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Post by givemeabreak » Sun Jan 01, 2006 3:29 pm

wheresthebeef wrote:rah da da da da da da da da-- circus music playing loud and clear. London, again, please understand you are making a mockery out of this illness. STOP NOW. you are confusing the hell out of this situation. Continue with your research, Hell start your own thread, but for god sake put a muzzle on it here already.

I second that motion. And I assure you, I am not the only one.

The problem is not the research, necessarily. The problem is NO SINGLE THEORY is researched in a systematic way, to come to any CONCLUSION.

If there is one, it's buried in the rest of the nonsense.

London's posts appear to be a random smattering of references, that at one point contained a random keyword, pertaining to this disease.

The number of disconnected posts, borders on spam. And believe me you guys are getting off easy here. You should see the number of posts, elsewhere.

I have to wonder if London really understands what she is posting. I know I have seen several people ask her to simplify her concepts, that are never answered.

I would like to see London go open her own board to explore this stuff.

That way everyone would be happy, and those interested can still see her stuff, all in one place.

I have to tell you folks that my biggest fear is not so much the posting, although that is a significant issue.

What's going to happen to our credibility when London appears in person, at some major university, spewing all of this lunacy?

Maybe we should just give her a bunch of DOP stamps to pass out at the conference(s). Because they are going to get use out of them, if they hear any of this.

showmeproof wrote:SONG LYRICS????? Let no one wonder any longer why this illness is not taken seriously. way to go, nothin like shooting oneself in the foot to ring in the new year.

I'm sorry but a few song lyrics aren't the problem here. That's just a little lighthearted fun, on New Years.

It's the other three ring circus, generated by TamTam / London/ et al, that turned what might have been a helpful thread into a joke.

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Post by Barz » Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:07 pm

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Post by befour » Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:25 am

PLEASE - You guys stop fighting with each other!! This discussion is too important to so many of us who need the support and hope that we get from this forum!!! I am interested in EVERYONE'S ideas, and I am grateful to each of you that have spent so much time reseaching this horrific disease. This forum probably saved my sanity, possibly my life and it is the only support I have.

xyz -
I hope that you will change your mind and continue to post here. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, i.e. photos, dr. visits, timeline, medications, etc. I am so sorry for your suffering and hope that you will find an effective treatment soon.

TamTam -

I went to my GP last week with a very large lesion on my right temple (about the size of a quarter.) My husband took pictures of it and I will e-mail it to you. The large black "bugs" that I spoke of previously, are clearly visible in the picture. It was the most hideous thing I have ever seen - I almost went into shock at the sight of these THINGS living in my body and eating me alive. I did not have any trouble getting my GP to refer me to an infectious disease specialist/parasites,etc However, I'm sure it will be several months before I get to see one of these drs. She gave me Bactrim 800/160 tabs, twice a day. Any suggestions on the dosage? I am also taking Doryx 75 mg once a day. I honestly don't know if it is helping or not. I have lost about half of the hair on my head now and I have thick ridges on/in my scalp, which run down the center of my head and from temple to temple around my head. I have not gotten the results back on my blood work, but it should be interesting. My main concern is my eyes, they always feel like they have a heavy weight on them and are full of sand. I read your reference on protothecosis and I pray to God that does not happen to me.

TamTam - A while back in your posts, you spoke about the helicobacter virus that causes peptic stomach ulcers. Does it have any connection to Morgellons? Just curious because I had an ulcer for many years, starting in about 1979. Went from dr. to dr., nothing helped, then tagamet came out as the miracle drug for ulcers. It helped for a while, then the pain came back and I just tried to learn to live with it. After several years, it stopped hurting and I assumed it had been stress related. Then, about two years ago I began to have to take antacids almost every day. I would wake up in the middle of the night with burning stomach pain. Shortly after, I began to have IBS. Have gotten Protonix from dr. for stomach pain and it helps.

Just wanted to know if there was any relation- or were you just comparing statistics? Thank you for your replys to my previous posts and I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions or information that you may have. The video was awesome!!

Best regards,

TamTam - were you referring to certain military bases in San Antonio as "wings"? I live about forty miles from San Antonio - lived IN San Antonio for about 20 years. Just asking - may be way off BASE!!!

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Post by bugsonthewire » Mon Jan 02, 2006 1:13 pm

It's the other three ring circus, generated by TamTam / London/ et al, that turned what might have been a helpful thread into a joke.[/quote]

This may be considered as unsheathing the sabres but i believe this thread has lost the plot entirely. For anyone who has read the whole thread they would have noted that on page 4, under the guise of Gaiapacha a new personality emerged, like this disease they then mysteriously morphed into Forum and by page 7 had morphed again into the seemingly messianic TamTam. First thing Im wondering is if some of TamTams co-respondents are in fact another morphing of the same creature - but with grammer. cynical - you betcha. and i'll tell you why.

If anyone cares to go back to about page 4 of this thread you will notice that it was around this point the moderators of this forum started to say 'hold on, something's not right here'. Flip to page 4 and read the msg from Canalon (moderator) in response to TamTams embryonic forms as Gaiapacha and Forum. It reads:

"One word about what forum and Gaia pacha said:


It's just a mix of scientific word put together, and without meaning. I do not know if this fiber disease is real or completly psychosomatic, but one thing is for sure, the complete nonsense that this 2 posters have put in this thread does nothing to add any credibility to this disease."

And please note as a moderator to the bio-online forum, he preceeded the attack of the morgellonites on bio-online and therefore has no vested interest in doing anything other then being a responsible moderator. Also presumably he has some real, verifiable credentials in the area of biology and therefore may be in a better position then any of us sufferers of making a judgement as to the scientific veracity of comments on this thread.

here's some more from page four:

Canalon - moderator

"I do not know about fiber diseases. What I have found is that if you go on the net you will find very contradictory reports. And The problem is none of the side seems to be very serious and/or very informed.
But I can surely tell you that the posts from Gaiapacha and forum are just a crappy mix of techno babble that do not make any sense, and that do not elp the cause of the people which could be infected by the disease."

or then there was:

canalon - moderator

"As a mod I felt tempted to remove them but even if they are nonsense I do not believe in censorship and they do not contravene to any posting rules. Yet I wanted to warn the readers about the dubious nature of their content."

however lets not rely on one opinion, here's more from MrMistery:

"Thank you for pointing that out about those 2 posts. I have the same opion, but there was a thought in my mind that there may be some logic to those posts which i am missing and that they actually make a point regarding the desease.

then Canalon expands on the theme by responding to some of the specifics:

"As for the 2 posts I will try o give a few examples of why they are meaningless From gaia pacha post:

"The fiber disease constitutes an infection with a genetically modified
quorum sensing stem cell related micro organism"

Stem cell implies differenciation hence multicelled organism, yet here (s)he is talking about single cell organism.

"The micro organism has been fused with a mayor parasitic protozoa, a butterfly(lepidoptera) and a mammal specie"

That's a lot of fusions. Whatever these are supposed to be: chimera organism (beteween procaryote and eucaryote that would something new), gene transfer (but which genes?)

"The fibers constitute protein.
Specks are chitin like polymers.
Fibers represent cell that are most connected to sensing parts like antennea, tongue, feet and wing"

I like this one: so fibers are both cells and proteins...

And this could go on for ever. Almost every paragraph is meaningless. as for forum, ic ould do the same I will just quote this one:
"Cyanobacteria are an inbetween organism representing "a half plant, half animal like micro organism""

And remind that Cyanobacteria are not halfway plat and animal but bacteria without nuclei or organelles, with some chlorophyll.

You got the idea? Just pseudo scientific babble with lots of complicated word but a dubious (to be polite) reasonning behind the few sentences that I can make sense of."

and then Canalon wraps it all up with the deftly witty line:

"Could you please make english sentences (you know with subject, verb and a little number of predicates...
And you could try to detail a little more your logical jumps when making demonstartions to such slow and siple mind as mine."

If you care to now flip to page 7, you will see the the first appearence of TamTam, what seems to be yet another intermediate stage of the same organism.

And so in the space of a page, you can see how a thread that was rapidly developing as an intense interest to the usual readers of bio-online has been subverted by mischeivious pranksters dressed in scientist suits and there desperate proteges. The result is for the last 30 pages no one who can actually contribute anything meaningful (as opposed to well meaning) to this discussion has posted here. It's become the thinking persons lymebusters board. Nothing more then amateurish opinion blowing in the breeze.

What confirms these jaded observations for me is that TamTam and his clique could easily have their discussions by email or PM, but they insist on monopolising TWO public forums with this, as was kindly pointed out above, bullshit.

Wakeup fellow morgies, you are being lead along the garden path.

Moderators, senior members, real scientists, please come back and post here. We are drowning in drivel.

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Post by Barz » Mon Jan 02, 2006 2:13 pm


Just curious. What do you have to say about the video? What do you think about tamtam's correspondence with yyz? I do see some help there. Also, did you read TamTam's response to the moderators? Yes, it is good to be skeptical. But has any doctor been able to give you any kind of diagnosis? Mine have not. I am trying to keep an open mind.

Are you suggesting this is some type of Monsanto-like cover-up sort of thing? All I know is that this disease has made me more of a believer in conspiracy theories, which is the side effect that I detest the most. I have to laugh at myself sometimes. Someone just tell me please. . . WHEN ARE THE DOCTORS GOING TO START TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY?

Tam Tam/C3 we appreciate what you are doing. However can you either just come out and say what you need to say at that given time and relent on the clues. If you are working with us, you will see that you are creating some problems. Please. You are helping, but also hurting.

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Post by Barz » Mon Jan 02, 2006 2:54 pm

More on fibrin. . .

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Post by London » Mon Jan 02, 2006 4:45 pm

Dear Bugs,

Recombinant proteins can be expressed in transfected
mammalian or insect cells.

Pathogenesis is currently under 'physiological process',
and 'host-parasite interaction'is in a different node,
under 'cell process'. The virus terms are throughout
both ontologies, again in their own nodes.

Organismal metabolism: Metabolic processes in
multicellular organisms that occur at
the tissue, organ, or organismal level. These processes,
unlike cellular metabolism,
can include transport of substances between cells when
that t ransport is required.


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Fiber Disease

Post by J Jill » Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:34 pm

Good points made, Bugsonthewire. I'd like to add a few additional comments:

With the video and the statements (snippets) made as relate to same, we cannot determine:

1) exactly what is being said about the fibers/parasites shown, other than what has been stated on this board previously (cyano, T cruzi, etc)

2) how this would relate to others with fibers, fatigue and other 'emerging disease-like' symptoms

3) We don't know where/who the sample/specimens are from- could be from a person, an animal, a bird?

Could be from South America, Africa or anywhere else.
The subject(s) symptoms are not listed. No id is made.

If it was stated that the video is that of YYZ or some other poster, I missed it.

YYZ's posted images look to be painful to the point of unbearable. I cringe at the thought of such a disease. My sympathy to YYZ and hope that s/he can find treatment and cure quickly. would be the logical choice for the Leishmania to my knowledge.

As I previously stated and YYZ agreed, it looks to be Leishmania and that makes me wonder if s/he lives/lived in the Middle East or is a Vet? Maybe traveled to Africa? IOW, what is the source of the pathogen/disease?

I recall an interview by Garth Nicholson where he stated that his researchers have learned that the pathogen (mycoplasma) found in Gulf War Vets and that of others in the US who are suffering from the same symptoms, differ only in that those of the Veterans contain (additionally) the HIV-1 envelope.

Nicholson was referring to people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and the like- IOW-one of the 'Emerging diseases' compared to Vets with Gulf War Syndrome.

GWS and the many emerging diseases look the same under scope with the above variable. ... plasma.htm



Mycoplasma have been linked with several chronic diseases, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, gulf war syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis. There is a definite correlation between these diseases and mycoplasmal infections, although the connection remains obscure. In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome Mycoplasma sp. were found in 62.9% and 50% of patients respectively in a study done by Nasralla et al. They also found that more than 50% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis had mycoplasmal infections, and 36% of these patients had multiple infections by different species of Mycoplasma. In studies with Gulf War illness, about 50% of patients had mycoplasmal infections, leading to the rumor that the Gulf War was the first war in which biological weapons were used. Namely weapons with biologically engineered strains of Mycoplasma (this is still just a rumor).

The most common symptoms associated with mycoplasmal infections include night sweats, intermittent fevers, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, increased dermal sensitivity, joint and muscle pain, swelling and reduced mobility of joints, heart palpitations, pain and arrhythmia, stomach cramps and regurgitation, loss of vision, double vision, and the list can go on. Although there is a clear link between Mycoplasma infection and the above-mentioned diseases, it is unclear which is the precursor. Mycoplasma may cause these various diseases, or it may be an opportunistic pathogen that colonizes a host with a weak immune system, and causes a secondary infection. ... glide.html

Click on movies to see:

Gliding Mycoplasma, Swimming Rhodobacter, much more

Real-Time Imaging of Fluorescent Flagellar Filaments


see images near bottom


Mycoplasma Triggering Mechanisms

Mycoplasma is activated and stimulated by initiators (ignition) and potentiators (promoters). The potentiators are the toxic substances in our food, beverages, environment, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals (mercury amalgams) and chemicals that we bath in, etc. that store in fat cells and weaken our cellular terrain and immune system to allow the initiators (i.e. stress, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, emotional and physical trauma, fear, increased estrogen, anger, etc.) to ignite or light up the gasoline that's poured on the barn -Mycoplasma.

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:29 pm

Great post Jill!

Does anyone remember who said or can repeat the phrase again.....that went something like.....".Libraries are required for screening"

Thank you in advance if you can help out-


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King Cobra
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Post by London » Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:46 pm

Radio-Free Bacteria

Deinococcus radiodurans

Recently, the genomic sequence for this radiation-resistant bacterium was completed by a team of scientists led by Owen White and Claire M. Fraser of The Institute for Genomic Research in a project reported in the 19 November 1999 issue of Science. D. radiodurans was selected for genetic sequencing because among six closely related species it was the most amenable to genetic manipulation. According to Michael Daly of the Department of Pathology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, who collaborated in the research, this amenability has already enabled him and colleagues "to introduce bioremediating gene functions into D. radiodurans from other organisms that can detoxify wastes but that are very sensitive to and are killed by radiation."


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Post by befour » Tue Jan 03, 2006 12:48 am

dear bugs

I addressed my concerns to tamtam because he has given me very helpful and hopeful information regarding the lesions on my head. Also, he took the time to reply to my questions and realize how desperate I was, when no one else did.

I also wanted to share my experiences in the hope that it might help someone else who is going through the same or similar symptoms. That is what this forum is for, isn't it? I am not as well educated as the rest of you, but I do have common sense and I can certainly sort through the bs. Why don't you just let everyone, that is trying to help us figure out this horrible disease, have their own perspectives. We don't have to agree with everyone's posts, you have the option of choosing which ones to read.

I hesitate to post anything because I don't feel that I can contribute any new information and I feel totally inferior to all of you who have so much scientific knowledge, I am in awe of all of you. But I want to find out what is happening to me/us and this forum has given me hope.

With all of your brilliant minds working together, surely we will find the answers!

Attached are two pictures of the lesion on my temple.


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Post by J Jill » Tue Jan 03, 2006 5:13 pm

Yikes, that painful?

I would have that removed post haste.

Have you been to see a doctor?

It looks like a growth rather than a lesion but I would be concerned as to it's location.

Is that the only lesion/growth that you have?

My empathy for your situation.
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