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Post by RANDY » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:36 pm

It is not about me and many things can end your life.

But accusing this and that when you have no proof is a waste of time and it compounds when you have no idea what you are reading or how it realy effects us at all without having research done in our behalf funded by us if the governemtn won't.

It is not about me.

I understand how people want to feel that they are doing something..I do.and how for some reason you think all of this research will lead you to some conclusion..yet I do not see a clear path. All I see is a forest of trees and no one is experienced in forestry. And all I see are nutty accusations and conspiracy theories. This path will get you no where at all.

That is all I am syaing. You are spinning your won wheels for your own amusement and nothing is going to be done by you or anyone on this site in regard to actually doing anyting to help the cause. All you are doing is showing how much research about nothing you can do and how many peole you can accuse without having any proof.

It is your time and your dine..I was just stating a fact.

Forget balme and get on with finding a scientist that KNOWS about this stuff and can help us. That is the only true path to getting cured.

And I have lived with thsi for 18 years and am doing just fine except for a few bumps in the please let us not be so dramatic only causes those who are hysterical to become more so and that is not good for anyone.

Be an activist not a conspiracy theorist. The latter is a waste of time unless you have scientific proof and that comes before not after.

You have to do what you are able to do with the amount od REAL knowledge you actually have

Like I said it si not about me or you it is sbout the cause so please do not misunderstand my meaning.



Scuze the typos.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by London » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:47 pm

Every one of my post had proof. They all had hyperlinks.

I forgot to say on the last post this is who/what when and where is behind every last drop of is called, "COST" w/out the quotation marks.

and if you really want to know what I know, throw some numbers behind that word. Pretend you are playing bingo, make sure you use the first letter in the word too.

or.....the rise of public health and the pharmaceutical industry, the epidemiological transition, and the contemporary challenges of HIV/AIDS and bio-terrorism. ... bbepid.pdf

Thanks Royal society, you're a gem!

and , this is for that girl (I forget her name on Lbusters that said I was crazy last November for saying it could be done on computers. she is the one that started Wine and Roses), well, here it is:




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Post by Barz » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:54 pm

Randy, I suggest you do a little research. Read a book by Leonard G. Horowitz (Forward by John Martin) called Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola; Nature, Accident or Intentional.

It is quite an eye opener. When you find out theTRUTH about how your wonderful government is working for you well then you will understand why no one trusts them. Go ahead and read it. We'll then see how much faith you have in DAN RUTZ, CDC, NIH, FDA, UN, US Senate, Congress etc., etc.

You will also see why it is wise to investigate on your own.

How many years did you say youve had this? HELLO, what the hell does that tell you? What are our doctors telling us? IF you really think that they are that stupid, well then you have real problems. Go ahead and put your faith in "the system". Why is no one that is researching this getting funding? Why, Randy??????????

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Post by London » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:20 pm

Thanks for that reference Barz, hopefully I will get a chance to purchase that book this weekend. There was a man on the view about 3 weeks ago and he was talking about this same thing., sorry, I can not remember his name.

The hell if it's not mobile! Just what the wasp are about. Scaler this and scaler that. I will give you an example:

I had on a notepad a bunch of letters and symbols and they were called scalers-dunno how in the hell I got them, but anyway I googled one and this is what i got: ... 3%9F%07eU+

Let's for example, look at the first one, why don't we? In it you will see they have a chapter called "measures for the control of foot and mouth disease" Note * did you see it? It said for the "CONTROL"

SO WHO IS IT THAT SHOULD FEEL GUILT AND SHAME? For it is not I. ... poj_en.pdf

here is another look, I posted this on Lymebusters way back when. sweet lil Marie, barf!

In one of those letters, a writer was looking for contact flanges. Hmm.....I dunno what in the hell they are, so I googled it and look: ... at+flanges

So this lies our answers, but continue on in disbelief and I in my new knowledge of truth .

How dare I contribute or try to persuade others to contribute to the problem. I'm not gonna help pad the pocketbooks of the guilty.

here is something else I have, dunno what it is but be my guest.

and here is more "scalers" hmm... ... 3%A0%C3%95

what's this?

and oops:

and I posted on lymebusters before about poliomelytis. Kerry even asked me what I had on it. Maybe I got it backwards, i.e., polydnavirus is really poliomylitis(sp?) ???????? Hmm.....

and I will stop it here, but just look at this scaler why dont you? HUH? It's all about the plasmas.....BUSTED. You infected the wrong person BBoys!

Virtual scattering of high-energy electrons by plasmons and valence electrons in silicon ... 96%0C%29G+

of course it would not open, so I copied the whole google synopsis:
[PDF] Phytate Removal from Soy Protein Isolates Using Ion Exchange ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
The column was then back-. flushed with distilled water as above. Regeneration of new cation. DEFATTED SOY FLAKES. I. Centrifuge. l,UOO g for ... ... .tb07666.x - Similar pages

Sorry to get carried away, but I have to end it on my favorite University:

Stanford and Sun Microsystems....... ... 1108.1.xml

Preparation and Characterization of Platinum-Ceramic Composite Powders and Thin Films K. here's a buttload of articles for you. Yeah, I'm crazy, but is this not? They have been planning this since 1949! Does this mean it's the cathode in our TV's? I think so. That';s illegal and against my privacy rights. I'm gonna take my computer, TV, air conditioner motor, and microwave and shoot the living hell our of every gd one of em. Goodbye.

Cathodic Deposition of Amorphous Silicon

It's over, give it up; I'm well aware of the spin technique-only it's what most people don;t know.....It's REVERSE SPIN Techniques.......and it goes with their reverse encrypting. The lil brine in my fiberballs were brought to me by Lucent technologies and their sponge they claim the rights to from the ocean, it;s the flowerbasket sponge plant and they all have a shrimp inside. Try this, try googling bio balls or bioballs!

Magnetic Studies of Manganese Oxide Octahedral
Molecular Sieves: A New Class of Spin Glasses ( I think this is what digs those tunnels in our skin. Not a gd louse. They have given me a retrovirus. And, they were so sure of their powers that they got lots of investors. Now, What;s the NSF gonna do when they are popped w/ a lawsuit? Knock me off and they will look at every gd one I have listed with my attorney and this might just include you.) ... essid=6069

Last thing, I's like to really thank the creator of this website, Mr. Lees! I really would. ... rdLees.htm

His name is Paul Anderson and it's all about the forest! Pacific Northeast you go: ... ture.shtml

yeah it's layered alright with a bunch of rubella viruses! What they did was took rat (hence the lyme problem in some of us) but rat carcinoma cells and cloned them. It works with the chemical reactions the wasp venom causes. The end. Wanna name? I have one.
BACKGROUND: IL-31 is produced by activated T lymphocytes, preferentially by T(H)2 cells. Transgenic mice overexpressing IL-31 have a phenotype resembling allergic dermatitis in human subjects. OBJECTIVE: We sought to evaluate the potential importance of IL

The name which I have known for sometime is B16! This really is it; it's over.



Post by ukguy » Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:02 am

Yo London

As usual you are streets ahead of us! I think I'm getting it though.
London, how are you treating yoursef these days?

Salt and c?
Doxycycline / Tetra / Septra?
Natural supplements?
etc etc etc

Take a minute and let me know how you're fighting this London.

Please! :)

And London, don't BS me...I want the truth ;)

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:48 am


With Nothing. I just take me vitamins especially omega 3 and C & E together a couple of time a day and that is it. There is a machine I found and it;s simply to find out what these parafin embedded tissues contain. I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but I will come back and post it when I retrieve it from my docs. Also UK Guy, you take care, I will miss you. By the way, what are you taking? Have any suggestions? One thing I do know for a fact is this illness does work off your olfactory senses. I dunno to smell pleasant things like this Dr. of a book titled "change your brain/Change your life" states to do. Or if I should keep dousing myself with Pee Tree and garlic.

The name they call all of these scalors is rory 7
Then you have your digital artist on the computer; JUST LIKE BETSY ROSS FROM LB! SHE's a deviant artist and she lives in the Mauldives. Busted girlfriend>a long ass time ago too, from one of your emails. Just like JJ from Lymebusters>she's really into the plasmas. and if she comes back on here and screams, I will post it for you. Now quit f-ing with peoples lives! Yeah, I've known some of this for a while, but had to consult before I posted. It's out in the open now. So stop it. what about virus deactivation? Am I gonna have to post it too? I mean it's the least you could do for us.

oh look, why it's what we predicted and MOrg Research knows ALL ABOUT

Well, actually it's done thru Ro . What's that? It's reverse osmisis....they used the following: reusable water (yuck) , sea water, or in my case....brackish water. So in that case this means rory7 rbac and also rwow.
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Post by London » Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:17 am

About Artificial Life

Artificial Life is devoted to a new discipline that investigates the scientific, engineering, philosophical, and social issues involved in our rapidly increasing technological ability to synthesize life-like behaviors from scratch in computers, machines, molecules, and other alternative media. By extending the horizons of empirical research in biology beyond the territory currently circumscribed by life-as-we-know-it, the study of artificial life gives us access to the domain of life-as-it-could-be. Relevant topics span the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

This article reviews the growing body of scientific work in artificial chemistry. First, common motivations and fundamental concepts are introduced. Second, current research activities are discussed along three application dimensions: modeling, information processing, and optimization. Finally, common phenomena among the different systems are summarized. It is argued here that artificial chemistries are "the right stuff" for the study of prebiotic and biochemical evolution, and they provide a productive framework for questions regarding the origin and evolution of organizations in general. Furthermore, artificial chemistries have a broad application range of practical problems, as shown in this review.

From Machine and Tape to Structure and Function: Formulation of a Reflexively Computing System

Chris Salzberg­
Ikegami Lab, Department of General Systems Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-8902, Japan, [email protected]

The relationship between structure and function is explored via a system of labeled directed graph structures upon which a single elementary read/write rule is applied locally. Boundaries between static (information-carrying) and active (information-processing) objects, imposed by mandate of the rules or physics in earlier models, emerge instead as a result of a structure-function dynamic that is reflexive: objects may operate directly on their own structure. A representation of an arbitrary Turing machine is reproduced in terms of structural constraints by means of a simple mapping from tape squares and machine states to a uniform medium of nodes and links, establishing computation universality. Exploiting flexibility of the formulation, examples of other unconventional "self-computing" structures are demonstrated. A straightforward representation of a kinematic machine system based on the model devised by Laing is also reproduced in detail. Implications of the findings are discussed in terms of their relation to other formal models of computation and construction. It is argued that reflexivity of the structure-function relationship is a critical informational dynamic in biochemical systems, overlooked in previous models but well captured by the proposed formulation.

Here is the answer to the infamous C3: ... ethke.html

What a list Crike! ... q=dt%3Aurl

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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:23 am

HELLO ALL, Randy and Sabrina thanks for the, no I was not going to committ suicide but I had thought of it in the past. Working on Wednesday was hellish,the damn parasites keep my leg "glazed over", and when I cleaned it for the fourth time...those fuckers attacked me by biting me in unisom and secreting something that stung me until I thought that I would pass out. When I started taking the sulfur pills a while back, it caused the parasites to leave the bloodstream. And they started "building" the 2nd skin structures that remained for a week until one of you informed me that it was not my skin. In addition, I had raised bumps that contained larva. I had noticed on Wednesday morning that my left leg ( the most infected one) was unusally felt like it weighed 100 lbs. I could not even eat, and when I got a little sleep I felt better but I could feel that all the parasites were in my left leg. After soaking in a nontoxic enzyme cleaner on Thursday, the damn things continued to torment me by micimicing lice and/or scabies for the entire day until 1100 pm, then it was back to "glazing" me again but now they wanted to glaze my whole left leg. After awakening two times to "unglaze" myself, I knew then that I had thousands, maybe even millions of parasites in my body. I knew that I needed help killing them so I made an appointment with a infectious disease doctor that wanted me to take respirdal the last time that saw her.
When I saw her yesterday morning, I quickly dropped my pants to shock her with the sight of my horrible looking leg and asked her was I still delusional...needles to say I got a prescription for ivermectin, baltricide, and an antibiotic. Yes, I know that it won't cure me but it will decrease the large number of parasites that I'm harboring. Damn, but you always have to order the meds at the drugstore, it's never available. So on Monday I start taking both drugs. Dr Swarz says that he has huge sucesss with using 2 different drugs...well, gotta go my damn leg is tired and heavy...

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Post by J Jill » Sat Oct 14, 2006 10:50 am

Hi London and all,

Sorry to read you are not going to post anymore, London- hope you keep in touch- I have a few things to share with you.

On the above subject- a friend of the family stopped by last night. He is working on his thesis- and the subject is moving matter via computers.

He has done some experimenting with the techniques himself and has achieved a level of proficiency. I would imagine the topic of the thesis was on a list produced by the school.

Interesting, eh?

"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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Post by befour » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:04 am

Hi Ukguy!!

I am so glad to see you posting again.....I've missed you!!

How are you feeling? Are you improving at all? (I hope you are!)

What meds are you taking that seem to work the best for you?

Are you the only one in your family with this disease, (as I am)?

Have you been able to find a doctor that will treat you?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I have been wondering about how you are coping these days......and concerned because we had not heard from you.

I seem to have reached a plateau, with my meds and don't feel that I am getting any better, just trying to keep from getting worse!!

I am considering trying the Ivermectin and Rifampin and have been reading and re-reading about them. I guess I'm a little "chicken" about trying any more meds.....but then I think "what could possibly be worse that having this [email protected]!!"

My best wishes to you-



Hi Barz,

How are you doing? Have you found a doctor to treat you and your

children? How are your children doing?

I think of you often and wish you and your family the best!!



Dear Reliefseeker.

Thank you for your posts, and for sharing the meds prescribed to you by your doctor.

I am so very sorry that you have been suffering so much.....and I know how tempting it is to want to give up. But now that you finally have a doctor treating you.....I know that you will get better!!

Let us know how you are doing.......I will be thinking of you.


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Post by RANDY » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:09 am

I know that all London's post had proof but proof of what? No one can connect the dots to anything they read to what we have until we know what we have by SCIENTIFIC PROOF..and that is not being done by anyone here.

This could or could not be a super bug or virus or genetically designed whatever but without proof of what we have we have nothing but pages and pages of research..good for taking up your time and feeling better that you know more stuff but it does NOTHING to get this disease figured out.

I do feel like I am talking to a brick wall when I post here. But I still try.

For example: You know why the docs turn us down? Becuase there is no CODE to bill the insurance company for what we have. There is no conspiracy. Just a technical difficulty. That is the truth.

ask your doctor next time you see him/her what CODE for billing he is using for this visit. Docs can not place various codes down for one person visiting him many times for something he can not figure out. It makes him look incompetant.

So why don't you all find out, with all your research, how we can get a CODE for insurance billing so docs can treat what we have. Is it because we do nt know what we have. How do we figure that out..but searching the internet.......NO!!! By getting research done by a competant research scientist or facility throughout the USA going State by State with a national database.

Call me if you want to be part of something real! 434-974-7128 [email protected].

Then work on getting the CODE implimented and out to all physicians so they know how to bill the insurance companies for our visit to them.

Now that would be doing something uselful.

Or you can search the internet for things you can not and will never prove because you have no one who is a scientist being funded by you or anyone else, researching this in your behalf.

Do you see what I am is all smoke and mirrors until you have a funded research scientist doing research. But search for things you will never understand for the rest of your lives and let other people do the real work...if you wish.

It is so much easier to sit in front of a computer then make phones calls and write letters and organize groups of people...isn't it? No neck to put out front for people to chop off..right?

And I was right about your beloved Tam..he is a poet and knows we have the truth on him so he has left you all...right? Bogus video like I said all along..and I was correct. although he did find the Georgia article and for that I am thankful..but he never was who he said he was. I was correct again.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Skytroll » Sun Oct 15, 2006 1:51 pm


I checked into the Michigan business on local health and it has the Dept of Health supporting the Michigan Association of Public Health. They run right off the CDC manual. So, I am not sure who I start with there. Is top down approach working?

Seems should start from local. Incidently, we did have the CDC here checking the algae toxins and how they affect people. If I can find that report, said it would take about 5 years to get the statistical reports etc. Right now just testing for toxicity and/or what kinds of symptoms that may be involved in spread of spores.

We research because no one else is. We are just putting info out there, and doing a bottom up approach. It is different than what you do but this does not mean it is invalid. Even if we got codes for this, what will it do? We do not know what we are being treated for and sometimes the treatments that are given out now are more dangerous than if we took a natural approach.

I am not dissing at all what you do, but, I do know that we have a researcher, Dr. Wymore and others.

We are just looking at all aspects. This will come from CDC anyway, and if they choose to cooperate with us, will be their call in the end, anyway.

So, what researchers of information do and what scientific researchers do are two different things.
We research the info that is out there, but, the media refuses to acknowledge. That is what we do.

This base you are setting up, is it viable? Are you getting anywhere? Who is involved so far?
Our private information will be put in this database, but, it is our reporting of it, not any official scientist.

Besides, there are more than 2 paradigms at work here. One is to go the government route, the other is to go private. The truth is, the government has ignored this. It has to be activated. We are the activists for this disease. The old routes of government as we know it do not exist.

The new stuff is what we need to be aware of, from awareness comes some questions by those scientists who know exactly how to investigate this.

The Dermatological Investigators are who we need to get going on this. They know skin, they know pathologists, this is an avenue that needs to brought to the forefront.

We are awareness informants, we are putting info out there that normally would not even be looked at.

I agree, one cannot do a lawsuit, if one does not know what, who, to charge in this lawsuit. We know something has been done to the environment, and those who have done this will never own up to what is going on. What we do is put what has been done, is being done, and to bring awareness to those who suffer from this scourge, to at least have some hope that there are scientists who are willing to study this on a research investigative basis, but, if the scientific/medical investigators do not inform the public of the consequences of these novel organisms, then the public will only be led by those governemtal agencies who clearly have agendas.

So, London, JJill, Befour, Uk guy, H, Nadas, and others here are looking at all bases.

You know there is more than one scientific/medical paradigm out there, we are going after the one that is causing the disease to begin with.

If the premise is wrong, whatever we do will be a waste of time. So, we educate others on the premises used to create these novel organisms, of which scientists who do this know, and those who question their premises are shoved in the background. We will be in the same boat as Bechamp was, Duchenne, Royal Rife, etc.

These have been out there and I know there are scientific folks who rule the day, and you know what I mean.

Randy, if you know what this is, then those who will help you need that information. Otherwise, dead ends will ensue, or a wrongful premise will rule, while all our private information will be put in databases for the DHS to control as they are everything else. You know of what I speak.

Many of us out here want to educate the public, and that is what we do. For those suffering with this we get behind Dr. Wymore and meanwhile a balance to what is being investigated, studied by these scientific/medical folks will go on, meanwhile, we will direct funding to our researcher, but, it will be his ball game, not ours.

Seems to me a lot of info is being put in a "bean bag", those who keep information to themselves, and exclude others as to our progress in this. Until I hear from Dr. Wymore and the Research Team, and others who are working on this, I will keep on challenging those scientists out there for proof that their experiments are for the good. If no one challenges this, then, whatever one researcher says will be the paradigm. Why are not more jumping on this?

We know there is an agenda behind this disease, and until that is busted, then we will continue on the same wrongful path.

We challenge the paradigms.



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