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Post by Skytroll » Fri Oct 27, 2006 6:40 pm

Relief seeker,

I would keep after them about the bugs. Can you identify them? Are they microscopic or bigger?

Take care and know we love you here.


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Post by nettimo » Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:08 pm


I must tell you that I believe you about feeling something moving in your leg. The reason is that both my sis and I have experienced something moving in our bodies.
My sister had a swollen chin and jaw (skin thick and doughy). When she awakened one night and rubbed it for several minutes with straight wild herbal oregano oil, she felt it move out of her jaw. Next she felt something gagging in her throat, gargled deeply with strong salt water, then coughed up lots of stringy material, some looking like clear worms, and one very long gel-like casing. She took it to her dr. and of course, it tested "negative" for worms/known human pathogen.



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Post by nettimo » Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:38 pm

Dear Reliefseeker,

I myself have had occasions where I most definitely experienced movement. I KNOW how frightening it can be, and how creepy it makes one feel. When it happens it is impossible to think about anything else.

I have this infection in my face, as does my sis. I have lesions, some tiny and chronic, and some that come and go. Some look like tiny pimples, some like plaques/brown age spots, some just tiny raised areas. We both have have moving things emerge from our nares (mostly clear ?larval forms and occasional fibers.) We both have frequent emergence of tiny clear "blobs" (?larvae vs. ?silicone) and fibers (white, blue and occasional red). Also specs and sometimes straight clear linear forms. At its worst, it appears as an outbreak lasting one by one over an hour or several. When this started for me months ago, the clear nasal "blobs" always had fibers in them under microscopy. We both expel fibers from ears (on Q-tip); sis much worse. Also we have had same or similar blobs from eyes/?lacrimal ducts. Most often, these things are all so tiny you have to look very closely on scotchtape or with magnification.

Still waiting to hear from the state re. specimen from sis's mouth (pink, appearing on teeth while brushing) that first lab reported looked like
"something horses get." I, too, have spit out weird whitish and pink forms, the weirdest looking like two pink cords wrapped together forming Y shape. When I looked at it under microscope, it looked brown with tiny PINK WORMS (about a dozen) moving apparently inside. Freaked me out. The only time I have seen something resembling a worm and moviing.

To be continued,

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Post by nettimo » Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:54 pm

Dear Reliefseeker, et al,

My symptoms are definitely systemic. I wonder how many of us have this version and how many just cutaneously. For those of you without systemic symptoms, I can assure you that this is quite frightening and fearful to think this is in the respiratory, venous, GI, GU systems, and cutaneous. Still have daily emergence especially around forearms, wrists, hands, fingers, and occasional "bites"elsewhere.

I believe I have prevented chronic lesions on my leg and arms by rubbing with oregano oil any especially nasty lesions immediately. Still have scars but tiny in comparison. Sis has some nasty scars on arms.

Once I rubbed oregano oil on raised area under my eye, suspecting a ?larva/worm, as it wasn't there before. I WATCHED in the mirror (in fear) while something travelled upward, apparently venously, toward the middle of my eye, then turned under my eye toward my ear and disappeared, but I could still FEEL it until I SAW it enter my the hard cartilage of my ear. It was linear and under the skin. This occurred over a period of about one minute. Scared the hell out of me.

My other scariest moment was when I gargled long with salt water, trying to lay down to let the salty water help clean out my sinuses, when I had this in there early on. I FELT and SAW a bite THROUGH my soft palate, leaving me coughing and gagging. I had a hive with a hole/lesion in the roof of my mouth.


What the hell could this be??? Protozoal forms are not big enough to be observed travelling under the skin, etc. I have had two other occasions after shower whereI observed a FRESH HOLe in my skin, and a rather large wavy blue fiber beside it (couple inches). I still have one of them, along with the clear ?fiberworm that appeared with it.

Tam, I work in healthcare and your videos have made the most sense to me in describing this infection and its likely sequelae. Yet your reply to Reliefseeker leads me to believe that mine and my sister's experiences differ somewhat from your eperiences. We both expel fibers but do not at present have large skin lesions.

Please respond. I have many photos on disc if I could send them to you.

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Post by London » Fri Oct 27, 2006 10:22 pm

Hi all, I have some post to def. catch up on.....I have not been here, nor on the computer much at all this week. So, I will check everyones links out later.

Morgellonfelon, strange name you got there. Hey, Im interested in hearing about the new collidal silver you were mentioning. I hope you come back and post about it. Would it happen to be a kind you mix into the water?


Sorry to have not sent you any info yet- I have not been online but I will get to you....I have not forgotten, but yes, you ask about the spraying? How about this......pesticides thru the computer? I don't know, maybe they are trying to throw us off once again.

Does anyone know what type scents/ olfactory senses work best at keeping this disease at bay? the pine scents, menthol and all????? or what?

Also, Lyme disease thru acorns......oh hell yeah, if I'm lying I'm dying. See, it all goes back to those stupid arse trees. I feel like being a pyromaniac and striking a match to those damn trees they love more than us., you see, I don;t give a care what the hell happens in 50 gd years. I'm living now and that is what I care about.

And, My opinion, I do not think kids have this disease. I have yet to see one.
Margaret G. KidwellA, Damon R. LischB

A. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721 E-mail: [email protected], B. Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720

The nature of the role played by mobile elements in host genome evolution is reassessed considering numerous recent developments in many areas of biology. It is argued that easy popular appellations such as “selfish DNA” and “junk DNA” may be either inaccurate or misleading and that a more enlightened view of the transposable element-host relationship encompasses a continuum from extreme parasitism to mutualism. Transposable elements are potent, broad spectrum, endogenous mutators that are subject to the influence of chance as well as selection at several levels of biological organization. Of particular interest are transposable element traits that early evolve neutrally at the host level but at a later stage of evolution are co-opted for new host functions
oh Skytroll, look here- it's the fig wasp and wolbachia we go...... ... s=15734697

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Post by London » Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:33 pm

Minimally Invasive Fiber-Optic Biosensors
Key words: optical fibers, laser delivery, biosensors

OST scientists are continuing to investigate techniques for the delivery of laser radiation to tissues for optical diagnostic procedures. Optical fibers are becoming more useful in modern biomedical systems such as minimally invasive techniques for laser diagnostics, therapy, and optical imaging. A fiber optic-based biosensor system includes two principal optical components: an effective laser delivery system and a sensitive sensor probe. In FY 2001, OST scientists worked to improve fundamental features of both optical-fiber biosensor components.

One area of study focused on the evaluation of an optical waveguide concept for efficient delivery of laser and x-ray radiation. It is based on a simple lens-free method for coupling laser radiation to optical delivery fibers. OST scientists utilized an uncoated glass hollow taper as a laser-to-fiber coupler. It is funnel-shaped and, utilizing the grazing-incidence effect, provides an efficient way of direct launching of laser radiation into delivery fibers.

A second area of study involved evaluating a novel approach for switching laser radiation on and off while being delivered into a precise tissue area. The method uses tissue activated optical fiber probes with specially shaped angled tips. It provides a safe method for laser delivery that includes only two states of tissue illumination: (1) off-state (no tissue illumination), when the fiber tip is out of the tissue area – the laser emission is back reflected at the angled tip due to total-internal reflection; and (2) on-state (tissue illumination), when the fiber tip is contacting the absorbing tissue area, and the laser energy is coupled into the absorber.
TamTam, remember when I guessed about TU Delft? Look here: (I also found the clinton doc.)

J. E. Schut, R. C. Alderliesten
TU Delft, Netherlands

This paper presents the experimental and analytical research on fatigue crack
propagation and delamination in the Fibre Metal Laminate Glare. A recently
developed analytical prediction model has been extended to elevated
temperatures and has been validated with crack growth tests on Glare CCT

and TamTam ( and all) here is what maybe the Mysterious "Smoking Man" that visited our site claiming they used this stuff in jet fuel.......maybe this is what he was referrring too??? It is
The CFRT Fuselage from Germany........

it's fun to look at and see it, plus see that they used the same fibers that are inside my skin in their product, I just don't get it, I mean, I'm not for testing products on the poor animals but, I'd drather it than me. And I can hear the science freakos now....
They'd say " Who are you to think you are better than the ameoba or the bacteria"......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and ideally, I'd say "Well let me show you as I shove your face in the fiber made toilet!' Sorry, I just had to write that. Okay, check it out:

FOR A CFRP FUSELAGE ... erbeck.pdf

Looks like sony is getting them a lil something too......????

[C1.029] Carbon nano-fiber growth on the anode during hydrogen DC arc-discharge

Hisashi Kajiura, Houjin Huang, Shigemitsu Tsutsui (Materials Laboratories, Sony Corporation), Yousuke Murakami (Technical Solutions Center, Sony Corporation), Mitsuaki Miyakoshi (Materials Laboratories, Sony Corporation)

A carbon nano-fiber with a diameter of 25-100 nm and 98.4 percent purity was produced on the heated anode surface in hydrogen DC arc-discharge [1]. Hydrogen arc plasma was generated between the graphite cathode and the carbon/metal composite anode (Fe/Co/Ni/FeS). X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that the carbon nano-fiber had a turbostratic structure with a (002) interlayer spacing of 0.346nm. Three types of nano-structures were observed using transmission electron microscopy, (1) those with a bamboo structure, (2) with a hollow core, and (3) without a hollow core. The formation of the nano-fiber was initiated by arc-generated metal particles with a diameter of 5-75 nm, and carbon for further growth was supplied by the decomposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that were created by interaction between arc-generated carbon clusters and hydrogen atoms. The nano-structure of the fiber is thought to depend on the size and morphology of the catalytic metal particles. [1] H. Kajiura et al., Carbon 40(2002)2423
Well, I guess this will do for now., but there sure is a lot more. A lot. But why test them in us? I mean why not themselves? HUH??? NOW, oh there is so much more from the s ice to the media, to electrical components to the colorsl.....oh those killer colors. But.....think.....if this is about the ecosystem and those damn stupid trees, then why not think of.......................???????????????????

Okay, dunno if I'm correct or not but I have been thinking about the forest. 1. there already is transgenic trees which should be enough for there lil biosphere, but I'm thinking wood!!!! They have used the fiber for fake synthetic wood......maybe this is why some people think their house and furnuture is infected. Okay, from here, if it is in the wood, then I'm guessing............................???????????

It;s gotta be in the pulp and paper too; hence the mills that Oklahoma Helen was hinting about.??? Maybe, maybe not. But one should think about it. And why in us???? Why? Because
they are stupid f.sticks and are evil and should be destroyed.

Bye the way............................NADAS>>>>>> I did not know the photons go thru our cornea, I was assuming so but did not know for sure until recently when I read it in a book on genomes.

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Post by Barz » Sat Oct 28, 2006 2:20 am


Just want to say, Hey! I really hope you are doing well. I just read your post. You said you don't think kids get this. I have to disagree. I have five kids. Three of which show dramatic symptoms. (the females). I pulled a huge fiberball out of my daughters hair today. Whenever I change a diaper, I see hair coming out of diaper region. My kids get the scratches all over them, no major lesions, but definate itching. This makes me want to burn down more than trees, however I am quite rational. When it comes to my kids - I'm a softy. All I can do is hug them and tell them everythings gonna be alright. But the sad thing is that I don't even know that at all. I can't treat them and we have failed to get any diagnosis, of course. So I watch as we suffer in silence. Fear has set in that if we do go to the doctor and mention fibers, We could end up losing our kids. What is a parent to do???

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:28 am

Silicon master depicting microtopography for the compartment

NADAs retro study101:

time: the devider

what is to come is not from it........... . sky londnettambarzfox
have already said what i am about to.....
the clover leaf has four legs ....
the earth : organo cellulose antennae"trees"
the water : the transportation of IT
the fire : the photo ionic control
the sky : home to web that binds

Bacteria may be conveniently divided into two further groups,

depending upon their ability to retain a crystal violet-iodine

dye complex when cells are treated with acetone or alcohol.

This reaction is referred to as the Gram reaction: named after

Christian Gram, who developed the staining protocol in 1884.

The bacterial cell wall thus contains a unique biopolymer in

that it contains both D- and L-amino acids. Its basic structure

is a carbohydrate backbone of alternating units of N-acetyl

glucosamine and N-acetyl muramic acid. The NAM residues

are cross-linked with oligopeptides. The terminal peptide is

D-alanine although other amino acids are present as D-

isomers. This is the only biological molecule that contains

D-amino acids and it is the target of numerous antibacterial


Cells with many layers of peptidoglycan can retain a crystal

violet-iodine complex when treated with acetone. These are

called Gram-positive bacteria and appear blue-black or purple

when stained using Gram's method.

Gram-negative bacteria have only one or two layers of

peptidoglycan and cannot retain the crystal violet-iodine

complex. These need counterstaining with another dye to be

seen using Gram's method. A red dye such as dilute carbol

fuchsin is often used.

Lysogens are bacteria that have been stably infected with a

bacteriophage and that carry the virus as a 'prophage'. The

bacteriophage DNA is integrated into the genome of the

bacterium. Under special conditions, lysogens can burst to

release new bacteriophage particles. Lysogens can be very

important. The gene for diphtheria toxin is carried by a

prophage, and only the lysogenic strains of Corynebacterium

diphtheriae can cause diphtheria.

Flagella are responsible for the motility of pathogenic bacteria

and can play a role in the production of disease.

Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria may be covered in fine

hairs called fimbriae (singular: fimbria) these help to stick to

body surfaces. Pili can attach two bacterial cells together: sex

pili are necessary for the transfer of certain plasmids between


Mask design of the collagen patterning mold. Lines in the
center of the four circles represent the channels for patterning

collagen. Silicon master depicting four identical designs for

creating the collagen patterning mold. PDMS collagen

patterning mold. Microchannels are 200µm wide and 20mm

long. Inlet and outlet ports are laser ablated. The

microchannels connecting the two ports serve to pattern the

substrate with collagen. Mask design of MEA. Entire design

of the substrate. The squares on the periphery are the

electrode pads. Yellow lines starting at the pads are electrode

lines. The blue lines at the right are serpentine stimulation

electrodes blue lines are the openings in the nitride layer.
Here are two main MEMS fabrication techniques
that are based on silicon: bulk silicon micromachining and

polysilicon surface micromachining. Bulk silicon

micromachining is a type of micromachining that uses a
silicon wafer as the building material for the device. Silicon

wafers made for the IC industry are single crystals of silicon

cut on specific crystal planes. Certain chemicals
etch different silicon crystal planes at different rates. This

characteristic of silicon is used to etch holes into the substrate

that follow specific crystal planes. This technique, known
as anisotropic wet etching, can be used to make many features

important to the bulk micromachining industry. Surface

micromachining is a technique that resembles those
used for the IC industry much more than bulk micromachining

techniques. In polysilicon surface micromachining, many

layers of polysilicon and silicon dioxide are deposited by
chemical vapor deposition. Each layer is photolithographically

patterned and plasma etched before the next layer is

deposited. When the resulting stack of films is dipped in
hydrofluoric acid, the silicon dioxide is chemically etched

away, and this process leaves behind multi-layered structures

of polysilicon.
PDMS is gas permeable, bubbles created inside channels by
electrolysis of water or from other sources may be dissipated through the material. Masters made in silicon can also be used to imprint or hot-emboss channels in hard
plastic materials like polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) at temperatures close to the softening point of the plastic or at elevated pressures. In addition to the micromolding
of PDMS channels from a master, other technologies like laser ablation have also been used to fabricate polymer microchannels. This technique involves directing laser pulses at the plastic surface in defined regions, which causes degradation of the plastic at those spots as a consequence of a combination of photochemical and photothermal degradation processes.

micromolding of unitary polymeric microstructures with simultaneously formed
functional metal surface," presented at Microtas, Boston, MA, 2005.
P. C. Letourneau, "Cell-to-substratum adhesion and guidance of axonal
elongation," Developmental Biology, vol. 44, pp. 92-101, 1975.
J. A. Hammarback, J. B. McCarthy, S. L. Palm, L. T. Furcht, and P. C.
Letourneau, "Growth cone guidance by substrate-bound laminin pathways is
correlated with neuron-to-pathway adhesivity," Developmental Biology, vol. 126,
pp. 29-39, 1988.
J. M. Corey, B. C. Wheeler, and G. J. Brewer, "Compliance of hippocampal
neurons to patterned substrate networks," Journal of Neuroscience Research, vol.
30, pp. 300-07, 1991.
R. D. Fields, C. Yu, and P. G. Nelson, "Calcium, network activity, and the role of
NMDA channels in synaptic plasticity in vitro," Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 11,
pp. 134-46, 1991.
A. S. Curtis and P. Clark, "The effect of topographic and mechanical properties of
materials on cell behavior," Critical Reviews of Biocomputing, vol. 5, pp. 343-
362, 1990.
S. Britland, C. Perridge, M. Denyer, A. Curtis, and C. Wilkinson, "Morphogenetic
guidance cues can interact synergestically and hierarchically in steering nerve cell
growth," Experimental Biology Online, vol. 1, 1996.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:30 am

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Post by SarahBione » Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:32 am

Sabrina wrote:
It is very distressing (unless your name is Sarah Boine) to have such desperate people seek you out when we have little to no resources in which to use or direct them to. We do the best we can with what we have.

Dear Sabrina,

Please show me how I have not been distressed by desperate people seeking me, or, how I do not have little resources. Quotes will suffice.

Sincerely, Sarah Bione-Dunn

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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 28, 2006 7:09 am

Hi ALL, I'm doing much better since elevating the left leg above the heart and especially in sending my younger brother away from my house...he's an opportunist...not to sound cruel but I'm not giving out opportunties and I hate when people pushed that situation on me without my consent. My living room with the 60''tv will be my bed room not his. (I bought the tv as a gift to myself because I can't go a lot of places that "Normal " people can go or do a lot of things for that matter.)

Skytroll, the nurse and doctor dismissed the white legged insects on my leg and so did the doctor, it seems my sister and I shared a psychosis together.

Nettimo,I'm fully aware that the morgy bugs were in such large numbers and caused such an influx of edema that that was when the CHF began and then out spew the 3rd spacing fluid, tha's so much like volcanic lava that when it touches normal skin, it either disintegrates it, mottles it, or changes the composition of it.

But LISTEN all, please have someone with you when you go to the hospital whether it has to do with Morgies or not. Good example: nurse had five patients of which I was one of them. I was an easy patient because I was ambulatory...I had a bedside commode but I choose to walk to the bathroom,I was denied a shower because they would have had to get a shower chair and monitor you, so I took crummy washups. A friend from my hospital came and insisted that I could and it was done and I mean quickly. And when the nurse tech (some of them) finds that the doctor and nurse doubt your sanity. Your level of care goes down, your bed might not get made up, no ice or juice is offered or fresh gowns. Thank God for my little sister who was there for 3 nights and pushed for good care...I love you so much, little sis!!

And the extra hospitalization insurance I purchased wants to only pay for 10/18/06- 10/20/06 but not 10/22/06 -10/26/06because there was a 2 day lapse, not my damn fault.

Randy, you are absolutely correct, you should never soak in a tub of water and introduce morgies to different parts of the body...ESPECIALLY letting that crappy exudate that spews from your cellulitis on other parts of you body. And the way the proper way to clean cellulitis is wipe those waxed areas with 4 by 4 sponges with sodium chloride; DON"T try to remove it for will come off with your skin, then don on gloves and wipe down with Eucerin to keep the skin moist and from breaking or bursting. Take care...


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Post by London » Sat Oct 28, 2006 8:10 am

hahahahahahaha...............................Ha! God, I love it!!!!!!! ... wsid=14333

and.....Nad, Loved the Links, thanks.

and.....Barz, I forgot about yours, I've been back teaching for3 months now and I have yet to see any kid with any symptoms. That's the only reason I said it.

Do they use the computer a lot?


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