i'm pretty much forced to surrender until it rolls on out. but rest assured, we will continue :wink: one last thing, while it is true that my memory has been drastically affected by this illness, i am certainly not confused about you. in fact the words underlined above describe you to a t. see how much i care about you sarah? i have gone through the trouble of actually getting to know a little bit about you before judging you. too bad you can't say the same.............till tomorrow my friend.

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Post by reliefseeker » Thu Nov 02, 2006 2:02 pm

Hi All, TamTam often writes:

Again; my advise is to unite, create a legal base and to seek litigation.
I had suggested this before but someone said that I did not have anyone to sue not legally anyway. I LOST my fear last night because I FEAR I might lose my leg. After staying in the hospital for 8 days, I erroneously thought that the antibiotic vancomysin had killed a lot of the silicone bugs...YES, they are plastic like and can jump like hell (I saw one jump after taking the biltricide and ivermectin combo, it was in the chair after I got up and then when I attempted to look at it closer it where I don't know) and they fooled all the smart Emory doctors with the fluids they emit that resembled orange colored skin ( they do pink and clear film too) and I HAD evidence that I could produce for them because they could have picked the embedded ones out of my leg or I could have picked them out of my leg but the doctors were too busy being condescending, arrogant, and trying to make me look like a damn insane fool that they were fooled themselves. But, still I'm the one that suffered and still suffers greatly more and more. No details here about how I will attempt my has become apparent that "spies" are among us but it saddens me deeply to see another human being devalue another's life but it also tells me that they themselves have NO life. So if this is their joy, they so be it, but IF they want to see my 'BUGS", they are more than welcome and please take some with you too...I like to share. Please pay your own air fare to Atlanta though, I can't oblige you there. Last night, I decided that this house no longer is important to me, in fact, this was HOW I got so infected with that carpet that I replaced. My job is no longer important. Actually I miss my apartment with the small bedroom close to the television , computer and bed. Well now, I have cellulitis on the left leg where the morgies keep filming over and ejecting themselves up and the right leg is "sprouting" white circular specks...damn I'm bugy...please if any newcomer is reading this, don't get scared, this does not have to happen to you.
But today , I have a doctor appointment and will undoubtedly be readmitted, tell me what is biofilm that acculumates if I keep using the antiparasitics...biotech conversation here is awesome, sometimes I don't get it but I do think that something grew in my leg that WON'T be expelled chemically that may needs to be surgically removed...the emitting of fluid is strictly this "thing", my CHF is this "thing", I can't keep up with removing the fluid as fast as it is releasing it. It does not matter whether I elevate my leg now...but I have not slept in 2 days now because it adds lots of biting bugs in the fluid now. I knew or felt that surgery might be the answer...I WANT it out!!!
"Lady Sabrina", and that is said with sincerity, I offer you my humblest apology...BATHING IS NECESSARY IN THE EPSOM SALT, even if I just submerge my legs. Doing what the home health nurse said to do is for People without Morgellons, not me...the cellulitis spread horribly complete with bugs under a film that it had encased my leg in...I was damn fooled. I was cleaning the film with sodium chloride, patting it dry, and then covering it with the then. I feel a lot better, and thanks to you too pgy 18 18....I'll holla at you later, girl!


PS this time I'll pay all my bills...then come back and see about getting rid of this house...take care all

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:11 pm

We can sue the government, but, we don't have much of a case without evidence.

I may be looking for the cook, but, I still would like to know who was looking at the recipe. This that they put together, would kill rather quickly.

What was Koch studying? Anthrax.

The original envelope?

The nesting doll?

So far I do not see the insect that bites and lives in our skin as part of this construct, other than Phorid flies with Wolbachia in them. Where does that come in to your equation, here?

There clearly are bugs and they are the vectors, but how can they carry such lethal bacteria? How did it get there in so many insects, 75%? Put it slickly in the environment, as the UN as so dictated for its croonies to do. They work on a local level. And appear so innocent, yet they are changing the waters, the EPA has closed doors, so we know they are in on it, as are other EPA types in other countries.

This disease is slick, I agree, just like Popov said, that won't be detected.

Tell me this where does the cyanobacteria come from? Is it creating the algae that is choking the world? Is it part of the construct?

You say it is......well then far as I know the military complex would not be working with that, they are interested in zapping the enemy, a release would only go so far, and if the release was done in NL, then it would have been noticed, wouldn't it? If it was done here, how?

This is foggy. There is no direct evidence of where this came from.

This is a game to protect and encourage the foolhardy belief that the Wellcome Trust, Elsevier, Lucis Trust and others have the power, money, and the World Bank to do whatever they so desire.

If the NL created this, then they are responsible.

To let the creator off the hook paints the kettle black.

Tell me where this was released?

However, it is the Universities that allow this freedom to go on, to create what hasn't been done.

Evolution, ecology, and environment vs the MIC.

The secret government is tied right into the UN and the NL are one of the key players, that is why such horrible constructs can be done in many countries, there is no oversight there or here.

One cannot sue the government when one does not have the evidence.

Show the evidence!

I am tired of this BS. This has been played out, over and over, yet much is missing. The actual construct. How does it start? Where is the person who you photographed? Why doesn't this Bell Van Eeden just tell us? He is just as much at fault as anyone for harboring information and evidence. At least Popov told us some of what he knows.

There are strong ties between US and NL aren't there, both militarially and economically?


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The Fiber Disease

Post by Deena » Thu Nov 02, 2006 7:56 pm

Reliefseeker~You are in decent spirits, considering your unfortuneate dilemma regarding your leg. I can relate to the "Want it OUT!!!" feeleing you have and thought I would offer what I have found to be very effective for myself in drawing out (whatever we have) from my skin.
I came down with this on my birthday, Aug 25th, 2001. My story is alot like many others yet my difference is that I was warned of it, approximately 5-6 months prior to it's actual surface. It's pretty intense and I plan to come back to post it when I have a little more time to do so...
Anyhoo~back in June/July, I stumbled onto the DermatechRX website while searching for more products in hopes of bringing some kind of relief to my situation. I have spent so much money on products, my gosh, if my husband only knew :shock: The DermatechRx site listed the word, "Morgellon's". Naturally, I wondered what the hell that was, did a word search and couldn't believe it. Here I thought (for almost 5 years), that I was the only one in the world who had this bizzare condition that literally changed my life into the insecure little hermit that I never would have imagined myself to be. I had been a MGD postergirl and I was pretty damned proud of it. :D The night before last, I was going through some boxes and found some pictures. All I could do was cry and put them away. I have learned alot along the way, tho. It's who we are on the inside that matters most and what we do with that, decides our direction for eternity. :wink:
Skytroll (or Skygod~cracked me up) and at least I think it was, a page or two back, opened my door, I felt when the suggestion of discussing Go_ or religion was mentioned. I am not a bible thumper by any means but feel the heaviness to tell my story, perhaps it might bring some :idea: to our darkness... :evil:

Onto my suggestion, for now. Diatomaceous Earth. Think I have read where it was mentioned on this thread sometime ago. So far, I have purchased the majority of their products to see which worked best and I believe the website is: or, I will come back and confirm. The Diatomaceous Earth/ 5 gallon tub sells for $49.95 and the single Antimicrobial Face and Body Mud pack sells for $14.95 (that says is enough for 2 applications). Well, only if using very sparingly, is it. It worked awesomely, though and wish I had just laid in the empty bathtub when using it for the first time cause it was SOOOO messy! it seemed as though "things" were flying off of me, any time I moved and I was leaving a trail. The ingredients are listed on the mudpack so I made my own from the 5 gallon tub that I have since I also had all the other things it consisted of, thanks to my professional shopping career I have taken up :lol: Here it is: Diatomaceous Earth, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Antimicrobial formulas. Well, I learned that the Antimicrobial formula sells as the Rejuvenating Body wash and Skin Conditioner on the same site and it works good, too. Mixed myself up a batch and BAM! I had duplicated the Mud Pack to a T and saved awholelotta $, to boot. And get this...when I used this mud pack, I put the layer on my skin, just as smooth as could be. When it bagan to work/dry, these "blobs of things" in similar shapes were forming all over, as those didn't dry out. Amazing, yet so strange because they were invisible before the mud pack paralyzed them. Some as small as mites and others as large as snail slugs and I cannot think of the name right now, in which I'm thinking it really was but I know I have seen them in the potty after a mean one :lol:
Yesterday, I recieved this bottle of "Critter Oil" that I purchased from I am anxious to try it in the mud pack. It's properties are phenominal and states that it was developed by specialists in natural animal care to be the ultimate, most versatile and safest skin and coat care product on the market today. Proven effective on dogs, cats, horses, cattle, birds and exotic animals. Also safe to use on pregnant women and babies. It states the fact that it eliminates the need to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of other grooming products such as pesticide shampoos, sprays and carpet treatments, medicated and fungicide shampoos and sprays ect... This Critter Oil was not very expensive. The 2 oz highly concentrated bottle cost me $24.95.
Please don't remove your leg just might be worth trying a few more alternatives before such a drastic measure is taken. I'll confirm the dermatechrx web address shortly, in case you may be interested. And good luck to you/don't surrender and find some faith, as hard as it is~


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The fiber disease

Post by Deena » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:01 pm

Websites were correct


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Post by RANDY » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:08 pm ... 5/fulltext

Please note that any reseach done by this University (above) will not be accepted as a valid study.

This includes any study being done especially by the CDC.

This University is NOT ACCEPTIBLE as a place were WE will accept the findings.

Also you can not go to court unless you know what you are suing for.

First research by a qualified established program, like the one I am trying to set up, then you prove what you have, then you find out where it came from and then you go to court.


Anything else is just blahblahblahblah.....and searching the internet for everything but what this is.

It may make you feel good to say you are going to do something but you have no case. Check with your lawyers if you do nto believe me.

You can no bring to court somethng you do not know what it is and only have a theory and you can not go after a doctor if the disease is not listed especially if the above people are getting paid to do what they are doing and will be who you have to challenge in court when they become the expert witnesses for the other side.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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The Fiber Disease

Post by Deena » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:12 pm

From what I understand, this is only the first plague :cry:

There will be a second plague that falls to the Earth that makes this plague nothing in comparison.

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Post by Deena » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:21 pm

Yeah, Hey Randy. Accepting my posts finally.
The question is; WHERE DO YOU STAND?!?!


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