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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:59 pm

Hi Nettimo, yes I have tried hydrogen peroxide and it seems to do well but not stop the symptoms of the leg continously secreting...I was given Keflex for cellulitis, but really it's for the clear exudate not the silicone coating that these critters are pouring over my leg ( I suppose so it can enable them to live above the skin). You would think that it would rang a bell with the doctors that this is the second time that I've have had cellulitis on my left leg during July and that something is terribly wrong. I have a dermatologist appointment and a psych consult coming up and the derm doctor was going along with the internist on me taking the risperdal (anti-psychotic). The derm doctor came back and said that it was weird though the way my leg looked but she said this ONLY in front of me. I have vicodin for pain but currently I'm not experiencing pain especially the joint pain (omg...that's some pain there)...Nettimo, I hope that you are doing well and continue to do well...


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Post by Sabrina » Sun Oct 22, 2006 12:45 am

Dear Tamtam,

Thank you for the continued video footage that you share with all of us. 8)

Is this a culture? That was my impression but I am puzzled as to where the red fibers are.

Would you please tell more about what we are viewing in this new video, please.

Dear Reliefseeker,

It has been my experience that when I have clear fluid draining from my lesions that diflucan will stop that in hours.

Once I had an E.R. visit where the nurse practitioner called Dr. Schwartz directly for me and described my condition to him. He confirmed her initial observation to these leaking lesions and they both though it was fungal. Diflucan was prescribed and the fluid started to dry up which allowed my skin to heal. The pain was severe, I’m glad you found someone to acknowledge this part for you. Yes, we need pain management!


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Post by London » Sun Oct 22, 2006 3:44 am

Randy and all .......I work in education.....I really did know the proper name- I was just being silly. I usually say Mentally challenged. But

okay, I had a lot to say, but those gede footballs(the green ones are popping up......I will try later.

Okay, I'm back. Listen, to Maggie Mae...I just reread your post from Sat pm......and yes, I got it. I got a lot today too. I'm still in even more shock. Why me? I feel for the people and their beautiful country, their families, the constant hate and feeling like their is no help. But they chose the wrong person!!! I cry .....actually will not even look at the view whether it be a video, tv or live if it has to do with anyone suffering or being beaten,,,,,,,it makes me sick, just sick. AND AS I HAVE POSTED ON HERE AND ON THE OTHER FORUMS MORE THAN ONE TIME......i CANA'T STAND OUR GOV'T DOING THINGS THE WAY THEY DO. tHEY TOLD OUR SOLDIERS that were in Iraq that there are no rules.......It made me sick.......makes me sick, makes me sick! Now, I hope I am allowed to say this and am not breaking some stupid-arse "patriot act" law......if I am, someone let me know and I have no problem removing it.

But why me? Yeah, I'm a texas schoo lteacher but was a damn good one. Can prove it to anyone with copies of my students test scores. I would do anything for anyone that needs it. I am not into me,me, me,

I just put that out there in a post the other day b/c I was mad at this whole thing. I do mean every word I said here, up above and shed a couple of tears today when I viewed the photos. I will say the graphics were kick butt though.

Now, why is Marge and the rest of the gang (specially if they are native to America) helping to hide this. I know, they can be jewish and live here but you know what I mean. Why would they want to cover this up?

Sure it's bad, very, very bad what they are going thru and have been thru for years now. So sad......I did not know that my gov't just turned the other way.....I did not know that. Oh, hell yes, it's all about money and greed and go, go , go here......we have what they call McMansions popping up right and left in my neighborhood here. (middle to upper middle class homes) and like every 7 or so houses, well, then you see another

McMansion. Well, I can't cry anymore today, thinking of the book Tuesdays with Morrie every morning when I wake up now. Morrie said one of the great philosophers said to always wake up as if their were this lil bird perching upon your shoulder asking you..."Is this the day?" "Is this the last day? Have you hugged your loved ones and told them goodbye? Have you done as much as you possibly wanted to while on this beautiful


Look, again, I'm sorry for not being able to help. I would if I could.....In fact, on Monday, I think I will teach some art. Even let them "tag" some.......

So, can someone please tell me why this is a secret? I mean if the word was out, is it like going to change anything?

Can someone tell me how long heroine will store for? I swear on my father's grave I have not only never tried the stuff, i don't know what it looks like. But that is the way I'm going to go out when the pain gets that bad.

I'm not going to sit and suffer. I do so feel for you relief seeker. Where are you located? Do you have someone there with you? I hope so. You will def. be in my thoughts and prayers. As well as everyone else.

Okay, I have a request, can someone tell me how long the body can live before the changes are to great and the pain is gone. Hey, I can still hear that loud-ass gunpop from erlier today. I know what pain you and yours must be in.

But, by God, you have taken the wrong person. For you see, I will have no big family to "grieve" after my passing. It just seems to me that the revenge could have been better studied.....more prescise if you will.

I do not think this will go full circle you guys? I mean, has it not stopped infecting yet? does anyone know the count of Morg patients?

Thanks, London
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Post by J Jill » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:06 am

Hello all,

I was reading the info provided re: the Far Infared Saunas from the previous page....

A few Googles and I found this:

The Effect of Far Infrared on the Growth of Mold

Additionally, this data can contribute to the
proper use of far infrared and far infrared pads. For example, if one
were to have a fungal condition,
placing a far infrared pad on it might not be the most beneficial
course of action to take.


Basically, the high school student above did a science project using the "Far Infared Pad" and determined that the Infrared pad promoted the growth of mold.

The student's conclusion above says it all.... the Infrared Pads GROW MOLD-
For example, if one were to have a fungal condition,
placing a far infrared pad on it might not be the most beneficial
course of action to take


Seems there are numerous products being hyped that are detrimental to people in general these days.


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"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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Post by London » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:30 am

Thanks Jill. I too saw an article like that today. Even had the molf/fungi in that old "puke-green' colored textured wall paper from the 70's. It was the green pigment.......

Okay, why this forum and why other forums as well? Ido not mean this in an ugly way at all, just want to know why they were ever created?

For the kick that some people must get huh? I mean, I could see if it was just a support forum, and all, but we were led, enticed here.

I'm guessing you all/we all hope that one does post the answer when /if they find it, right? someone answer this please......Hey reliefseeker, how long have you been in this much pain?

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:54 am

We are developing ultra-fine fiber polymeric
mats (permanent or biodegradable) with a
capability of releasing bioactive compounds.
These mats can be stand-alone or can serve
as film coatings on implants, tissue
engineering scaffolds, or nanocomposites.
To construct the drug-loaded mats, various
concentrations of finely ground fluorescently
labeled Bovine Serum Album (FITC-BSA)
are suspended in 25 wt percent Polylactic
Glycolic Acid biodegradable polymer in
50:50 dimethyl formamide:tetrahydrofuran.
Suspensions contained in a glass syringe
with a capillary tip were spun into 500nm
diameter fibers by an electrostatic-based
self assembly process (electrospinning), in
which a high voltage electric field was
generated between the oppositely charged
polymer and a metallic collection screen. At
a critical voltage, the charge overcame the
surface tension of the deformed polymer
drop at the needle tip, producing an ultrafine
jet. The similarly charged fibers were
splayed, and during their passage to the
screen, the solvent quickly evaporated and
dry fibers accumulated randomly on the
screen. Material properties of the nonwoven
mesh mats are investigated by SEM and
tensile testing. In vitro release of the model
protein (FITC-BSA) into an infinite sink of
37ºC phosphate-buffered saline (mimic in
vivo conditions) is measured. Preliminary
results indicate that tensile strength and the
release profiles are a function of protein
loading. Although release in the first 24
hours after initiation is dominant, release to
over 120 hours is observed. The preliminary
data suggest that this nanofiber delivery
system can open up many new applications
in both drug delivery and tissue engineering.
Phase Separation in Poly-Pseudo
Amino Acid-PEG Blends and Copolymers
at Nano- and Meso-Length Scales

Such properties as hydrophilicity, hydrolytic
susceptibility, and protein recognition are
critical to the success of polymer-based
tissue-engineering scaffolds. Poly(ethylene
glycol) [PEG] is often introduced into
scaffold polymers to tune hydrolytically
controlled properties. Relatively little is
known about the local morphology and
nature of phase separation in such PEG-
modified systems, however. This research
studies the development of phase-separated
morphology in blends and random-
multiblock copolymers of a tyrosine-based
poly-pseudo amino acid (poly [DTE
carbonate]) and PEG 1000. This system
exhibits attractive biocompatability, strength
and modulus, and resorption behavior,
which can be controlled by main-chain and
pendant-chain chemistries. The nature of
phase separation was studied by
transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
using solvent-cast thin films. The various
films display qualitatively different phase-
separation behaviors with morphological
features having characteristic length scales
ranging from 10nm to 1mm. Experiments
and simulations of fibronectin adsorption
onto different homopolymer thin-film
surfaces suggest that nano- and mesoscale
phase separation may influence the
adsorption of such adhesive proteins and, in
turn, have an impact on cell adhesion and

Poly(urethaneurea)-segmented block
copolymers [PUU] are used in variety of
biomedical applications, most prominently
as blood sacs in ventricular-assist devices
and total artificial hearts. However, one of
the principle drawbacks of these
biocompatible materials is their relatively
high permeability to air and water vapor. In
this presentation, we will describe a
nanocomposite approach that results in a
significant reduction in gas permeability
through PUUs, without sacrificing
mechanical properties. In initial experiments,
PUU (22 wt percent hard segment) / alkyl-
ammonium modified montmorillonite
nanocomposites were prepared containing
low-volume fractions of the layered silicate
(<6 vol percent). X-ray diffraction
experiments show that the silicate gallery
spacing increases by about 1 nm for most of
the composites, indicating that PUU chains
are intercalated to some degree between
silicate layers. At very low silicate
concentrations, the layers may in fact be
exfoliated. The measured modulus and
strength increase with increasing silicate
content in the nanocomposites, but without
loss of ductility. Water-vapor permeability is
reduced by 5x at only 6 vol percent silicate,
as a result of the more tortuous path
required for gas molecules to penetrate the
membrane. We also plan to discuss issues
regarding these materials in blood-
contacting applications, particularly with
regard to protein adsorption to the separated

immobilizing atomic or molecular domains of
various guests. The atomic/molecular level
dispersion of inorganic guest(s) within a
dendrimer host is achieved by reactive
encapsulation. Size, shape, size distribution,
and surface functionality of these stable
nanocomposites are determined and
controlled by the dendritic host. The
solubility and compatibility of these materials
are also determined by the host polymer
molecule; however, these nanocomposites
possess many of the desirable chemical and
physical properties of the guest molecules or
atoms. For example, precipitation of metallic
gold into the interior of a poly(amidoamine)
dendrimer results in the formation of a gold
dendrimer nanocomposite. This material has
the solubility of the host dendrimer but
possesses the optical and physical
properties of the guest nanoscopic gold
These novel materials have many potential
applications for bioengineering and medicine
because the properties of both the guest(s)
and the host can be optimized to form
uniform basic structures with required
characteristics. These building blocks can
be organized further into higher order
structures, such as 1D (quantum dots), 2D
(ultrathin multilayers), and 3D
nanostructures to achieve a specific goal by
combining the tools of polymer, organic,
inorganic, and bioorganic chemistry.
Gravity and Inertia via Radiation Pressure
HAARP Quad All-Sky Imager

Death Adder
Death Adder
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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:58 am

Hi London, the pain started again today about 6 hours ago, and I can feel this "thing" in my foot moving on a constant basis now. I went to the hospital for my left leg in an ambulance, and now I'm out with lasix yet my foot is swollen like hell,and I'm on Keflex but this damn "thing" pours out silicone wrap on my leg and always have an unending supply...I betcha that internist's arse that (think I'm delusional) this thing was the clot that he saw when they did the CT scan and the ultrasound, This internist did not want dermatology involved and when I threatened to change teams on Friday...derm was hurried in but for what I don't know...because the internist was already preparing me to be discharged. Psych was permitted to interview me for a longer period of time, whereas derm flew in took a few samples and flew out, and then came back only to take side with the internist to get me to take might help, I' m told...yeah, I got to find a primary physician, then a surgeon...that's easier said than done....Later all

Relief seeker

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Post by nettimo » Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:52 pm

Wishing you well...I feel for you, your poor dear, you got it bad...
I wanted to say about the "clot" in your foot, that thing you feel moving around: I have had a "thing" moving in my toes about a month ago first on one foot, then the other. First time when it was moving/burning/itching so badly it woke me from a sound sleep, I kept rubbing the couple affected toes with oregano oil and then actually expressed about a dozen blue fiberballs, which stopped the sensation. I have several toes on each foot which have some numbness now. On the other foot, one toe has a linear raised area (@1") housing something there. My sis had the writhing sensation in her jaw and when she rubbed with oregano oil, she felt it move and then felt something in her throat. She gargled with lots of salt water, then coughed up a lot of what looked like clear stringy worms (testing negative for O&P at lab).
Don't know what to tell you to do. Sounds like Sabrina has an answer. Good luck in finding a dr. Might have luck if you find one with a Phys. Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, perhaps who will listen and take an interest. They can prescribe.

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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:55 pm

Hi All, I finally broke down and told a good friend of mine and now we are going to another hospital because when doctors see that you have no one to help you they tend to run all over you. But listen this thing is moving in my leg all the time now and it secretes a filmy plastic that allows you to walk without stiffening up your leg...the f$%^&$# intelligence of it. My son can not cope with these doctors nor have they ever seen him, he was coming at night to see me but they could have told him anything because poor baby knows nothing about this and he seems to have started disbelieving me. He wanted to know why did I not let the wound care nurse irrigate the "false skin" and wrap it in cotton gauze and that I was looking so much better (meaning rested well) when I got out of the hospital. I'm telling you all of this in case it blows up or if something happens to me...take care


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Post by London » Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:57 pm


Both divinyl benzene copolymer (plastic) beads and schistosome eggs produce inflammatory reactions after intravenous deposition into the lung of a mouse. As reported previously, the schistosome egg granuloma is an immunologic reaction of the delayed hypersensitivity type; this inflammatory process is prevented by immunosuppressive measures, and characteristically demonstrates an anamnestic response. In contradistinction, the plastic bead granuloma appears to be characteristic of a foreign body reaction; it is unaffected by immunosuppressive measures and does not demonstrate an anamnestic response with repeated exposure. The data in this report suggest that the granuloma formation around plastic beads is a nonimmunologic reaction induced by chemical mediators of inflammation. This proposal is supported by the following findings: the plastic beads activate Hageman factor in normal human and mouse plasma; the plastic beads induce vascular permeability-enhancing activity as measured in guinea pig skin and kinin-like activity in normal human and mouse plasma that is dependent on Hageman factor; ellagic acid, an agent that activates Hageman factor in vivo and is reported to diminish kininogen by consumptive depletion, markedly depresses the plastic bead granuloma. These data are consistent with the idea that the plastic bead granuloma and perhaps other foreign body inflammatory reactions are in major part dependent on kinin formation.

Ellagic acid also suppressed the schistosome egg granuloma, but not to the same degree as the plastic bead granuloma. The implications of this observation are discussed in the text.

Silicosis and "blue velvet disease", pathologic processes associated with the deposition of silica and magnesium trisilicate, respectively, in the lung, and the induction of a foreign body reaction may also be dependent on the activation of chemical mediators of inflammation by the silica and magnesium trisilicate particles with immunologic mechanisms participating in only a minor way, if at all. The marked suppression of experimental silicosis and blue velvet disease in mice by ellagic acid supports this idea.

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Post by nettimo » Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:20 pm

London, nadas, J Jill, et al,

Been following your posts and links and I must say I appreciate your leads
which though sounding farfetched at times, certainly described the world in which we live and breathe and move. Yikes! Frightening and enlightening. Combined with the recent "news" and my/our continued symptoms, seems rather hopeless as far as getting any real help anytime soon... Yet it all rings so true, even the nanotech-created disease concept, the overgrowth of fungi, the references in the second article to polymer-based tissue-engineering scaffolds, the presence of continual silica or glass rubules with the presense of silicone,, the polyethylene.......

I must add that much to my surprise (and not) this past week, after I removed with tweezers a tiny speck that was "biting"/piercing my forearm, placed it into a white bottle cap with solution half normal saline/half alcohol, and watched with magnifying glass, I SAW a long tangled blue fiber, couple tiniest red ones, and a couple tiny blue ones, ONE OF WHICH WAS MOTILE. It touched end-to-end (ends pointing down) and moved thru the solution quite one its own...
Freaks me out to think that the above tech-creations are somehow combining with something alive?....Are any of you thinking we have the same thing as that Chinese study (strongylus somethingorother)? The web article called "tales of a parasite sufferer" or some such reportedly cites this Chinese article and insists that its photos show same strange things as his and ours. A friend who lives in the Chesapeake Bay area sent me some "Face Doctor" soap created and winning multi awards in China, which was advertised on radio for those who "have parasites in their skin/sebacious glands causing rash like roseaola or acne"...Guess it is coming harder to eastern coastal bay areas...
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Post by London » Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:39 pm

A couple of weeks back, I described this tiny, bright red micro organism that actually was inbedded inside one of those blackish colored fiberballs.

I had it soaking in a cap of hydrogen peroxide and watching the fibers bubble when I noticed it. It had 4 symetrical black dots on its' back.

The underside looked just like fleshy colored popcorn shrimp. The name of it escapes me at the moment but it started with an A. It was really another name for the small, brine, shrimp. Then I came acros this lil article yesterday!

U.S. tests CO2 underground storage options
Thursday, 12-Oct-2006 11:01AM PDT Story from United Press International
Copyright 2006 by United Press International (via ClariNet)


WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- The U.S. Department of Energy says it is continuing a project designed to determine the feasibility of storing carbon dioxide in brine formations.

The latest stage in the research occurred recently when scientists pumped more than 700 tons of the greenhouse gas a mile underground as part of the department's carbon sequestration program.

The Frio Brine Project is designed to determine how the CO2 moves through brine- filled, highly porous sandstone that's representative of formations found worldwide.

By monitoring the CO2 flow with technologically advanced instruments during the next year, the researchers say they hope to determine whether such formations can effectively store CO2 for long periods of time, significantly reducing the amount of the gas released into the Earth's atmosphere.

"This current project will ... help to advance our injection and monitoring technology to the point where we know what formations can safely and effectively store greenhouse gases in each region of the country to address global climate change," said Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Jeffrey Jarrett.

The lead project partner, the University of Texas-Austin, injected the CO2 into a test well near Dayton, Texas, about 40 miles northeast of Houston.

Hey TamTam, I found that place you were telling us about in February....the one near San antonio. Let me know if you would like me to post it.


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