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Post by London » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:14 am

I found this most interesting, especially the number 4000. coincidence I hope...... reports the UN panel's findings:

"Almost 20 years after the worst nuclear accident in history, a massive report by an international team of scientists, economists and health experts finds that the legacy of Chernobyl is terrible, but not as terrible as once predicted.

The report released Monday concludes that up to 4,000 people could eventually die of radiation exposure, many of them the on-site staff and emergency workers called to deal with the 1986 catastrophe at the nuclear power plant in the Ukraine. But as drastic as that sounds, initial predictions speculated that the death toll would climb into the tens of thousands.

It also found that most of the five million people living in contaminated areas received doses of radiation within acceptable limits when the No. 4 reactor exploded, spreading a radioactive cloud.

Now I don't live in or near the Ukrain althought by looking at my body one would never know the difference.......

I have a quarter size blister right in the middle of my butt. Nice, I do not go to tanning beds nor did I lay out in the sun naked today, so tell me how in the gd hell some worm gave me a blister. HUH??? THis is about nuclear power and radiation burns dammit. I could take it if they would apoligize and fix it but NO, they have to throw diseases into the mix to

kill of the population. They believe in euthanizing Retards. Nice, eh?

and they wonder why we get so pissed.

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Post by befour » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:52 am

I watched the video last night and I have not had any problems with my computer.......What's the poop, I mean why do you ask?



How are you feeling? Are you any better?

Please let us hear from you!!!

Well Wishes,


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Post by RANDY » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:02 am

Just heard that some people have had problems after going to teh site and also from this site... I just wanted to ask before I went since I had so many problems with my computer already.

I just cleared up all my computer problems and didn't feel like getting them again.

But if everyone is doing fine...then OK.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:09 am

what MOTIVE??
Your DOP

"Driven DNA Transport into an
Asymmetric Nanometer-Scale Pore

Biotechnology and Electricity
Divisions, National Institute of Standards
and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland
To understand the mechanism by which
individual DNA molecules enter nanometer-
scale pores, we studied the concentration
and voltage dependence of polynucleotide-
induced current blockades of a single alpha-
hemolysin ion channel. We show the
blockade frequency is proportional to the
polymer concentration and increases
exponentially with the applied potential and
that DNA enters more readily from one side
of the pore. We also measure directly the
value of the electrical potential that confines
a modified version of the polymer inside the
pore against random diffusion and repulsive

Rapid Multianalyte Detection with a

Rapid and simultaneous measurement of
many analytes represents the next frontier in
sensing. New measurement techniques will
make feasible or reduce the cost of
analyzing blood, detecting pathogens and
toxins in drinking water, and chemical and
biological warfare agents. The most
promising new methods use ion channels,
which perform transport and defense
functions in cells and organelles. Some
channels act as sensors by converting the
concentration of an analyte into a change in
the pore’s conductance. Recently, several
groups suggested that channels placed in
artificial membranes might prove useful for
detecting analytes. Unfortunately, only
highly specific classes of analytes (e.g.,
neurotransmitters, anesthetics, protons, or
deuterium ions) can be detected by a
change in native channel conductance.
Some steps towards adapting channels for
analyte detection have been taken by
placing recognition sites inside the pore,
adjacent to the pore’s mouth, or well outside
the pore. We demonstrate here that a wider
variety of analytes can be detected
simultaneously by a simpler system. Instead
of attaching the recognition elements to a
channel, we covalently link them to polymers
that thread completely through a pore

here is the basics for the odd colors........

"Biosensors Based on Cell Membrane
Fluid phospholipid bilayers either in the form
of liposomes or supported on hydrophilic
substrates have been shown to mimic cell-
membrane surfaces. The supported lipid
bilayers not only allow lateral diffusion of
receptors in the surfaces but also provide a
surface that minimizes nonspecific binding
of macromolecules. These features make
them an ideal surface platform on which to
construct biosensors based on protein-
receptor interactions. We have used natural
and artificial receptors that are anchored to
the fluid upper leaf of a bilayer membrane
and attached to a reporter dye for the
detection of protein toxins and pathogens
that are involved in multivalent interactions.
Lateral diffusion within the membrane
results in binding-induced receptor
aggregation, thereby triggering distance-
dependent fluorescence self-quenching or
energy transfer to provide reagent-free,
highly sensitive, and selective detection of
the multivalent proteins. The use of multiple
receptors and multiple binding events gives
rise to an apparent binding affinity that is
much higher than the single-site binding
affinity, thereby enhancing sensitivity. We
have been able to detect less than 10 pM
cholera toxin using pentavalent CT/GM1
interaction on lipid membrane surfaces. It is
important to note that the single-site
Gm1-cholera binding affinity is 0.1
micromolar, demonstrating the importance
of multivalent interactions. This sensor
platform has been demonstrated using
fluorimetry on vesicle suspensions and flow
cytometry on glass beads that have been
coated with phospholipid bilayers. The
optical biosensor platform also has been
demonstrated, using planar optical

"dynamics and interactions of
single-protein molecules for understanding
of biological function (e.g., pumping
machinery), design of biocompatible
materials (e.g., vaccine), and invention of
bio-inspired novel technologies at the
molecular level. We also will discuss our
recent development of single-molecule
chemical microscopy for tracking
biochemical reactions associated with single
ligand-receptor interactions on membranes
to improve understanding of the immune
response pathway. "
yeah.... right...
AIDS maker!
Department of Biochemistry, University of Zurich:
Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Project, Northwestern University


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Post by RANDY » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:15 am

Retard is a horrible is not at all politically correct.

Mentally disabled or impared is the right way to say that.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Marcos » Sat Oct 21, 2006 4:09 am

For political correctness, I think 'cognitively challenged' is even better. :wink:

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Post by RANDY » Sat Oct 21, 2006 5:28 am

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Hi Again!!

Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 21, 2006 11:45 am

HI ALL, I just got out of the hospital ( I was admitted Wednesday and literally "put" out Friday, well it seemed like it) Nettimo you were right I had cellulitis, but they ( prescribed order of the dermatologists) wrapped my chopped liver-like leg in COTTON guaze (and you know that the crawling and itching was unbearable), and when they looked at it today...the psychiarists, dermatologists and internists, all of them saw a severely abrased leg, BUT in actuality it is not!!! A CT scan and ultrasound of my leg was taken and it was discovered that I had the beginning of CHF, my heart's ejection faction was 40% and the norm is 55-60%, ( they said, I can't remember). I had "third spacing", but that does not explain fluid ejected from my leg that blends with my own skin to become one. I had the clear exudate from the third spacing and reddish tinged secretions that made my leg look worse than what it actually was...I single-handededly matched wits with doctors until I was so tired that I was ready to just leave the hospital and that's exactly what the doctors wanted... It's not that I wanted to convince them I had Morgellons, I just wanted my leg back. I tried to lift the clear rubbery silicon like material only to make my leg bleed. It both scares and intriques me about how smart the morgie bugs are...I have not bathed that leg since I have been in the hospital and I can feel nothing but crawling under the rubber mass...just took a bath and OMG! OMG My leg is not nearly macerated as it seems and the rubber layers and abrased areas fooled everybody:3 derm doctors, 4 internists which 3 are residents 4th and 3rd year, and 4 psych, 2 of which are practioners, As I write this post, this or these insidious silicon emitting perps are regellng my leg and trying to form another mess on my leg, it's now emulating my own brown skin, pinkish skin, and layers of waxy skin, and it's shooting gritty particles through my skin too. This waxy emission is new so I did not dare try to give a demostration that it could be removed, at the time I did not know how to and that is to simply wash with mild soap like ivory. But while hospitalized, extreme caution was taken not to wash my leg so it looked bad with the layers and layers of false discolored skin...damn I need somebody to help me kill these damn things in my legs...soon as I wipe they emit more silicone like fluid...a home health nurse is due to come today but there is nothing for her to do...and I believe they are silicone like nematodes...just called the doctor and the assehole said that rubbery seepage is normal with CHF and third spacing....I don't believe him!!! Take care all...


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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:53 pm

Randy and Marcos, I once worked at "Georgia Retardation Center" and one of the residents that lived there actually help change the name of the institution to "Brook Run" before the state closed it...the terms that we used was mentally challenged and/or physically challenged...that doctor that I just called that balantly lied and said that it was alright to have rubbery seepage (of course I knew better) I could literally choke him. He seems to finds great joy in other's suffering...I usually say that I don't wish this condition on my worst enemy but I have my limits...Hi Befour...I did send you a personal email and I hope that you are doing well...I slept pretty well in the hospital but now that I'm home...damn leg leaking "rubber" like a faucet...probably cause I cleaned it up real good...I got two weeks off for sick leave maybe I can find some help some where out there...


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Post by mfromcanada » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:05 pm

ReliefSeeker. Your leg sounds really bad. Lately, I find bathing in a bath with about 1/4 cup or less of common household bleach helps. It completely loosens the calluses so that they can be easily removed. Of course they do come back the next day, but it provides some temporary relief. Also, when I sleep I have found that using a heating pad or microwave heated bag, very hot, placed on my legs at night, helps to relieve the pain enough to sleep. I hope your leg improves.

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Post by nettimo » Sat Oct 21, 2006 8:14 pm


So sorry about your hosp. experience and your continued lack of relief.
Myself and another relative by marriage with this condition have found that hydrogen peroxide makes whitish clumps exude from affected tissue on face, arms after soaking for a while. My sis was showing me that H2O2 protocol that has been out for awhile (google hydrogen peroxide and bathing). This might be worth considering, if not already tried.

Makes me so mad to hear that "mental health experts" are included on any research team for fiber disease. Yes, this is the kind of thing that one wishes on one's worst enemies: May all doubters beware!


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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:15 pm

Thank you mrcpvls, I hope that my leg gets better too...but I'm very concerned and somewhat depressed that no one, not one doctor in my hospital room that day could see that the transparent rubbery layer was not my actual skin. The doctors did not want it wet or washed and that was the only way that I could show them MY actual leg. I was only experiencing pain because the layers were constricting my leg and stretching it beyond belief. And the itching was unbelievable because the many layers on my legs allowed these little critters to run amok on my leg. One nurse that was told to do a dressing on my leg, she wet a 4 by 4, placed it on my leg in ONE spot and removed it, and then tried to continue with placing the petroleum gauzes (I stopped her and asked about irrigation), then wrapping it with cotton gauze..dammmmmm...the discomfort behind that....even vicondin times 2 could not help. And OMG! When I mentioned the word Morgellon's, no one, I mean no one took me serious ( it's not like they were in the beginning anyway). I've learned now to let these critters build their many layers BUT not trap any visible fibers underneath, and then when I take a bath in epsom salt, the layers are dissolved. This keeps the skin from breaking down from so much wiping down after every layer is secreted onto my skin. I desperately need a doctor to realize that I need a continous program regardless of whether the drugs are toxic or not. This is a helluva life to live first with the ankles and now the leg included. I tried the bleach before and then I became heavy handed and poured too much and my legs became inflammed. I tried to call Dr. Schwartz on Wednesday before I was admitted to the hospital but I could not reach him...take care all...

Why does Dr.Gerbiding write letters for us to take to our doctors saying to treat us with compassion and dignity? These doctors scoff at her and us, one even told me "tell Dr. Gerbiding to treat you" abouat 3 months ago.


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